Suggestion for bonus disc

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Jason R
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Suggestion for bonus disc

Post by Jason R » Aug 23rd 2002, 11:02 pm

I've brought it up before, and I don't know how difficult it would be to display properly on a DVD, but I think that everyone who helped make this DVD set a reality, as a way for thanking them for putting up with the delays, charging errors, etc., should have their names embedded on the bonus disc in a special thank you section (assuming they wanted their name there).

That way, everyone becomes a part of the finished product. Not an earth shattering idea, but something worth considering. It is something entirely intangible, which is precisely what drove these people to buy the disc in the first place. There may still be time to do this.

Jason Rosenfeld

Jessica Popsicles


Post by Jessica Popsicles » Aug 23rd 2002, 11:58 pm

That would be pretty cool to have peoples names in it!

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Post by foolishoptimist » Aug 24th 2002, 12:03 am

I'm all for it!

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The Old Campaigner

Post by Guest » Aug 24th 2002, 2:08 am

I have been thinking about something like this since I read about the Operation Life Support folks getting the custom t-shirts (small compensation, considering what they didn't get :cry: ). Some sort of rolling credit list would be great. Not only would it impress the hell out of our friends, but after all we've been through, it sort of needs to be in the history books, if only as a footnote. A sort of MSCL DVD Veterans Memorial Wall...

(The distant future) A couple of scruffy old vagabonds sit on a bench outside a shopping mall. They are wearing threadbare, faded MSCL shirts and are clutching rusty lunchboxes. A young man walks briskly out of the mall, holding a bag from the entertainment store. One of the derelicts gets up and hobbles toward the youth. "Leave the kid alone, it ain't worth it!", calls his companion. "He has to know!", barks the first, grabbing the youngster with surprising strength.

"You think it's all so easy, eh, young'n? Anytime, you can just waltz up to the automated vendor, drop in a few coins, and presto! All your favorite holovid programs on one little isolinear rod, in living 3-D! But you don't know what it was like back then, for us! You don't know the hell we went through to pave the way for ungrateful punks like you! I remember it like it was yesterday... Of course, I wasn't around when they raised the first army, in '95 I think, to fight the network. Many thousands strong they were, and hell bent on their task, but the network was stronger then. Those were sad years that followed, wandering from channel to channel, getting our fixes where we could. Aye, there was VHS here and there, bootlegs mostly, but 'twas slim pickings. In 2000 we 'ad the first glimmer of real hope: the entire series on DVD! Yes that's when I joined the cause. Pity, that battle was over before it began; we pulled out with just three eps! Now I was lost, blind in the smoke, but little did I know the others were already regrouping! By 'ought-two they were on the offensive again and soon I heard the drums and fell in step. Ah, that was a fine regiment, to be sure, but the worst was yet to come! Listen! The campaign went well, at first, and we thought we could see a June victory, but 'twas not so. The march dragged on and our casualties mounted: first the double charges, then threes and fours! Poor communications broke up the ranks, and spies lurked among us. I was one of the lucky ones, only grazed for twenty bucks. Maybe sensible folks would have quit then and there, but we pressed on! Success was nigh at hand, and still our enemies fought us tooth and claw, flinging shipping problems in our path. Yet our triumph was inevitable, if dearly bought: some of us didn't make it. No one remembers us now; these rusty tins are about the only proof left that we ever took the field."

The old man slackens his grip on the youth, wide-eyed with terror and wonder.

"Why do you think we stuck with it, my boy? For the show? Aye, it was great, yes, but that wasn't the only reason. No, lad, we fought so you wouldn't have to."

The old campaigner collapses, crying. His friend walks over and lays a hand on his shoulder.

"It's OK, man. Let it go. The pre-order's over, man. It ended a long time ago."

Perhaps that was a tad bit melodramatic, but I can dream, can't I? :wink:

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Post by Nostradamus » Aug 24th 2002, 2:10 am

The log-in thigy cut me out again! That was my long winded rambling above... :roll:
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Bonus Disc Vanity List

Post by ClarenceWorley » Aug 24th 2002, 3:56 am

Jason Rosenfeld wrote:I've brought it up before, and I don't know how difficult it would be to display properly on a DVD, but I think that everyone who helped make this DVD set a reality, as a way for thanking them for putting up with the delays, charging errors, etc., should have their names embedded on the bonus disc in a special thank you section (assuming they wanted their name there).
Great idea! I would say almost everyone would be very receptive to the suggestion.

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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Aug 24th 2002, 4:35 am

Great idea - although maybe we should have the option of including our forum names in parentheses so that we can say oooooh, that's _________ since not everyone has a username like Jason.


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Post by Debs » Aug 24th 2002, 6:19 am

I like it! :wink:
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Post by Pedro! » Aug 24th 2002, 6:39 am

Great idea Jason!! Maybe we could have a little passport photo each aswell......all wearing our MSCL t-shirts and a huge toothy grin!

Cant wait for the set Jason....YOUR A GOD! :lol:


Post by Eric » Aug 25th 2002, 10:00 pm

Definitely sounds like a good idea and final way of saying "thank you" to those that made is possible. :)

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I totally agree !!!

Post by MartinPierre » Aug 26th 2002, 3:50 pm

You can certainly put my name everywhere you want... Especially in the Writer's Credit ;-)

seriously, it would be great !

I pre-ordered on the first day, and called that same day to tell them the e-mail notification was not working.

They didn't know it then, so I guessed I told them...

Then, I was the first to call them when I was charged rather than reserved on my credit card : They had no idea what had happened. As few days later, it became public.

I later discovered I had been billed twice ( it took some time for the second bill to appear ).

I called them again and they said I was the only one with double charge... yet again paving the way !!!

They refunded my credit card, but it failed.

They found out why and I believe from their phone conversation, that I was the first to be properly refunded !

Yet, I kept backing them and Jason 100%.

I might not post often, but I follow the board every week or so...

If my name was listed anywhere on the DVD, I would be thrilled with joy !!!

( for the record, it is : "Martin-Pierre Frenette" ).


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