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Still...nothing at my door

Post by BrodysMom » Nov 18th 2003, 11:10 am

I live on the East Coast, was one of the first 2500 orders, and I still have not received my bonus materials. Truthfully, I only watched one episode on DVD when it arrived. I have such a sour taste in my mouth from this experience.

I have debated about whether or not to even inquire as to the status of my bonus materials. I work at a law firm and am considering filing suit just to get them moving on my bonus materials. Who knows if that would even work.

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Post by sirhansirhan » Nov 18th 2003, 8:58 pm

In case there is someone in my position feeling alone: I live in Missouri, ordered the set in October of 2002 (I'm assuming not in the first 2500), and have not heard anything from them since the email that came mid-September saying that they would start shipping them in the next couple of weeks.

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Post by richard » Nov 23rd 2003, 9:46 pm

Just in case anyone is interested, I am in London (UK) and recieved bonus disc and lunch box the other day (at last) no customs charges or anything!

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Post by kappster » Nov 23rd 2003, 10:20 pm

Wow, maybe I shouldn't jinx it, but i got an email with a tracking number and my bonus materials have left the office in California. I really didn't think I would get them. Maybe there is a Santa after all.

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Post by vapspwi » Nov 24th 2003, 11:17 am

richard wrote:Just in case anyone is interested, I am in London (UK) and recieved bonus disc and lunch box the other day (at last) no customs charges or anything!
Arrgh. I'm sitting in Atlanta, and still no bonus disc for me. Also no e-mail, because the chimps at Another Universe never managed to update my e-mail address in their records despite multiple attempts by me to get them to do so...


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Still nothing

Post by Bond1217 » Nov 24th 2003, 10:53 pm

Live in NY.. one of the first 2500.... No longer have the same email, but that BETTER not be the reason I still havent gotten my bonus (After all my address is the same since I was born. I have to admit I was kinda relieved to hear some people still didnt get it, or that some people only got it very very very recently. At least I know I am not the only one. Im sure everyone will get them if we keep pressuring. Im just scared that one day (I check this site every 2 weeks to a month) this post is going to be gone because everyone got their bonus materials, and here I'll be stuck with non... I think others in the city are still waiting, am I correct?

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Post by Megs » Nov 25th 2003, 9:40 am

Virginia here, one of the first 2500 orders, still no bonus disk or e-mail.

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Post by RichD » Nov 25th 2003, 12:19 pm

Like so many, one of the first 2500 orders. Been patiently waiting and waiting and waiting. Nothing like a thoroughly flogged dead horse, eh? :roll:

Anyhow, just as this process became more of a historical curiosity to me, than a crisis, I got on e-mail (on the 19th of this month) from "AU Shipping" saying that my lunchbox/bonus disk was going out with the current batch of shipping (which they cite as the 20th). They even gave me a (USPS) tracking number!

Well, I forgot about the tracking number until this moment, so I plugged it in on the USPS site and found that they apparently shipped it on the 22nd.

So. I guess sooner or later, I may see this thing yet. It sounds, obviously, like what we're getting is -nothing- like the promised laundry list of things we should be, as per Ross' declarative postings a long time back. *sigh*

I guess it's something at least. To get these items horrendously late AND to have paid a boatload more for the set than I could've at the local Best Buy. Boy do I feel special. :shock:

(I try to console myself with the notion that if we never placed all these orders, this set wouldn't have been made to begin with, so... kinda catch-22 typa thing)

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Post by Sammi » Nov 26th 2003, 1:55 pm

I live in Des Moines and today I received by lunch box and bonus DVD from Anotheruniverse. I like others received the email with tracking number, but decided not to post here until I actually received it. I hope everyone else gets theirs soon too.

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Post by kappster » Nov 27th 2003, 4:23 am

I actually received my bonus materials today (11/26). I am in Nebraska. Only took 2 years. Finally I am done with AU. Book closed. Hopefully they will have them all out before Xmas.

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Post by TessD1891 » Dec 1st 2003, 8:10 pm

Upstate New York here. Ordered 2-11-2002. One of the first 2500. Paid by check, so luckily I escaped being double or triple charged (but still not happy about having paid about $100). Today (12-1-2003) I got my bonus disc (have yet to watch it) and lucnchbox. My mom bought my brother a DVD copier thing for the computer for Christmas - I plan on having him make a copy of the disc for me, then I'll sell my original on ebay to try to make up for what I could have saved if I'd waited to buy the DVD set at Best Buy. Still hoping the rest of you who are still waiting see the light at the end of the tunnel soon!
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Post by laurablunsdon » Dec 2nd 2003, 5:03 am

Hi all, i live in Bath, England and have just received this from AU

Dear My So-called Life Customer,

This update is to inform you that your MSCL lunchbox and bonus disk is being sent out in the current batch of shipping. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation number available for "international" shipping.

Please be advised, planned USPS pick up of current batch is Tuesday Dec. 2, 2003.

Thank you,

Shipping Manager

Have any of the people who have received their bonus disc and lunchbox received a tracking number from AU or does USPS not give them out? Sorry i have never used this before and am not sure how this works. I was one of the first 2500 to order and contacted Ross last week to find out when i would receive mine, coincidence that now it's getting delievered? :? I was also double charged but luckily the credit card company sorted it out.

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Post by Sammi » Dec 2nd 2003, 11:13 pm

Yes that is the basic email I received about a week and half before I received my DVDs. I live in the US so I did receive a tracking number. When you send things international through the United States Postal Service you can't get tracking numbers because once it leaves the US it is in the destination country's postal service.

On another note, I really like my lunch box, but in my opinion the bonus disk was kind of boring. I really wished we could have got those other interviews from the other place, the radio or television something or other. Oh well at least this fiasco is over for me.

Also if you haven't received you bonus disk/Lunch box you might complain to the Better Business Bureau, I did that and 3 weeks later I received them in the mail. Its worth a try if you haven't complained there yet.

I hope everyone else receives their bonus stuff soon too.

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Post by echamorro » Dec 4th 2003, 11:51 am

I also FINALLY got the lunchbox and bonus disc!
My interest in MSCL was depressed by the whole long ordeal.
The show dvd's have a lukewarm transfer, the audio remix is a wreak.
The bonus disc is nice, but a real documentary is what is needed.
I am glad to move on!

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Post by So-Called Loon » Dec 6th 2003, 9:55 pm

My bonus disc doesnt even work! It must be from a different pressing cause there is no sound and only plays on my pc. Even when it does play the speed on the interview seems to shift around. What a train wreck but i honestly forgot about ordering this, it was what 2 years ago?
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