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by Natasha (candygirl)
Jan 26th 2002, 6:18 am
Forum: The Show
Topic: Recurring lines
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Re: Recurring lines

What I love about "in my humble opinion" is how everyone uses it on the internet now as IMHO. I like to credit Angela for impacting the world wide web in her own little way =) Let me live with the delusion, please.
by Natasha (candygirl)
Jan 26th 2002, 6:04 am
Forum: The Show
Topic: hypothetical movie question
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Re: hypothetical movie question

Wow, James Marsden would be a good subsitute for Jared! Those blue eyes... Um, sorry, I was distracted by thoughts of Jared and James staring at me. Since James is busy with Ally these days, how about that hottie dancer from Center Stage? Or Paul Rudd? What about Seth Green (Oz on Buffy) for Brian? ...
by Natasha (candygirl)
Jan 26th 2002, 5:36 am
Forum: Jared Leto
Topic: Jared Leto in The Thin Red Line
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Re: Jared Leto in The Thin Red Line

Well, Jared (and many others in the movie) were supposed to have much larger roles in the film but due to the fact that the movie was still over four hours long after the first edit, they started leaving people on the cutting room floor. One kid (I forget which one) had the starring role (according ...
by Natasha (candygirl)
Dec 10th 2001, 11:19 pm
Forum: Other TV Shows
Topic: What are Lifer's watching these days?
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Re: What are Lifer's watching these days?

Me too, me too! I have been watching Buffy ever since my sister got me hooked on it. At first it was just a cute, amusing show but now I have all this emotional investment - that Buffy/Spike thing! I meant to watch scrubs from the beginning but the whole fall schedule got thrown out of whack by Sept...
by Natasha (candygirl)
Dec 7th 2001, 3:47 am
Forum: The Afterlife of Cast and Crew
Topic: did you see?
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Re: did you see?

I watched Three Sisters last season just for A.J. but I haven't seen it at all this season. Even though I am not a nielsen family, I feel like I am supporting MSCL by watching A.J.'s shows (even It's Like You Know). The first time that I saw Mr. Katimski on Nash Bridges, I started yelling and pointi...
by Natasha (candygirl)
Dec 7th 2001, 3:25 am
Forum: The Music Of My So-Called Life
Topic: *UNOFFICIAL* MSCL soundtrack
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Re: MSCL Audio CDs

I pledge my undying gratitude to you!! The clips are matched up with the songs so well. I could rave and rave about how awesome the CDs are and how much ass you kick for doing this. I owe you big time for this. I agree - cover art is unnecessary since this will be in the CD player forever. I also ki...