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by miss_squish
Jan 29th 2004, 1:38 am
Forum: The Show
Topic: plaid
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Flannels were cool

i had sooo many flannels...i still have some that i break out on lazy days.
in 1994 i was in 10 grade and i "found" my clothing style with the help of MSCL...mostly flannels and doc martens.
i luv Docs...i might even wear a white pair to my wedding this November :wink:
by miss_squish
Jan 29th 2004, 1:29 am
Forum: Movies and Movie Stars
Topic: The Butterfly Effect
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The Butterfly Effect

this movie rocks. Ashton Kutcher takes a leap into drama and blew me away!!!
it is sooo chilling and makes you question situations in life.
i give it 2 big thumbs up.
i highly recommend it to all you MSCL fans :-P
by miss_squish
Jan 29th 2004, 1:24 am
Forum: "My So-Called Life" on TV
Topic: Lifetime network
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it's a shame....

THEY keep on teasing us.
Lifetime should replay it would make alot of people VERY :D
by miss_squish
Jan 29th 2004, 1:20 am
Forum: For Sale or Wanted
Topic: MSCL Lunchbox
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$125.00 is a little steep...but worth it...i guess :?:
sorry they won't ship to the UK :cry:
by miss_squish
Jan 29th 2004, 1:15 am
Forum: The Show
Topic: 1994
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i miss the 1990's

I luv this site...i just registered i was in 10th grade when the show started...i luved it sooo much Especially the fashion....Flannels were it :) i just brought the DVD set and my fiance even likes watching it :D i was a much simpler time than...i remember watching it on the ABC channel and my pare...