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by Pneumatic
Nov 9th 2002, 5:42 pm
Forum: 2002 DVD release (BMG)
Topic: Other people's Motthers?!?
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Other people's Motthers?!?

I've been watching the DVD's (Nyah Nyah!), and I've noticed something. This is going to seem very odd and perhaps even a little nit-picky (Is that a word? you decide?) In the original transcripts here and other places, I've seen episode 10 titled "Other People's Daughters", but on the box it's title...
by Pneumatic
Nov 7th 2002, 8:14 pm
Forum: ARCHIVE: AnotherUniverse 2002 DVD Customer Forum
Topic: AU DVD Arrived! Here's a picture.
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Mine arrived also

Just another data point... mine arrived today (11/7/02) via UPS. I had to sign for it, so keep that in mind if you're not going to be home. I wasn't one of those who was on the warpath. I only send two emails over the whole email, and neither got a reply. I haven't (yet) been charged anything beyond...