dubstar.. if you're a fan please read...

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dubstar.. if you're a fan please read...

Post by kenickie » Oct 29th 2002, 1:50 pm

Hey guys and girls...

Not sure how many of you will know what I'm talking about but here goes...

In the uk their was a fantastic band called dubstar. They were signed to EMI/FOOD records. They split up leaving their fans (people like me) gagging for more. After Jasons fine example to us all I have been in touch with the songwriter from the band Steve Hillier. He told me that EMI currently holds "countless" songs by dubstar that were never ever released. This makes people like me froth at the mouth. So.... I have set up a petition for people to sign who would like to see some of these tracks released on an album.

I know a couple of people here have acknowledged dubstar when I have mentioned them in previous posts. So if you're a fan then go to :


There. I'm done. Sorry it took so long. :wink:
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