Kent may die

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Kent may die

Post by Guest » Jun 18th 2000, 10:17 pm

It is my sad duty to notify the group that my ex-lover, Kent Greene is
in the hospital. For the last few months he has been battling colds and
flu on top of his pre-existing obesity and diabetes. On Monday he
believed that he had overmedicated himself with anti-diarrheal medication,
feeling very bloated. His roommate and our mutual friend Dave drove him to
the hospital where he was admitted. Since then he has developed pneumonia. Many of his major organs are failing (lungs, liver, kidneys, etc.). The doctors have induced sleep for days and he is breathing with a respirator. He has had blood transfusions since his red blood cell count was low, and dialysis to cleanse his blood. I went to visit him yesterday with a mutual friend from High School, Steve. He was completely unconscious. Please pray for him.

Regardless of how you may feel about me since our break-up, please believe that I do still love him. He is a good man and does not deserve to die so young (39)! His recent plans involve a career in counseling, in which he will undoubtedly help many people. I welcome all email inquiring about him. It is probably best to write directly to me since I may not check the newsgroup often. You have my permission to post my correspondence on the group. Would someone (Duncan, etc.) please write to me just to let me know if I've posted this in the correct group?

If you'd like to visit him, he is in Bayonne Hospital in New Jersey.
Hours are 12-1, 4-5, 8-9 PM.


The Wookie

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