MSCL on terrestrial t.v.

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MSCL on terrestrial t.v.

Post by Guest » Mar 26th 2000, 12:38 pm

I'm a British MSCL fan who would love to see MSCL back on terrestrial t.v. over here, but I'm not having much luck trying to persuade channel 4 to repeat the series. Many people have left comments at C4's website, but there has been no response from the channel. Does anyone have ant other ideas for persuading them? Is it possible for another terrestrial channel to show MSCL? I'm considering dropping a line off at BBC 2's website if that is the case. Where can you buy the video's over here?

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Re: MSCL on terrestrial t.v.

Post by SarahHall82 » May 2nd 2000, 2:38 pm

You can't buy the videos over here because I mailed this big english video store and they e-mailed me back to say no, they didn't do them for sale here. But if you are really desperate then you can buy the american formatted ones and then get them changed onto english video tapes, but it costs something stupid like £10 a video (to get them changed) which I worked out for the whole set to cost about £100, both buying and then having them put onto our tapes. Also, America hasn't had all of them released for some unknown reason that no one knows about but if you look around this site there are many articles on the conterversy of it all.
Anyway, if you happen to have sky, it has been on the Trouble channel, but this weekend has the last two ones I'm afraid. Hope I've helped, although I doubt it ! Sarah Hall 82 :-)

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