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by Andee
Jan 30th 2006, 4:18 am
Forum: Your So-Called Life
Topic: Are you blogging?
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Yes, I definitely do keep a blog. Just made a new one recently because my old one was like 3 years old. Go check it out...
by Andee
Jan 30th 2006, 4:15 am
Forum: Your So-Called Life
Topic: MSCL moments in your life
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Oooh yes. I have WAY too many of these. my whole life pretty much IS the show. I was obsessed with it when it was airing on The Family Channel when i was in grade nine. But when I started grade 10 in the fall, I was living it. My best friend and I went separate ways and had the big Angela and Sharon...
by Andee
Jan 30th 2006, 3:50 am
Forum: "My So-Called Life" on TV
Topic: MSCL taken off Family Channel Canada!
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*sigh* :cry: It's so sad. I was and still am, incredibly dissapointed that it's gone. I mean, 8 simple rules is entertaining, but MSCL is sooo much more. It was like, part of my weeknight routine. Homework, eat, bath, MSCL. Now they also have that stupid 'Popular" show. I thought that's what they ha...
by Andee
Apr 26th 2005, 8:07 pm
Forum: Movies and Movie Stars
Topic: What movies are you looking forward to?
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sin city. haven't seen it, but i think my brother did. Has anyone seen fever pitch? it looks really good, and so does alot like love, which came out like last week sometime. And white noise. That movie looks friken scary.
by Andee
Apr 26th 2005, 8:02 pm
Forum: Books and Stories
Topic: Favorite Children's Books
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HAHA that is funny :lol: . It's so weird that when we were little kids, we never realized things like that. Like sesame street for example. We didn't know back then that 2 grown men sleeping together was considered somewhat homosexual(bert and ernie. I loved them.) hmm the night kitchen. I had that ...
by Andee
Apr 26th 2005, 12:38 am
Forum: Your So-Called Life
Topic: Newbies!
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Hey everyone. This is Andee. I love mscl with such a passion that i'm not even going to begin explaining my opinions:P Well, I live in Canada, and I dicovered mscl on the family channel this summer. my site is if you want to check it out,. I have a mscl page on there too.
by Andee
Apr 12th 2005, 12:20 am
Forum: The Show
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Yes, i definitely agree. The whole ending to "So called Angels" made me cry. lol It was like 80 degrees outside when I watched the xmas episode and I felt like putting up lights or something. GOOD EPISODE! :D Next was probably when Angela and Rayanne were reading the script for "Our Town" at rehears...