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Post by cbpointblank » Apr 6th 2000, 11:42 am

Does anyone know where I can buy the boxed sets? They aren't currently for sale on the website. I have copies of every episode, taped off of TV, but I'd like to get them commercial free, and higher quality. If you have a set you'd be willing to sell, or know of a place that carries them, let me know. If all else fails, I'll even provide tapes if you'll copy your boxed set for me. Thanks.

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Re: Videos

Post by ataris » Apr 6th 2000, 5:57 pm

As far as I know they aren't selling the Box sets anymore. I've seen a couple sets up on e-bay but that's it. Sorry.

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Re: Videos

Post by worldsapart » Apr 6th 2000, 7:13 pm

If all else fails, just let me know and I will check at some of the stores around my area. I have seen some of the videos still on the shelf, so if you want me to I can check on price and availability and stuff.


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Re: Videos

Post by oldguy » Apr 17th 2000, 1:16 pm

What quality are the tapes you made from TV? The reason I
ask is, I would be willing to copy some or all of the boxed-set
episodes in exchange for TV copies of some episodes I don't
have (except for some really bad-quality copies). In particular,
I'm looking for decent-quality copies of episodes 13, 14, 16, 17,
and 18. I have all of the boxed sets, which cover Episodes 1-12
(except for the Halloween episode). Let me know at
if you are interested.

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Re: Videos

Post by gromit » Apr 17th 2000, 3:05 pm

Would you be willing to make copies of your tv-taped episodes? I have the two boxsets, but don't have the 7 episodes not boxed. I also know if a store in my area that still has the boxsets. In exchange for good-quality copies of your episodes, I'd go buy them and send them to you. Please email me soon at if you are interested.

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