Are you cancelling your order?

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Are you cancelling yor AU order?

No, I'm sticking with AU
Yes, I've cancelled my order (and received a full refund if I paid in advance)
I've already cancelled, but haven't gotten a refund yet
No, I'm sticking with AU because I know I won't get my money back
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Are you cancelling your order?

Post by phelix » Oct 10th 2002, 6:27 pm

Well, Ross has finally said what extras he's including. Is a gift certificate and tshirt enough?

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Jessica Popsicles
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Post by Jessica Popsicles » Oct 10th 2002, 6:38 pm

Just the set would be enough if I knew I was actually going to get it someday.
Now it just seems like we are told things to keep quiet and to keep us from cancelling our orders, but right now I want to know what the status is with the sets themselves shipping, if I don't find out soon or I don't like what that status is, then I'm cancelling and ordering through Amazon who I've never had problems from.

I was going to stick with AU, but right now it doesn't really seem like I have a reason to.

I was kind of happy to be getting the lunchbox because I collect lunchboxes and because that was a way of saying that I pre-ordered and was one of the first people to help get the sets pressed, but now everyone is getting them(I don't care if the handle is a different color, or whatever they're doing to make them different). Now I just dont care. The bonus disc I never really cared about, I'd probably never watch it more than once anyway.
I didn't think that this set was going to get to anyone other than AU ever but if Amazon is going to have it next month sometime then I'm going to get it through them if AU doesn't get them out soon.

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So-Called Loon
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Post by So-Called Loon » Oct 10th 2002, 9:52 pm

Haven't cancelled but i am watching things very closely and if things don't change soon and for the better, i'll certainly be bailing out. :?

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Post by Megs » Oct 10th 2002, 10:12 pm

I am not cancelling yet.
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Post by Cate » Oct 10th 2002, 11:59 pm

I have the patience of a saint (NOT).

But I am sticking with AU ... for now.

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Post by Eliott » Oct 11th 2002, 1:50 am

reason for me canceling, is that I just want the show. I have plenty of special edition dvd's with all this extra stuff that I look through the first day, and never again see.

When I originally placed my order in March, I was under the impression, that unless I ordered with, I would never be able to own the set.

Since there's no reason to continue with, I'd rather get it from Amazon at a remarkable discount.

Besides, it is has just been too much trouble. Since I used a debit card from my checking account, I was double charged, and stuff kept bouncing back and forth. Needless to say, I was not very happy about that. I was willing to stay with despite that because I really wanted the DVD's, and I thought they would be the only place to get it.

Now that there's an alternative... there is absolutely no reason to stay with

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Pay it Forward

Post by Khisanth » Oct 11th 2002, 9:43 am

Yeah, I guess I'm sticking with AU because I'm too lazy to work up the effort to try to get a refund. I'm reminded of the interview of Haley Joel Osment in the movie Pay It Forward, where he says something about people, you know, they just give up....and when that happens, everyone sort of....loses.

But you know what? I don't want to be one of those people that he's talking about anymore. :-|

And I don't like those smiley graphics.

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pgh kenny
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Post by pgh kenny » Oct 11th 2002, 9:45 am

It's a sad day when so many people would cancel but won't because they know they won't get their money back! If anyone does get their money back, please tell us!

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Post by arnesbarnes » Oct 11th 2002, 10:11 am

I am sticking with AU at the moment, but only because Ross has indicated that I will get a refund of my double charge soon, and because I am a sucker for all that extra stuff he's promising. :roll:

However, my opinion is very much in the balance at the moment, and if we hear any more bad news (ahem, Jason, can you confirm or deny the rumour yet?) then I think I will be forced to dispute the charges with my CC (because I'm really not sure I'd ever see any money back any other way) and order elsewhere.

God, I am so fed up of this whole thing! Give me my money and my DVDs! <shakes fist in rage> Don't make me come over there!

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David Lambert
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Post by David Lambert » Oct 11th 2002, 10:16 am

I'm out.

I wrote to Ross last night, last thing before heading to bed, and thanked him but said I wanted out. It's just been too much, the "reward" is too little, and me and the missus decided the box, bonus disc, and t-shirt just ain't worth it.

Ross said he'd process me first thing this morning. I hope all of you come to a decision you can be happy with. Good luck!
Memphis, TN

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Post by Eliza » Oct 11th 2002, 10:46 am

I decided to cancel my order because I don't care enough about the lunchbox or bonus disc to remained entrenched in this debacle any longer.

I wrote to Ross, and he agreed to cancel my order and issue a full refund. I even asked him to put it in writing should I need written verification for my CC company if my refund is NOT issued, and I received that verification from AU via fax yesterday. It has the AU logo, the date, my name and address, and the following text: "Your order (#W3210644) has been cancelled and submitted to the accounting department for full credit." It is signed "Cutomer Service, Another" I would advise any of you who are cancelling to request the same thing. I would love to be able to say that I trust AU to come through with our refunds, but we see how long they have taken to refund double charges (if they have at all). (I was only credited when I finally disputed my double charge with my CC company.)

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... if AU doesn't issue your credit and you dispute your original charge with your CC company, you are going to have to provide written proof to your CC company if you ordered before just recently (because of time limits they set for disputing), so make sure you keep any correspondence with AU, and try to get written verification of AU's agreement to cancel your order and issue a refund! (I was persistent and received such verification, thankfully, and hopefully I will receive my refund and not even need to use it.)

Like David, I'd like to wish everyone good luck whatever you decide.

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Post by smackey » Oct 11th 2002, 11:28 am

I'm out too. Kinda brings new meaning to Let's Bolt, doesn't it?

Jody Barsh
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Post by Concettina » Oct 11th 2002, 12:42 pm

I cancelled on Tuesday and was told 'no problems' to my request for a refund by Ross. No credit has shown up on my credit card statement yet, though. I've already spoken to the credit card people about it and they're about to dispute the charges, but I'll leave it until Tuesday next week, and keep my fingers crossed that the promised credits will have shown up by then. If not, it's out of my hands - one week is enough time to refund, IMO.


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David Lambert
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Post by David Lambert » Oct 12th 2002, 5:53 pm

Guys, from my days as retail store manager (10+ years) I can tell you that it takes up to 10 business days (read: 2 weeks) for a refund that is transacted today to show up on your "statement", even an online one.

If on the next day after that period you don't see it via your bank's internet site, or can't verify it by calling your bank's customer service #, then go get 'em.

If you are going to pass a deadline (whether it be 30 or 60 days) and your bank is a by-the-rules kind of place, then go ahead and dispute it right now.

Ross wrote me this morning and said I was processed yesterday, as promised. I will check early on the 26th to ensure that I can see that my refund has been processed into a credit on my statement. After that, I file with state attorney general's offices in TN and in CA, and go to consumer protection boards in both states as well. Simple as that. But I think that, for this sort of thing, Ross can probably be trusted.

Yeah, maybe I'm gullible. But he sounds so darn SINCERE! :)
Memphis, TN

Jody Barsh
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Post by Concettina » Oct 12th 2002, 6:01 pm

My overchargers were refunded on the Monday (e-mailed by Ross to confirm) and showed on my statement the following Thursday, actually. I've never had anything that's been credited to my card take longer than a week to show on my statement before. But that's just my experience.

With anyone else I'd wait, but with AU not a chance. Not with their track record, they don't deserve it quite frankly. If I dispute the charges it'll make me feel better - if it shows up on the statement a week later, great - everyone is happy.

The most important thing here is I get my money back - I don't give a stuff about AU.



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