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Post by Guest » Apr 17th 2002, 5:50 pm

I'm dying here for some news, ANY news, about the dvd! I really have the patience of a two year old- are there any tidbits of information to tide me over? Jason, throw me a bone! :)

Meanwhile, what is the moment in the series you're most excited to see on the dvd? For me, it's when Rayanne and Angela are on stage doing Our Town. The tape I had that episode on got recorded over, so I haven't seen it for probably 4 years- I can't wait!

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Re: impatient!

Post by Colene » Apr 17th 2002, 9:00 pm

We've all waited years and years for this, a few months isn't so bad ;) But I do's like waving a carrot in front of someone's nose, heh.

I'm dying to see the bonus disc...any behind the scenes stuff would be cool!

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Throw you a bone?

Post by Jason R » Apr 17th 2002, 9:46 pm

I have a bag o' bones. unfortunately, waiting for BMG to ok everything for mass consumption. I guess I can disclose the following:

1) Lunchbox has been designed. Tres snazzy, if you ask me. Great use of Crimson Glow. ;-)
2) Beginning to record bonus material next week -the interviewees (plural)might have had something to do with creating the show. Hint hint.

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Re: Throw you a bone?

Post by Guest » Apr 18th 2002, 10:12 am

Thanks Jason! I guess I can wait! :)

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Re: Throw you a bone?

Post by dTheater » Apr 19th 2002, 7:45 pm

How about Claire Danes' screen test? And why not Alicia Silverstone while we're being greedy. That can't be too hard to get. Can it?

- jim

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