Process for Getting Our Money Back (Credit Cards credited)

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Process for Getting Our Money Back (Credit Cards credited)

Post by MarkSWalker » Oct 17th 2002, 9:25 pm

There has been soo much going on here, that I hope, in the interests
of myself and everyone else who has cancelled their orders,
and is trying to get a refund from AU, that there might be one,
comprehensive thread in here on what someone should do and when,
to get the highest proability of getting a refund.

Based on everything I have milled through in this forum, this is what
I guess I should do, but please feel free to advise and correct my

1) Cancel order through

2) Send Ross Rojek an e-mail, ,
with your order number(s) stating
you would like your order(s) cancelled and your credit cards
credited immediately.


3) Call AU, 1-888-5-COMICS, and ask them to double check that
your order(s) have been cancelled, and to see when the credit should
appear on the account.

4) Wait for repsonses from the data (I got one for
one order, stating Mike had "processed my cancellation" and that
the "refund submitted," but that is not what was confirmed when I
called and talked with Thomas 24 hours later.)
If you get a "processed" message, call AU to confirm.


5) Call your credit card company to see if
a credit for the amounts you were charged have been refunded.

So, my questions are:

1) How soon before I fill out a dispute form and inform my credit
card company that they need to dispute these charges?
(I am under the impression, that legally, AU had 30 days to
refund my money.)

2) What needs to have occured for this to be a fraud situation?
Certainly the lack of a bonus DVD or a lunchbox even existing
should qualify and "under false pretense."

I do know that one of my Visa accounts thought we might have a
case because of the 2 missed street dates. The one for 9/17
looks promising, because it was so recent, they said.

3) At what point to do I take this to the Attorney General?

4) At what point do I file a complaint with all fo theose sites
listed in other threads? (Please feel free to put those in here.)

5) At what point should we, if it comes to that, get organized as
a group, and file a class-action lawsuit against AU and Rojek?

Any help appreciated, since I think most of us are new to this kind
of difficulty.


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Re: Process for Getting Our Money Back (Credit Cards credite

Post by andrewgd » Oct 17th 2002, 9:50 pm

1) You can do this at any point, since they failed to deliver the product on the reported date.

2) It is most likely already a fraud situation, because they failed to deliver product on reported date (at least twice).

3) Do it now, as it is already fraud. (Even if the delay is not AU's fault, they've collected your money for it, which what I hear is illegal and makes it AU's problem)

4) See answer to 3.

5) I assume people are waiting to see if they will get the dvds within a month.

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Post by MarkSWalker » Oct 17th 2002, 9:56 pm

Thanks for the response.

So, does anyone have AU's mailing address handy
and any other contact information I will need for the
Attorney General's form?



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Post by kmacp » Oct 17th 2002, 10:13 pm

this is the address i have on file:
7975 Ramona Ave Suite B
Sacramento, California 95826-3818

just edited the zip code. AU has it wrong on their own site, surprise, surprise.
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Post by Howard » Oct 17th 2002, 10:26 pm

You may have better luck with this address:

CMI Holdings
4135 Northgate Boulevard
Suite 5
Sacramento, Ca 95834

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Post by dTheater » Oct 17th 2002, 11:42 pm

I got one of the two refunds I am waiting on, but I couldn't tell you what I did thast made it happen. I believe these refunds are pure happenstance. They pick one out of a hat and do it when they feel like it just to make others believe they'll get theirs. Well I'm here to say: just because I got mine doesn't mean you'll get yours. Don't sit back and wait. Do whatever is in your power.
- Jim

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Post by canavan23 » Oct 18th 2002, 3:27 am

I cancelled on the 15th, got the "cancellation noted, refund submitted" mail from Mike.
Waited until to day, still no refund.
Mailed Ross, and got an out-of-office reply, claiming he is away until the 21st.
Not even bothering to spend the money on a UK to USA call to get fobbed off again by Wade.

Guess it's time to discover the joys of the American legal system :)
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Post by HeatherK » Oct 18th 2002, 4:16 am

Well I finally cancelled today and I intend to call everyday until my charges are refunded. They have not yet seen how annoying I can be.

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Post by MarkSWalker » Oct 19th 2002, 2:20 am

Thanks all.

Yep, I plan on calling daily too.

And, e-mailing Ross until I get credits on both of my Visa cards,
which, thankfully, were not of the debit sort.

Both companies have sent me dispute forms, and we'll see what
happens by the time they get here through the mail...


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Post by JPP13 » Oct 19th 2002, 10:44 am

The FIRST thing you do is go to your credit card company and explain you were defrauded. That is also the second, third and fourth thing you do, following an email to AU canceling your order.

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Post by Sammy Jankis » Oct 19th 2002, 11:08 am

Here's an exerpt of a statement that I received from my CC company (First USA) after filing my dispute against AU:

As of this date, the credit has not been received from the merchant. Under the credit card operating regulations we must allow the merchant 30 days to submit the credit for processing. If the credit has not posted to your account by that time, we will process it on your behalf.

I felt pretty relieved after receiving this. I actually went through my CC company the first time that I had been double charged and they took care of it for me (after many failed attempts of doing so directly with AU). AU however cancelled my order at that time and I had to reorder with them.

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Post by FarrellGirl78 » Oct 19th 2002, 12:08 pm

The 30 days to refund someone who cancelled is a law. This is why I still have some hope that I will see my money back. I know AU will not do a single thing for me because they are a fraud who stole a lot of money but I know my CC company will fight for me. My CC company told me I could dispute my charges because 1) I didn't get the product on septembre 17th and never got another release date and 2) I got an e-mail saying that they had refund my money and if I don't see my money, VISA will take care of it. I send someone at VISA all my e-mails with a long letter explaining what AU had done to me and also all of us. All of that proove what a fraud the people at AU are and I think we could all have a strong case against them.


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Post by Ben » Oct 19th 2002, 12:32 pm

What if my credit card number has changed since I ordered? I purchased the DVD's the first week they were announced with a Wachovia Visa, but since then Wachovia changed their credit cards because they were bought out by First Union. (That's probably why I haven't been double-charged). But how do I go about getting my credit back on the card if I cancel, which it now appears likely I should since it seems there will be no bonus DVD, which is what I really wanted.....?

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Post by dirjy » Oct 19th 2002, 12:51 pm

I called my credit card company (Citibank) about this same issue. I was charged for the $20 pre-order (but not the remaining balance for some reason -- thank GOD), but that account has since been closed for a new account number. The rep I spoke with said that credits to the old account would be added to my new account -- they are both linked to me.

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Got my refund

Post by FarrellGirl78 » Oct 20th 2002, 7:32 pm

After a long day, I was happy to see that I finally got my AU refund. YES, I did... my nightmare is finally over. I got a confirmation e-mail last october 14th by Mike but didn't believe him. I filed a dispute with my CC company and sent my e-mails that I had kept since last february to them. I just checked my report online and I finally got a refund, well I mean 2. First the $20 US and second the $79.98 US (which for me is more than $160 CAN). Right now, I have no idea if it is from VISA or AU but I would say VISA. I will call them to have more informations. I am just so happy that my nightmare is over. I can finally forget about it but don't worry I will still be checking the board because I still believe AU is a fraud and I want everyone to get their money back. Right now, it is the most important thing!

Good luck everyone


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