Special Edition Sets No More?

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Special Edition Sets No More?

Post by Rossi_y2k » Apr 3rd 2002, 8:59 pm

Let me first say that I'm absolutely impressed by your site. The coming together of all the fans to support such a short lived show is amazing.

I never watched the show when I was younger. I'm 21 now, she's 19. But my sister was a deticated fan. She watched the first run, and then watched it every time after that on MTV. Just seeing your site has sparked my interest to see the show.

Well, just last night and today I was looking to see if I could find it on DVD for my sister as a gift. Well, I discovered that the special edition is no more and that the new set will not be in the awesome lunchbox design nor will it include the Bonus Disc. You can understand how upset I am, because you all know how wonderful such a gift would be to get and just missing the deadline by a few days.

I just wanted to ask the MSCL community if they have any ideas as to what I might be able to do. If anyone bought any extra sets or if anyone discovers that they won't be able to get their set, I would really appreciate if we could work something out. I'm open to all other suggestions.

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Re: Special Edition Sets No More?

Post by somamoons » Apr 3rd 2002, 9:19 pm

Ebay. Nuff said.

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Re: Special Edition Sets No More?

Post by Colene » Apr 4th 2002, 12:50 am

Or if someone who made the preorder decides to not get it, then you might be able to get it if you're on the wait list...

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Re: Special Edition Sets No More?

Post by Joanna » Apr 5th 2002, 8:16 pm

Start saving!!

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Re: Special Edition Sets No More?

Post by RyeBlume » Apr 14th 2002, 5:02 pm

From reading a recent post, I see that the nonpreorder sets will include a bonus disk and lunchbox packaging (this has been a recent development), the nonpreorder sets just cost 15 dollars more and do not include any free shipping. So, for a little extra money you could still get all the goodies of the preordered sets for your sis.

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Wrong. There are no lunchboxes for non-preorder versions.

Post by Jason R » Apr 14th 2002, 6:22 pm

This is wrong. There is no special packaging for non-preorder versions. I did not write this. Please check what I wrote. Bonus disc= yes. Lunchbox = No.

The lunchbox was only for pre-orders. Just don't want the wrong information out there.


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