Same sound anomaly on re-release will release on October 30, 2007 a new DVD set in the United States featuring serveral hours of new bonus material.
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Same sound anomaly on re-release

Post by Greybird » Oct 26th 2009, 9:20 pm

I just discovered this past weekend that the Shout Factory DVD re-release has the same minor sound anomaly as the previous BMG DVD set.

The Dolby Surround track on "Other People's Mothers" is slightly out of synch with the video, by about a quarter-second. The stereo two-channel track works perfectly.

It's noted here for anyone else who runs across this, so they won't go crazy. I do have to think that it's the ABC/Bedford Falls masters that have this flaw, as I strongly doubt that Shout re-used BMG's audio and video. (They didn't use the BMG English subtitles, either.)

I haven't heard (nor read about) any other such sound anomalies on either set. If anyone else has, you might note them here.
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