dowload MSCL eps on Internet?

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dowload MSCL eps on Internet?

Post by kungfoodru » Aug 22nd 2003, 3:13 am

Hi, does anyone know how I'd be able to download MSCL episodes on the internet? I tried kazaa, and i was able to download episodes 1-6... I was thinking mIRC... can anyone help, with channels or servers or something please? Blockbusters around me dont have the DVDs or VHSs :(
Thanks a lot if anyone can help :)
P.S. I am on cable, so if anyone actually HAS the episodes and wants to share.... :)

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Post by Sascha » Aug 22nd 2003, 4:27 am

And once again: Sharing episodes on the internet is illegal and we do not condone any requests here. Buy the DVD box set - you can get it for low as US$55 - and it's really worth it. If you don't like it, you can always sell it on ebay...

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