Whose car was that?

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Whose car was that?

Post by blueone » Oct 4th 2002, 9:46 pm

In 'Guns and Gossip' there's a scene where Angela goes outside and notices Rickie sitting in a car thinking as the rain poors down. She walks over gets in and the conversation starts. However, whose car is this?


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Post by dTheater » Oct 4th 2002, 11:27 pm

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Post by Guest » Oct 5th 2002, 10:58 am

Id have to agree with that.

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Post by sid_barrett » Oct 5th 2002, 11:02 am

DT is right :!:
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Post by KrokRos » Oct 7th 2002, 2:23 pm

I think Ricki even says it is Tino's car. Am I wrong?

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Post by blueone » Oct 8th 2002, 5:59 pm

KrokRos wrote:I think Ricki even says it is Tino's car. Am I wrong?
Well, I just checked and no word about that.. :?

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Post by tigerlilly711 » Apr 11th 2003, 12:12 am

I think the car Ricki was in was probably Tino's car.

WHat I want to know is who gives them a ride to Let's Bolt in the Pilot. I know there is mention of Ricki's cousin but Im not sure if thats who it is. We know it is not Tino becuase they spend the whole night waiting for him.
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Apr 11th 2003, 12:37 am

Rickie's cousin, like Tino, is someone we never see who gives Rickie and Rayanne rides (if it's convenient).

In the Pilot, Angela tells Patty and Graham that Rickie's cousin is driving them to Let's Bolt. Rickie's cousin is the one who brought the gun to school in Guns & Gossip. Rickie claims that he is going to his cousin's for Christmas (which doesn't make sense to me because I assumed that his cousin was the child of Rickie's uncle, meaning that Rickie lived with his uncle and cousin, the same cousin who gave him rides. If he was going to his cousin's for Christmas, that would mean he was going home to his uncle's. Then again, I guess it's possible that he has another cousin - but if that's true, why didn't he go stay with his cousin's family?) - although I think that was a little white lie so that Angela wouldn't worry about him.

Anyway, the car that Angela, Rayanne, and Rickie rode in to go to Let's Bolt is the same car that Rickie sits in during the rain scene of Guns & Gossip. It's a metallic light blue Cadillac with a black top. Using my research skills (okay, I asked my boyfriend), I learned that you can see a Cadillac symbol inside the door behind Rickie at the beginning of the Guns & Gossip scene. There is a light switch behind Angela's head that turns on the light (duh) which you can see to the left of the light switch. My boyfriend ID'ed the car as a Cadillac just from seeing the tail lights as it drives away in the Pilot. His grandfather used to have one.


So the answer to the original question is that the car probably belongs to Rickie's cousin.

Then again, maybe Tino is Rickie's cousin!

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Post by Guest » Apr 11th 2003, 12:03 pm

I do think Rickie has another cousin, other than at his uncle's where he stays. When Angela is worried and wondering where he is in SCA, one of Rayanne's suggestions is that maybe he's at his cousins, he stays there sometimes. Would make sense to me that this must be another cousin.

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Post by TomSpeed » Apr 11th 2003, 5:00 pm

I just thought it was a car that happened to be unlocked. It could have been anyone's car. But I never really thought about it too much because I didn't think it mattered. Of course, it would matter if the owner of the car showed up when they were sitting in it. But that didn't happen.
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Post by meggrrrl » Apr 11th 2003, 5:05 pm

Honestly, that's what I always assumed too. That it was just a random car that happened to be unlocked. That they probably didn't know whose car it was, just that it was someone student's car, so they knew most likely they wouldn't get caught there in it.

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