Looking for 3 episodes

Looking for "My So-Called Life" items or willing to part with one?
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Looking for 3 episodes

Post by Guest » Mar 26th 2000, 8:20 pm

I am looking for 3 episodes to complete my collection. They are: The Halloween Episode; the one where Brian Krakow naarates; and the one where Angela feels pressured to have sex with Jordan, especially at that abandoned house he took her to. Please email me at MonicaT1975@yahoo.com OR monica@saavoylists.com if you can help me acquire these episodes. You will be greatly compensated. Thanx.

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Re: Looking for 3 episodes

Post by oldguy » Mar 26th 2000, 9:22 pm

Hi :

I can get you a copy of the one where Brian narrates.
In fact, the video I have is from the Box Set of videos that
were available for awhile. The episode is called "Life of
Brian," and it's of course one of the more innovative and
daring of all the episodes.

I would be happy to exchange this for a copy of episode
17 (the one where Rayanne is chosen for the play
"Our Town"). If you can get me a good copy of that ---
hey, that sounds like a fair trade to me!

Write me at petersonpm@earthlink.net.

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Re: Looking for 3 episodes

Post by ssc » May 3rd 2000, 4:17 pm

Hello, I currently have most episodes of MSCL, including the halloween episode and the episode called 'pressure' (which I was watching just today in fact)unfortunetly I am a UK fan and the tapes wouldn't be much use to you in the USA. SORRY!

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