WG Snuffy Walden on The Score radio show (2000)

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WG Snuffy Walden on The Score radio show (2000)

Post by Guest » Feb 7th 2000, 6:05 pm

"The Score" airs every Tuesday from 7:30 to 10 am eastern on WSIA New York, 88.9 FM, playing the very best and most varied film and TV music around. Not in the New York City area? Then you can listen live via Real Audio at WSIA.FM or http://www.silive.com

Tomorrow on "The Score", we’ll take a look (or listen) to some of current TV’s most popular main titles! Including:

NYPD BLUE - Mike Post
FELECITY - W.G. Snuffy Walden
THE SIMPSONS - Danny Elfman
THE X-FILES - Mark Snow
7 DAYS - Scott Gilman
CIVIL WAR JOURNAL - Christopher L. Stone
7th HEAVEN - J.A.C. Redford (the original, since-abandoned theme)
MY SO-CALLED LIFE - W.G. Snuffy Walden (technically a currently-airing show)
…and others…

Tune in tomorrow at 7:30 am eastern!

Mike Enright



WG Snuffy Walden on The Score (radio show)

Post by Guest » Mar 20th 2000, 5:09 pm

Just a reminder to all of you "MSCL" fans that tomorrow (Tuesday, March 21st) beginning at 7:30 am eastern time composer W.G. Snuffy Walden will be on "The Score" discussing his career and his music, including, of course, MSCL.

It took me all weekend, but I have compiled all the best and most varied cues from 13 "MSCL" episodes onto one tape. And yes, I had to transfer something close to 200 cues off the original DAT tapes from Walden's studio onto CD and cassette...my Producer of the Year Trophy should be in the mail soon =)

If you're not in the NYC area you can listen to the show live via Real Audio at WSIA.FM or http://www.silive.com

Hope to hear you hearing me...
Mike Enright
Host/Producer, "The Score"
WSIA New York, 88.9 FM


Email: TheScoreFM@Hotmail.com


Snuffy Walden on the radio

Post by Guest » Mar 23rd 2000, 11:40 pm

Did anyone hear that radio thing (with Sunffy Walden) I missed it, is there anywhere that I can find it and will it be available on this site?


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