The Last Kiss

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The Last Kiss

Post by SanDeE* » Sep 18th 2006, 6:32 pm

Has anyone else seen The Last Kiss yet? I saw it over the weekend and I really loved it. It was quite emotional, gritty, real, lovely, uncomfortable, intense, silly, and fun. Quite a mix, I know. But it was great and I highly recommend it if you enjoyed Garden State. Zach Braff and the rest of the cast are fantastic, especially Jacinda Barrett - I was surprised!

I'm looking forward to seeing the original Italian film, L'Ultimo Bacio. Because I love foreign films, and I heard that the endings are different between the Italian and American versions.

I found issues with some of the scenes, however. I liked how it showed how quickly your life can turn around because of one little choice you make... BUT it was weird that the audience was laughing during some scenes that were clearly not meant to be humorous at all.

Anyway, I could identify with certainly more than one character, even the guys in the film. And I LOVED seeing my hometown Madison, WI in a movie! Just a beautiful setting, if I do say so myself!

Also - Garden State was by far better than The Last Kiss. Garden State has people in their 20s sorting out their lives, and The Last Kiss involved people in their early 30s (except Jacinda Barrett's parents, 50s). Garden State wasn't quite as realistic as The Last Kiss, but it knew whether it was a comedy or not. I guess that goes with my last comment above about people laughing at inappropriate times during The Last Kiss. Just because Zach Braff is on a comedy TV show doesn't mean that everything he does is comedy. Just look at Bill Murray or Steve Martin lately!

The Last Kiss Soundtrack has been discussed here. I also recommend checking out the soundtrack - really great stuff.
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