Anyone OUTSIDE of California recieve the set yet?

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Anyone OUTSIDE of California recieve the set yet?

Post by pinkchimney » Nov 7th 2002, 5:54 pm

has anyone living outside the state of CA recieved their sets yet???

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Post by K-man » Nov 7th 2002, 5:59 pm

Not I. :(
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Post by StrawberryGirl » Nov 7th 2002, 6:14 pm

Mine arrived today, but I wasn't home so I have to go pick it up at UPS. YAY! I'm in Utah, so it didn't have TOO far to come.

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Post by lance » Nov 7th 2002, 6:20 pm


Not yet .

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Post by So-Called Loon » Nov 7th 2002, 10:01 pm

:D Mine arrived today and they look great.

I, too am in Utah, so only 2 days to get here.
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Post by Megs » Nov 7th 2002, 10:24 pm

I'm in Virginia, and haven't received them yet. :cry:
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Post by kappster » Nov 7th 2002, 11:10 pm

No DVDs for me in Nebraska. I would be f@cking thrilled just to get the shipping email from the bastards. I have gotten all of their other emails, but none this week about my set shipping. Ordered in March. :evil:

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Post by Alee » Nov 7th 2002, 11:31 pm

I just got mine and I'm in Colorado Springs.


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