Devon, Josh and Greg Gummersall on "quarterlife"

"quarterlife" is a new innovative "web-only" series produced by The Bedford Falls Company. 36 episodes with 8 minutes runtime each will be available online on and beginning November 11, 2007.
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Devon, Josh and Greg Gummersall on "quarterlife"

Post by Sascha » Nov 13th 2007, 7:13 am

Almost the entire Gummersall family is somehow involved in "quarterlife":

Devon Gummersall ("Brian Krakow" from "My So-Called Life") wrote episodes #4 and #5, his brother Josh Gummersall is co-producer of "quarterlife" and Devon's wife Majandra Delfino stars in four of the 36, eight-minute episodes. Also, Greg Gummersall's (Devon's and Josh's father) art is featured in numerous sets/scenes.

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Re: Devon, Josh and Greg Gummersall on "quarterlife"

Post by Jody Barsch* » Dec 13th 2007, 9:34 pm

So those are the actual episodes 4 and 5 (not aired yet) rather than "part 4" and "part "5" of the pilot, correct? At first I was thinking that "Eric" was played by Devon Gummersall, but no, that's not at all true. I'm blaming that on my chintzy work monitor (but that's probably not true either). :roll:
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