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Post by BeeJay » Aug 9th 1999, 5:09 pm

So, I guess there no one out there? Hello, Hello ?!

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Re: Chat

Post by Odessam » Aug 9th 1999, 5:28 pm

No one is out here or there so give so info when you will be able to come and chat with me (just anybody) it is quite funny though I e-mailed like 30 people and not one them shows up. guess it's just a busy season or something or people don't check e-mail often (I mailed them like a week in advange)


Re: Chat

Post by Guest » Oct 24th 1999, 9:18 am

Hi there....I'm from the UK and my girlfriend lives 6000 miles away in The Indian Ocean...I've never seen mscl but she's crazy about it so I thought I'd try to learn a little....I know nothing, but if anyone could tell me why THEY like the show then maybe I'll get a better idea why my girlfriend loves it so much.

Well....I hope someone reads this and can set me straight.....cheers


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Re: Chat

Post by mia » Oct 25th 1999, 9:09 am

Were we supposed to meet? I didn't hear anything about it. What's going on?

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Re: Chat

Post by mia » Oct 25th 1999, 11:16 am

nevermind. Monday morning, you know. Brain dead.

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Re: Why I like the show...

Post by oldguy » Oct 27th 1999, 1:02 am

I just recently re-watched a bunch of episodes, so
I'm in a mood to tell why I like the show:

1) Great stories --- There are 19 episodes of MSCL, each with a great
plot that interweaves the actions, thoughts, hopes, etc. of several very
interesting and believable characters. The plots are clever, insightful,
realistic, touching, and often very inspiring.

2) Great characters: The characters are not stereotypes --- They seem
like real people. After a few episodes, you'll find yourself thinking of these
characters as real people you know and care about.

3) Great style: MSCL is the most stylistically creative TV show I have
ever seen. This is hard to describe, but there are wonderful interplays
of music with visual imagery, sometimes dreamlike imagery, etc. It's
very enthralling at times. the show is also always partly narrated by
voice-overs thatcan be philosophical, funny, clever, etc. It's never
dull and always stimulating. There have been other TV shows with
good plots and characters, but MSCL is the most artistically creative,
as far as the audio-visual effects and techniques.

4) Great acting: All of the actors are good.

To sum up, MSCL was outstanding in almost every aspect.
I can't find a weakness --- It just seems so powerful and
engrossing in a way no other TV drama comes close.
Compared to other "teenage" dramas, they all seem childish
and trite compared to MSCL.

Well, there's a lot more that can be said. Check out the
"MSCL Bible" off this site --- There are reviews and commentary
on episodes, etc. You could learn more that way. I hope
all of this helps.


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