only 1 year of shows!?!? :(

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only 1 year of shows!?!? :(

Post by Dalis » Nov 29th 2004, 3:25 am

hey there.....

i just watched it for the first time this weekend and found myself asking "where is the rest of the episodes?" to come online and learn that it was cancelled after only 1 year was really surprising to me. was just wondering why it went off air, and what were all the corperate executive jacka$$es thinkin when they cancelled it?

oh well, hi everyone!:)

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Post by Sascha » Nov 29th 2004, 6:44 am

Welcome to and the so-called forum!

About the reasons for the early cancellation ... you'll find many theories if you browse through the topics in this forum, especially that one: why was this show cancelled?

I'm closing this one.


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