New Email from AU on Shipping

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Re: amazon order

Post by Denie » Nov 6th 2002, 4:26 am

kappster wrote:Has anyone who ordered through Amazon checked their accounts to see if their status has changed? I have an order through AU and Amazon. My Amazon order says shipping Nov 6 and arriving Nov 8 and has always said those dates. I am curious to see if my status changes to shipped tomorrow. Did any one have a Nov 5 shipping date? I know we all seem to have different dates through Amazon. If anyone has a Nov 5 date, did it change to shipped status?
I have a November 5th shipping date with Amazon. As of right now though, the DVDs have not shipped. In fact, they are not even in that "preparing for shipment" phase. :( I really don't expect to see the discs until around the 20th. But I'm still hoping for the miracle that will get them to my door sooner!
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Post by heater_05 » Nov 6th 2002, 4:36 am

I ordered at the first possible moment right I received the first e-mail from Ross. And they are definitely not doing it by last name, because mine starts with a W and I got my e-mail. Also I have two packages on the way, and my double charge was credited. I re-checked my old statement today. So go figure.
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F*$@ ME!!!

Post by foolishoptimist » Nov 6th 2002, 5:47 am

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Post by BizyBee » Nov 6th 2002, 3:45 pm

I'm getting mine (supposedly anyways) on Friday. Just 1 package.

Unfortunately, AU shipped to my old billing address (I moved in May), even after I emailed them 3 times with the correct address!

However, it's worked out to where I can pick them up at the old address, so that's something anyway! :roll:

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Post by angelgirl » Nov 6th 2002, 5:53 pm

i got my email today, yipee!!!! i am so excited! i also have 2 packages but as far as i know, i wasn't double charged, so it can't be that. if you look though only one of the packages is in transit and the other just says paid, so i wonder if they are prepared to send out the bonus stuff whenever it might possibly be ready if ever they might be. i'm confused though, it says on the details page it's in ca as of the 5th, but then when i go to the view all page the one that says in transit says it is in massachusetts (it is going to ri) so i'm confused as to where it is. i really hope that it is already in massachusetts. if somebody understands this please let me know. we are almost at the end now!!!! :lol:

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Post by oppsie » Nov 6th 2002, 5:58 pm

i also got two shipping notices, with two different ups tracking numbers, for the same dvd order number. one is "in transit" in sacto and the other is just "billing info received" which means it hasn't left the premises yet. as far as i can remember i was not doublecharged although i think it's probably too late for me to verify that since i ordered back in february and my cc only keeps bills online for six months. i've also got an order in with amazon although i suppose if my au discs show up (i really have no rational explanation as to why i never cancelled other than it seemed like a huge pain in the ass, and i paid so long ago that it's like a pleasant surprise at this point and i don't really miss the money) i'll cancel with them.

on the plus side, the ups shipping manifesto says that it's going to the right town -- i moved in may and changed my shipping info in june, and it looks like that change went through just fine. thanks much jason.

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Post by dTheater » Nov 6th 2002, 9:29 pm

They're being shipped UPS, so half of them will be damaged anyway.
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Post by So-Called Loon » Nov 7th 2002, 6:22 am

:? Interesting. Punched in my tracking number and there's only one entry, though i was double charged. Almost wish they'd send me an extra set so i could hold it for ransom to get my overcharge refund and bonus materials.

But the exciting part is that my package supposedly arrived in the city at 6:12 PM last evening. :mrgreen: I should receive my DVDs later today! :mrgreen:
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Post by Megs » Nov 7th 2002, 10:20 am

dTheater wrote:They're being shipped UPS, so half of them will be damaged anyway.
Wow. Where is this animosity for UPS coming from? I never had any problems with them. :roll:
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