rayanne's cap

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rayanne's cap

Post by moon_dreamer » Nov 11th 2010, 3:41 pm

hi@all fans!

I'm looking for rayanne's white/green cap...does anybody know if it was a special football/baseball cap? I cant remember a picture where it is clearly seeable...but maybe someone can help...thanks..


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Re: rayanne's cap

Post by whoistino » Jun 16th 2024, 1:51 am

I asked me the same question about the patch on Rayanne's cap for years! Maybe the Costume Designer Patrick R. Norris could help here :wink:

I looked for American sports teams, who used the colours white/green and maybe with a little bit of orange/yellow in their logo. This is what i found out:

Baseball (MLB): Oakland Athletics
Basketball (NBA): Boston Celtics
Football (NFL): Green-Bay Packers
Eishockey (NHL): Colorado Eagles

I googelt caps from the 90's, but didn't found anything concrete.

The scene, where you can read best what's on Rayanne's Cap, is when she has the audition for the starring role in the school play. There she let her bag fall on the ground and the cap is attached on the bag. I think I can read here:

"104" in the color golden
"MA" and maybe next "W" in big letters in the color orange

I could'nt figure out any sport teams with these hints...

Maybe it was no sports team but a label of an university or something totally unrelevant...

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