Names of episodes

General discussion about the nineteen episodes of "My So-Called Life". Note: Our episode guide can be found here.
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Names of episodes

Post by Johnnyboy » Jun 25th 2000, 6:04 am

One thing that I've been wondering about for a while is, how do people know the names of episodes? I know on this site it lists them but on the versions of the episodes I've got on tape there's no mention of the name at the beginning of the episode, or whatever. I was just wondering how people found out the names in the first place.


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Re: Names of episodes

Post by worldsapart » Jun 27th 2000, 8:11 pm

I don't know where they all originate, but I know there are lots of shows like that. For instance, I am a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, and there's only been one episode that has had the name at the beginning (Hush). I think the people that make it just have titles and let people know other ways (i.e. the internet). Personally, I think they should put the name somewhere at the beginning because otherwise what's the point?


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Re: Names of episodes

Post by emmie » Jun 30th 2000, 11:59 pm

I am also a huge Buffy fan and if you ever visit their posting board, the titles are a big deal. in fact, if you aren't familiar with them, you will be lost in the posts. I do think that they should put them at the beginning of the episodes. doesn't ER do that? anyway, I know that they are used in some tv guides. it's better than just numbering the eps.


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Re: Names of episodes

Post by angelika » Jul 1st 2000, 5:03 am

I, too, have wondered this before. The thing that I don't understand is who titles the episodes, because I have seen some discrepencies between calling one episode "Other People's Daughters" and "Other People's Mothers." Perhaps this is just some confusion among some careless typists on the internet, or maybe it's just a preference on how they think it should be named. But yes--I've wondered the same thing--Are the names a creation of MSCL-obsessed fans such as ourselves, or did the company release these titles as official names? Hmmm...

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I have the scripts

Post by mia » Jul 1st 2000, 11:15 am

And the episode titles are listed on the title page. I, too, think they should've put them somewhere at the beginning of the shows.

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Re: Names of episodes

Post by Jack » Jul 1st 2000, 12:36 pm


The titles have to be real, since they've put them on the videotapes and the DVD.

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