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by newmaks
May 25th 2003, 12:36 pm
Forum: The Show
Topic: First Impressions
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First Impression

I have to say with all honesty that MSCL eally changed my life when I was 15. I completely identified with Angela and Rayanne at the same time. In a way i really wanted them to make another series but then again one of the main reasons why were all talking about it to this day is because it was one ...
by newmaks
May 25th 2003, 12:09 pm
Forum: The Show
Topic: The End
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Low Ratings

I never understand why it had 'low ratings' either...i'm from the UK and almost every person I speak to thats my age watched my so-called life when they were 15 and look back on it as one of the best shows ever made for teenagers. None of the ones out now have ever even come close to making a teenag...