I wanna Be sedated

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I wanna Be sedated

Post by richard » Jul 23rd 2000, 9:15 pm

I just watched the 'MallRats' special edition DVD and in the special features bit which has the original opening, the song 'I wanna be sedated' is playing on the car radio (but sadly not sung by Rayanne Graff)

Just in case anyone is interested.

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Re: I wanna Be sedated

Post by worldsapart » Jul 24th 2000, 12:22 am

No sung by Rayanne....I would be more disappointed that it wasn't sung by Jordan. =)


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Re: I wanna Be sedated

Post by oldguy » Jul 24th 2000, 3:03 pm

Good point Tracey --- I think another great, subtle moment during the MSCL series was after Rayanne ran off the stage and Jordan took the mic --- to give a surprisingly heartfelt rendition of this Ramone's classic. A very memorable moment from the show.

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