Operation Life Support VHS and other stuff

Looking for "My So-Called Life" items or willing to part with one?
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Operation Life Support VHS and other stuff

Post by TheHistorian » Mar 8th 2004, 10:56 pm

I figured I'd take a shot and see if anyone has any interest in this. Way back in the day, there was an effort to try to save the show. Do I remember all the details? Nope.

But I know I ended up with a set of videotapes and some other stuff. I, like most of you, probably, have the show on DVD now. Do I need these videotapes anymore? Nope.

I figured there might be a collector out there who would be interested. You get all 19 episodes on 10 tapes, 4 buttons, 6 bumper stickers, a pamphlet thingy, and an envelope - what do I care, I don't live there anymore.

Is this valuable? No idea. Never seen one on eBay, but I'm not really looking for it either. How much? No idea. First offer that sounds good takes it. Offer me something. Mail to: smrubin0125 at yahoo dot com

No response in a few days, and I'll just sacrifice it to the eBay gods and see what happens.


I should *totally* be in sales, don't you think? :)

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Post by GaryEA » Mar 12th 2004, 4:51 pm

Where were you when I was buying my car? :D

That's one great collection you have on your hands. All the episodes on tape, plus some goodies, not to mention that it was part of a well-known campaign.

I think you'll find a good home for them. Best of luck! :)

(damn... I wish "Relativity" got the same treatment. I'd buy it in a heartbeat!)

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Post by CaramelAH » Mar 26th 2004, 1:33 am

I am interestind in the bumper stickers. I already have the dvd set. Will you be interested in parting with just the stickers?

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MSCL Stuff 4 Sale

Post by MyLifeIsBrians » Apr 11th 2004, 10:36 pm

I am interested in everything. I sent you an e-mail. Hopefully you have`nt sold the kit yet...fingers crossed....let me know!
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