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Post by unknown_guest » Jun 29th 2003, 5:27 pm

Hello all. I'm not a hardcore MSCL fan, but I do enjoy the show. I forget the name of the episode, but its where Brian talks to Angela's Father about Wallpaper(relating to Angela and that Bigger girl), and Brian gets asked to go to the dance by that bigger girl. Then Angela tags along, but Brian breaks off plans to go with the bigger girl? Anyways, to follow along with the Subject, did anyone notice the blooper when Brian meets up with Angela's father at the door, and he's got all that wallpaper equipment(bucket, rollers)? Cuz if you watch carefully, it'll jump from the father, to brian and back about 2 or 3 times. If you can catch it, you'll notice he's carrying more-less equipment while talking with brian at the door. Am i the only one who saw this? Does anyone know of any other bloopers in the series?

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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Jun 29th 2003, 5:56 pm

There are several continuity errors throughout the series which have been discussed in other threads (including Angela's bed and the layout of the Chase house), but the one people tend to remember the most is Angela's Miraculously Changing Sweaters in Self-Esteem.

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Post by larrymcg » Jun 30th 2003, 12:00 am

In "The Substitute":

"We don't even have a basement."

In "Life of Brian":

"I can't do braids in the basement!"
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Post by dTheater » Jun 30th 2003, 9:38 pm

I seem to remember something in the pilot episode where Graham carries the phone around the room and walks around Angela, thus wrapping her with the phone chord, but then she walks right off. Or something like that...

Has anyone ever seen actual bloopers/outtakes from the show? That's something I'd love to see that never surfaced.
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another bloop

Post by emilynn » Jul 13th 2003, 5:56 am

Or in "Strangers in the House" where Graham consoles Patti in the bedroom and changes from a green t-shirt to a blue dress shirt in the time it takes to hug her...

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