Anyone in the path of Isabel?

If you want to share some events in your life or thoughts about life in general with other MSCL fans or if you just want post a rant to let some steam off - this is the place.
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Post by MadMichael » Sep 22nd 2003, 9:45 am

Pic of Isabel from the space station is authentic, details updated in the original posting...
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Post by Nothingman » Sep 22nd 2003, 12:31 pm

:shock: Wow! now that is power. I feel really small right now. :lol!:
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Post by Nostradamus » Sep 29th 2003, 10:59 pm

candygirl wrote:I know - I remember when I was in 7th grade, I went through this phase where I would read scary ghost story type books and scare the s**t out of myself. Not like little kid ghost stories either - adult novels about supernatural crazy stuff. We're talking huddled in bed with the blankets pulled around me, jumping at every noise. Why? I have no idea. Unfortunately, I also have a very vivid imagination so I was imagining the worst possible scenarios. Now I could have completely avoided this by NOT checking these books out from the public library, but I couldn't help it.

Me too! I'm not sure the children's center librarians fully thought out the consequences of encouraging so much reading by impressionable young minds. As soon as I figured out the filing system, I was into the adult section looking up paranormal phenomenon, and reading about it before bed.


I guess I dodged the 'canes during my time in the Gulf coast, though I do remember the day it snowed (!) in Noo Awlins. A while back I heard that a former teacher of mine had volunteered with a humanitarian organization in a small Pacific island, which was promptly hit by three typhoons. He survived ok, but I don't think stayed long in the islands.

Megs and company, hope you're digging out ok, but not going back to work too soon.

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