MSCL : The SECOND season coming soon on DVDs !!!!!

This forum is for questions/discussions about the now sold out first DVD box set by BMG / AnotherUniverse.
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Re: What'd she do to Jodie Barsch?!

Post by Jason R » Oct 31st 2002, 9:26 am

I feel tricked and mislead! :D

The Season 2 digibetas had Justin dressed up in a Crimson Glow wig. :P

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Post by smackey » Oct 31st 2002, 9:29 am

LetsBolt wrote:Bjork/Angela: [as Jordan walks by] Really? Do you tink she did? Really? You tink she siliconed her lips, really? everyting is like music! Really? Have you seen it all? Really?! oh my! BANG CHOP BIZZ WAH!
Too funny, Let's Bolt! :D And of course, there'd be the Bjork voice-over as Bjork/Angela danced up the walkway to her house after seeing Jordan: "I luff him! I luff him! I luff him! I lu-uff him!"

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Post by LetsBolt » Oct 31st 2002, 1:24 pm

hahha even i laughed when i thought of Bjork! hehehe

How about Anna Nicole Smith as Rayanne? Both lushes and horny wait, Thats just to cruel of a punishment for all of us.
How about Antonia Banderas as Rickie? because you know, they are like, SO alike.

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Post by Jason R » Oct 31st 2002, 1:33 pm

for the big screen. :P

John Travolta as Jordan
Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Brian
Courtney Love as Rayanne
Jody Foster as Angela

Sure, they are a bit older, but I think they would still work as older versions of these characters.

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Post by pirategraham » Oct 31st 2002, 2:57 pm

You know, this thread explains everything.

Ross knows that us fans would be extremely dissappointed if we were to be sent only a partial set. The interview with Jason confirms the fact that the original release on DVD did poorly because it was not the "complete" series. Ross is looking out for us. He had promised the entire MSCL series on DVD and he is determined to deliver that promise. So friends there is no need to fear that you will be sent an incomplete set. Ross has vowed that no shippments will be made unless they contain the "entire (including the second season)" series.
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Post by mephisto » Oct 31st 2002, 3:11 pm

pirategraham wrote:Ross has vowed that no shippments will be made unless they contain the "entire (including the second season)" series.
aaaaaaaaaaah. please don't give Ross a reason to delay this project any longer :wink:
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Post by square pants » Oct 31st 2002, 3:22 pm

I think we are going about this casting thing all wrong. I mean the second season should display some mature, time has lapsed, they have lived, this way we get a real glimpse into the lives, loves, and trials of our fav. characters. I propose that we contact those wonderful actors involved in cocoon to play angela and they gang (those living still of course).

If they aren't available, maybe we can raise enough cash to get sean connery to take leto's place, come on you can see it, sexy, cool, aloof, "angela, I like my tab shaking not stirred..."

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