MSCL on Fox Family Channel

Discussion on bringing the show back on tv. Is "My So-Called Life" going to be shown in your country? Note: See international airdates from the last years here.
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MSCL on Fox Family Channel

Post by Jack » Mar 12th 2000, 12:55 am

MSCL was on today (Saturday) at 4pm CST. They repeated "Why Jordan Can't Read" which was
on Friday night. I think this is a very good sign. They must be getting a good response to put it
on Saturday afternoons now. I'll be interested to see if it is still on Tuesday night. Yet, another
example of how popular this show is years after cancellation. I watched most of the show on its
Friday night broadcast. As far as I can tell, they didn't edit anything out. If they did, could
somebody please post it.

I also wanted to say "hi" to all my MSCL friends (the regulars, though we've all been a little quiet
lately). You all know who you are.


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Re: MSCL on Fox Family Channel

Post by oldguy » Mar 12th 2000, 2:02 pm

I haven't watched any of the Family channel re-runs yet, but I could
offer two theories why only the pilot got cut up:

1) Fox Family came to their senses after the first episode and realized
censoring was a bad idea;

<< OR >>

2) There hasn't been as much open discussions of sex in
epidoes 2 through 7.

I think (2) is the more likely reason ---- A good test will be
episodes 12 and 13, which feature phrases like "erection from
physical contact" and the whole "Should Angela have sex with
Jordan?" So we'll see if Fox has really come to their senses
or not.

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Re: MSCL on Fox Family Channel

Post by mia » Mar 13th 2000, 5:36 pm

I agree with "oldguy" (teehee - seems wierd using that screen name...). Anyway, unless a FLOOD of people are picketing the network, or something, I expect we'll continue to see censoring in future episodes. The pilot episode put a really bad taste in my mouth, though. I haven't really watched the rebroadcast since, for fear of getting outraged again. Bummer... Oh, Hi Jack!

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Re: MSCL on Fox Family Channel

Post by emmie » Mar 17th 2000, 5:59 pm

does it ever feel like we just can't win?? we either have to watch 4 year-old taped eps and complain about how MSCL was cancelled, or watch new ones with missing scenes. I guess you're not supposed "to look a gift horse in the mouth", or whatever, but dangitt!! I want the whole package!! oh well. I too am afraid to watch the censored eps. my really old tapes aren't all that bad anyway. :)


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Re: MSCL on Fox Family Channel

Post by gromit » Mar 22nd 2000, 3:41 pm

I wrote to Fox Family Channel to commend (for running MSCL) and complain (about censoring), and all I got back was a schedule of upcoming MSCL shows. And it looks like they are actually *cutting back* on airings. The Halloween episode is only going to be run on Saturday 5pm. No Friday or Tuesday showing! Then Self-Esteem shows only on Saturday as well. That's where the schedule ends so I don't know about the rest....

Also, some "censoring" is still going on. The only thing I really noticed was in the episode where Rickie says goodbye to the girl's bathroom ("Goodbye too-hot radiator!") and goes to use the guy's bathroom. The very short scene where Brian and Rickie are in the bathroom (getting a look from Brian, "What, I'm not allowed in here either?") was cut out! Just a little thing.

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Re: MSCL on Fox Family Channel

Post by oldguy » Mar 22nd 2000, 4:18 pm

This is sad --- and rather disturbing. There seems to be a
ban on later episodes of MSCL or something. I sincerely
hope they show the last 7 episodes. It's almost as if
people are trying to erase the last seven episodes, to pretend
they never existed.


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