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by smerfgoddess
Jul 18th 2005, 12:15 pm
Forum: Your So-Called Life
Topic: I DARE you to fill this out.
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Re: I DARE you to fill this out.

Like anyone's going to read this. *~*Personal*~* Name: Alex (Alexandra/Alejandra) Location: Altlanta, GA Place of birth: Marietta Date of birth: Feb 27, 2005 Current age: 14 Occupation: Student/Aspiring musician Height: 5'6" Weight: 140 Hair colour: Dark brown Eye colour: Brown Skin tone: Tan... alm...
by smerfgoddess
Jul 15th 2005, 5:21 am
Forum: Your So-Called Life
Topic: into'd
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Hello, all. I'm new, but I am a member at numerous other message boards, so I know how this works. My sister used to watch this show when she was my age (we're 10 years apart) and I am also a huge fan. I'm 14 and my name is Alex... and I am a girl. I am a huge Dresden Dolls fan, and for those of you...