My So Called Life Goes On

Discussion about the "My So-Called Life" books. NEW: "Dear Angela", a collection of essays about the show.
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My So Called Life Goes On

Post by RyeBlume » Feb 2nd 2002, 9:09 pm

Almost everyone I've talked to has said that this book is completely horrible. Yet, I was just visiting the poll here at and the VAST majority of people (1215 to be exact) said that this book is "an excellent story." What's the deal?

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Re: My So Called Life Goes On

Post by Lauria » Feb 4th 2002, 3:19 pm

I have no idea about the weird statistics you mentioned. I don't know if you read the other book she wrote, but I skimmed through it and it wasn't that great. I of course was semi-interested because it involved my addiction of MSCL, but really it didn't do a lot for me. Don't waste your time on that first book either, not if you have the episodes.

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Re: My So Called Life Goes On

Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Feb 28th 2002, 3:45 pm

I was excited on principle when I saw the books at Borders, but I sat down and read both of them. Ehhhh. The first book picks and chooses moments from all 19 episodes, which just doesn't do it justice. The second book was a bad vision of Episode 20: The Summer that Lifers Would Never Imagine. I don't want to give it away for those of you who haven't read it, but it is so out there. They would have done better to publish some of the fanfic posted here.


Re: My So Called Life Goes On

Post by Guest » Mar 16th 2002, 8:36 pm

I am one of MSCL's biggest fans, and this book completely strays from Angela's complex,
almost contridictory yet endearing thoughts. For instance, read the excerpt from the
book, Angela would NEVER "rev the engine and honk as she backed out of the driveway"
or try to run over Brian Krakow shouting "JEALOUS! " The author would have done better
basing the story on MSCL and creating new characters altogether. However if you dearly
miss the show and wouldn't mind the dramatic mutation, then it wouldn't be so terrible.
But if you simply fell in love with the characters, don't read it, it'll break your heart.

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Re: My So Called Life Goes On

Post by Brooklyn » Mar 17th 2002, 3:02 pm

I agree. This book was terrible. Actually, I only read the first two chapters at a bookstore I was in, but what I read was so unrealistic and would have never happened on the show. Steer clear of this book if you are a die-hard MSCL fan.

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the book is not the same

Post by tigerlilly711 » Mar 26th 2003, 11:56 pm

I bought the DVD set a couple of weeks ago and got so addicted I couldnt help but buyMy so Called Life Goes On. I have mixed emotions about it. I thought it would give more long term insight into the characters life, offer me some sort of closure. However, everything that happened in the book could have happened in a couple of episodes of the show. Some of the dialogue was authentic to the show but I felt like most characters did things they would never do on the show. For example Angela goes skinny dipping in front of Jordan Catalano and Brian Krakhow has sex. Anyway the book is a quick read and somewhat interesting but it is not even comparable to the show!!!!

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Post by TomSpeed » Mar 27th 2003, 12:44 am

Ahem. Now I have to get the picture of Claire...I mean Angela...skinny dipping out of my mind. :oops:

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Post by dTheater » Mar 30th 2003, 11:53 pm

Was this the thing were Danielle kisses Brian?
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Post by inhirnamy » Mar 31st 2003, 6:02 pm

I didn't really like the book too much, it was just okay.

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Post by Nothingman » Mar 31st 2003, 7:30 pm

I thought the book was kind of fun to read, but in the interest of the continued story line, I didn't agree with it. There were some things that were believable, but over all the whole story felt a little off. I did enjoy reading about the characters just because I love the show, but much of the fan fiction is better. If you treat it as just another fan fiction story, I think it's enjoyable. The story skips the episode 20 mystery and leaps forward into the summer, this made it a little less bothersome that some strange stuff happened. Also, the ending seems really fabricated. Everyone couples up, and is happy for the time being, I felt like it was an attempt to tie up loose ends all at once. Just didn't seem right that everyone was content at the same time.
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