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by Kalalily
Sep 16th 2003, 9:44 pm
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Topic: Username backstories
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It's my favorite flower....Spelt with a "K" is to personalize it with the first letter in my name.
by Kalalily
Sep 15th 2003, 11:18 pm
Forum: Devon Gummersall
Topic: Devon Gummersall in Felicity
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I just saw these episodes, and as well I felt it to be a totally different character than Brian. I agree they did a good job laying it out, at the end it was discouraging to see him go*little puppy dog with tail between his legs*.... :cry:
by Kalalily
Sep 15th 2003, 11:01 pm
Forum: Devon Gummersall
Topic: Devon Gummersall now
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My thoughts exactly...Except, I would have used the word "sexy"....
by Kalalily
Sep 3rd 2003, 12:05 am
Forum: FanFiction
Topic: A scene.....(I'd love opinions).....
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What about the connection......

It was a great story except for one small detail. Angela would not have dismissed the letter as something Brian "helped Jordon express". She knew what had happened and you could tell from the way they looked at each other on a sub-conscience level she fell in love with him. The Brian who had aggrava...