Post here if you want to vent about NOT receiving the DVDs.

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Post here if you want to vent about NOT receiving the DVDs.

Post by Jason R » Nov 8th 2002, 2:47 pm

Posting this due to demand. Please try to limit your proclamations of anger/hatred/vengefulness to this thread.

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Re: Post here if you want to vent about NOT receiving the DV

Post by vapspwi » Nov 8th 2002, 4:02 pm

Well, for all I know I'll get the DVDs next week. I live in Georgia, and the cross-country UPS Ground shipping time is like 5 days. It would be nice to get a tracking number so I could know what's going on, though. I'll be kind of hacked off if I get bumped to "Wave 2" when I ordered the discs on February 11th, and people who ordered after me already have them, though.

Of course, it's not as though I'll actually watch them as soon as they arrive; I just want to have one part of this fiasco done with, so I can concentrate my efforts on getting the bonus materials and getting my $115 overcharge refunded.


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hope this helps some...

Post by queenbri2244 » Nov 8th 2002, 6:25 pm

i fit makes you feel any better, i have a tracking number from them and all it says is that it's in transit. it's been sitting in richmond, california since the 5th of november. i'm not sure what the hold up is, but it's frustrating...cuz i feel like it's so close.
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Post by lance » Nov 8th 2002, 8:47 pm

I love this forum.

I love this forum because it so organized. As an Amazon customer I am not entirely certain I am supposed to be on this thread. To date I have not received my DVDs. Amazon sent me one of those automated messages saying I should receive my DVDs by 11/8. Well, no DVDs yet (Sigh.)


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Post by grlNmiami » Nov 8th 2002, 10:31 pm

my tracking number says the same thing.... my DVDs left richmond days ago and haven't landed anywhere since then :( i hope they are in transit and that UPS just doesn't scan them at every exchange along the way. oh well, guess i will have to go to the film festival this weekend instead of watching MSCL for hours on end. :)

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Post by vapspwi » Nov 8th 2002, 11:49 pm

lance wrote:I love this forum.

I love this forum because it so organized. As an Amazon customer I am not entirely certain I am supposed to be on this thread. To date I have not received my DVDs. Amazon sent me one of those automated messages saying I should receive my DVDs by 11/8. Well, no DVDs yet (Sigh.)


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Although Amazon seems to be confused as to their shipping dates, it's as close to a definite as anything surrounding this DVD is that it's not releasing to Amazon and other retailers until November 19th, despite what their shipping info says. So we should start seeing the discs from Amazon and others toward the end of the month. Nothing much to worry about there.


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waiting patiently...

Post by neal » Nov 8th 2002, 11:57 pm

I also am waiting for my disc from UPS. I live in MD and have check the status at least once a day since they shipped on monday or tuesday. Same story, they are in transit from Richmond CA. I assume that its on a 18 wheeler and won't be scanned till it reaches a UPS delivery stop near me. Then I'm sure it will head out on the brown truck to me. I hope.

I don't plan on watching the DVDs the instant they arrive, but I am annoyed as are many others (and this is not the first time I have mentioned it) with the fact that we were told shipping would be free, but then it ends up being the worst possible shipping for some (east coast) and the best for others (west). Sorry for the run on sentence but it was venting.
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Post by KrokRos » Nov 9th 2002, 5:41 am

Has anyone recieved the set from Amazon yet?

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Post by bobis111 » Nov 10th 2002, 12:43 pm

if i don't get them this week in this 'second wave' as i was told i would, something's going down asdfagawehyahraerhgaegrawghahasegewrhstrjtezastghyghtsj :evil:

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Post by K-man » Nov 11th 2002, 12:19 pm

Well, when I arrived home last Fri. night, it was not a pretty sight. After having a particularly horrible week and an even worse Fri. afternoon; the one small glimmer of hope on the horizon was getting home to finally get my hands on those DVD's. And when I walk up to the door...wouldn't ya know it. guessed it, no DVD's but a nice sticky-note from UPS saying "sorry we missed ya!". "Try back Monday". Well that's just what I didn't need. I work all day and Mon. isn't gonna be any better for me. Someone noted they left a note to have a neighbor sign and UPS wouldn't do it. I tried that for today and I doubt mine will work either it seems. I know I'm gonna end up driving to Cali. and picking them up at AU myself. :x I really do need to consider anger-management classes I'm afraid. :cry:
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Post by Bubbawheat » Nov 11th 2002, 11:49 pm

That's weird, I don't really see any anger/hatred/vengefulness against Another Universe, which is what this thread is supposed to be.

Well, that's about to change.

I got my e-mail from Another Universe on Wednesday saying my DVD set was shipped. I was very happy, I checked the tracking number on the UPS website... It was being sent to my old address! I was worried, I was pretty sure I had anticipated my moving and put my shipping address at my parents house, I went through my archived e-mails: I did. It was AU's fault for sending it to my billing address. So I called up UPS to see if there was anything I could do about changing it. I talked to the operator and asked him if I could change the address since it was going to the wrong address. He said that since it was in transit, there wasn't anything they could do until they tried to deliver it once. So I kept track of it, and once it was in Illinois, I tried calling again to see if they could do anything, but it was sunday, and their customer service was closed.

Then today, I'm not able to check my tracking number until early afternoon, and it says that it was delivered and signed for. Some stranger just got lucky and got my stupid DVD set without even ordering it, what an asshole. so I call UPS and they give me the whole "we deliver to addresses, not people, so we didn't do anything wrong" and I call AU and get the stupid answering machine, so now I'm stuck waiting to see if they respond by e-mail (HAH!) which they haven't yet responded to my first e-mail about the problem which I sent on Wednesday when I found out about it!!!!


aah, now I feel a little bit better.

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Post by marquito » Nov 12th 2002, 4:35 am


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Will the stupidity ever end?

Post by Joshuajbp » Nov 12th 2002, 9:42 am

Well it seems the "brainy smurfs" at Another Universe did indeed finally ship my DVDs but the sent the package through UPS knowing that my mailing address was a P.O. Box. So I had to wait for UPS to mail me a postcard to my P.O. Box to tell me i had a package. So if you havn't received your DVD's, be sure to check that tracking number! Who knows where you're DVD's will end up. ( I live in Houston, Tx ) It will great to get the discs though and have to say it will be worth the BS. Thanks Jason!

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Post by flwrchild2 » Nov 12th 2002, 10:10 pm

I ordered mine in August of 2001 and still haven't received it. I'm sorry, but I am getting really frustrated because I tried contacting them by e-mail (i didn't want to call long distance to California) and asked them to please call me back and they never contacted mez!!! :x Any advice???

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ARGH x1000

Post by kiarda » Nov 13th 2002, 1:54 am

I haven't received my set either, nor have I gotten a tracking number...and I live an hour away! If I had time, I would drive up there. Of course no one at AU will call me back either...this is so ridiculous, I hate it when there is nothing you can do to benefit yourself and at the same time disadvantage them.


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