Custom Soundtrack.......suggestions?

Talk about the soundtrack of MSCL. You can find a list of songs played in the episodes here.
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Post by Nothingman » Apr 15th 2003, 6:04 pm

thanks hurtstolookatyou

I've downloaded most of those songs already off of kazza. I like acoustic Toad the best. I guess "Fall Down" doesn't count for this custom soundtrack since it was on the original show, but I think the others would be great.

Candygirl, great call about "Self Esteem"
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Post by JPP13 » Apr 16th 2003, 10:30 pm

I was glad to see this thread make a re-appearance. :)

Toad the Wet Sprocket was great live. Saw them circa 1989 or so.

Back to the topic, hmm.....How about There Is by Boxcar Racer. It has a line which reminds me of The Letter....

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