What are your plans once your DVDs arrive???

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Jody Barsh
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What are your plans once your DVDs arrive???

Post by neal » Nov 6th 2002, 1:28 am

I hope that I am not jumping the gun but I am pretty excited about getting a UPS tracking number on my shipment. Now its in the hands of UPS. "What can BROWN do for you." They can deliver my DVDs, that's what! :D

Anyways, I was wondering what you folks plan to do when you get your MSCL set. I am planning a late friday night party with my fiancee, my sister, and 2 of my close friends. Each of us will dress up as one of the cast or at least in our best grunge 90s attire. We are gonna try and get through the whole season that night, but I doubt that we will be able to. Its worth a shot.

Whatever you end up doing, I hope we all enjoy this after such a long wait.
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Post by andrewgd » Nov 6th 2002, 1:38 am

I'm going to take a weekend, curl up in a comforter and watch them over the span of 2 days...thinking back to the days when it was first on. Ah, the Claire Danes infatuation...Identifying with her character and her frustration of a seemingly unattainable high-school crush.
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Post by Nostradamus » Nov 6th 2002, 1:56 am

I plan on maintaining myself in a state of cat-like readiness until the set arrives, then slipping into a catatonic shock if and when it does show up.

:( :arrow: :? :arrow: :o :arrow: :shock: :arrow: :| :| :|
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Post by SanDeE* » Nov 6th 2002, 3:09 am

I'm gonna drink a lotta beer and stay out AAAALLLLLLLLL night!

(That's a direct Homer Simpson quote, for those who didn't catch it!)

No really here's what I'm planning: My DVDs are getting here on Friday, Nov. 22nd (according to amazon). Turns out that I have a shortened Orchestra rehearsal and my Music Composition class is cancelled. That means I'll be done with school at about 2pm that day! Which is about the same time the mail arrives! Which means I'm going to have the whole rest of the afternoon and evening to watch MSCL!

I wish that I could watch these with an old friend of mine, with whom I've parted ways since high school. We still catch up sometimes, though. I used to hang out at her house after school and we'd watch it every Thursday (yes, the original airings on ABC). Maybe I'll see her over winter break. Watching the DVDs with her would transport me right back to 1994 (I was in sixth grade! I'll have to break out my glasses, overalls, oversized Weezer tshirt, and Chuckie sneakers for the full effect!)

Overlooked Sibling
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what does Krak plan to do?

Post by Krakolano » Nov 6th 2002, 4:16 am

i plan to s**t myself.

then watch all the never before released episodes i haven't seen since they were on TV...

ahh, life will be good.
"i don't believe in making plans...whatever happens... happens."

-- Krak

Rickie Love
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Post by Rickie Love » Nov 6th 2002, 4:27 am

:lol: Krak.... :lol:

That's a good plan. I too may soil myself - if I ever get my refund. As for when my dvds show up...FROM AMAZON!! :twisted: I plan on curling up and delving in. Not coming up for air til I SEE 'EM ALL! :D

Oh happy happy.
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Post by DrLemonBurn » Nov 6th 2002, 5:07 am

I guess I'm not supposed to do this, but I'm planning to do the same thing I did when I got my The X-Files, The Simpsons, and Mr.Show DVDs: watch only a couple episodes a day until I've watched them all. Then I'll start over. And then I'll start over and get my mom to watch them and we'll have some quality time. I'll have to fit The X-Files Season 6 in there somewhere, too. But in the meantime, Björk's new Family Tree deal is coming in the mail tomorrow!

(The word planning in the first sentence was carefully chosen.)
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Post by Megs » Nov 6th 2002, 10:13 am

Have a heart attack, call in sick to work, make my husband call in sick to work, make my younger sister drive down from PA, change into my comfy PJ's, stock up on enough food and drink to last me 20 hours, get a Port-A-Potty and install it next to my couch, sit my ass on the couch and watch every last minute. Well, maybe not in that exact order. :wink:
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Post by north_Star98 » Nov 6th 2002, 12:16 pm

i'm going to TRY not to fail out of my last year in college by watching the set 24-7!!!!! OH MY GOSH IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!!

"we had a time"

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Post by fnordboy » Nov 6th 2002, 1:01 pm

Well since i am so busy with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 Online for the PS2 I am goign to have to limit myself to a few eps a night over a couple of nights.

And i still havent even taken my Grand Theft Auto Vice City out of the box yet. So that is going to cut into my MSCL time as well.

Not to count the piles of unwatched anime dvds sitting on the shelf...

Overlooked Sibling
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Post by katy » Nov 6th 2002, 1:13 pm

i fully intend to reserve an entire weekend for a marathon. i've been fasting now for a full two months. i keep looking longingly at my tapes (that are so old that the screen flips throughout the episode...they were recorded during the original airing on ABC)

MSCL, here i come!! i just can't wait. i keep looking at the pictures of other people's DVDs, reassuring myself "they are real, and i will soon have my very own copies!" i'm so psyched...and i'll be even more so when they are actually in my possession.

can't wait, can't wait, can't wait....

Nicky Driscoll
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Post by George » Nov 6th 2002, 2:17 pm

I just recently bought a portable DVD player just for these DVD's. I plan on watching them all day because I do nothing at all at work!!! About 5 people a day walk past my desk where I am, it is great!! I compare myself to the guy from Office Space and I know you all have seen that. "In any given week, I do about 15 minutes of actual work".....that about sums it up for me as well so I will be getting paid to watch these DVD's I have been waiting for. I just can't still believe My So-Called Life is out on DVD, I have been wanting this for so long!!!

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Post by K-man » Nov 6th 2002, 2:40 pm

The first thing I'll do is squeeze the package really hard to be sure it's not a mirage or something my sub-conscious conjured up to trick me after all this waiting. Then I'll try and muster the courage to part with the $$$ to buy a DVD player since I don't own one. Then I'll spend countless hours of toil and effort building a shrine to MSCL with the DVD box as the capstone and I'll worship it 3 times a day. Then I'll probably break out the old crappy MSCL vhs tapes I got on E-bay and watch them again since I'm too cheap to buy the DVD player. (Ya know....I figure the board is gonna be jumpin' once all the Lifers start watching those lost ep's. and I wanna be able to keep up. ) Then I'm gonna write a really nasty letter to those pricks at BMG who have kept our show from us for so long. Hello Krakolano!!! :)
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Post by heater_05 » Nov 6th 2002, 3:00 pm

Go buy a DVD player. They are only like $80.00. That's less than what the DVD's are selling for.
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Post by K-man » Nov 6th 2002, 3:04 pm

Thanks Heater05. I didn't realize they were so inexpensive. As you can tell I'm out of the loop on a lot of things.
Daddy sold the farm and they've killed my trees. K-man


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