If Your Life Had A Soundtrack....

Want to share your enthusiasm for an artist or a band with other "My So-Called Life" fans? Post here. (Note: Please discuss the MSCL soundtrack in the "Show" forum)
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Nicky Driscoll
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Post by FuzzyFreaky » Jun 15th 2003, 3:08 am

My life's soundtrack would consits of two discs:

disc one:

The Smiths-The Boy with the Thorn in His Side
Peter Gabriel - Darkness
Nine Inch Nails - The Becoming
Atari Teenage Riot - Revolution Action
Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere
Smashing Pumpkins - Lily (my one and only)
Placebo - My Sweet Prince
Oakenfold - Hold Your Hand
Garbage - Dumb
Portishead - Roads
The Cure - Lullaby
Morrissey - Everyday is like Sunday

the second disc would be comprised of self-composed music (mostly ambient textures and noise patterns) and would come with bonus material including interviews with cast members, music videos and other multimedia material. :-D
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Post by Hunee » Oct 21st 2003, 1:37 pm

these are in no specific order... well kind of but each song has a special meaning in my heart and sometimes each song just fits with how i feel...

cranberries dreams
the ramones i wanna be sedated
sarah mclachlan angel
rem losing my religion
rem everybody hurts
faith evans love like this
janet jackson thats the way love goes
alanis morissette ironic
mariah carey music box
mary j blige im goin down
green day good riddance time of your life
aaliyah one in a million
no doubt im just a girl
tlc get it up
sarah mclachlan i will remember you
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Jody Barsh
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Post by YvBaBy » Mar 31st 2004, 11:08 am

that's a good question :)

Mariah Carey - you need me
Christina Aguilera - I will be
Glashaus - Bis dann
Jevetta Steele - Calling you
The Cranberries - Dream
Christina Aguilera - Fighter
Buffalo Tom - Late at night
Lifehouse - Hanging by a moment
Matchbox 20 - You won't be mine
Joy Denalane - Geh jetzt
Joy Denalane - Im Ghetto von Soweto
Christina Aguilera - Walk away
Christina Aguilera - Can't hold us down
Christina Aguilera - I'm ok
Tamia - Loving you still
Boys||men-End of the road
DirtyDancing- I´ve had the time of my Life
K's choice - Virgin state of mind
patrick swayze - she's like the wind
aretha franklin - respect
rem - everybody hurts
sheryl crow - if it makes u happy
faith evans feat. crooklyn clan - love like this
David Ryan Harris - Don't look down

well would be a very long list

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