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by eugeisia
May 20th 2003, 7:01 pm
Forum: Movies and Movie Stars
Topic: Luke Skywalker and Yoda........
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i dont understand how anyone could bash lucas, yes and even about jar jar. the man has given all of us so much, yet the general public still finds slandering his newest work a joyous occasion in some instances. it seems like everyone has forgotten what its like to be a kid and accept what is. so man...
by eugeisia
May 20th 2003, 5:05 am
Forum: Music
Topic: Your Favorite/Worst Concerts or Live Shows List
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weezer makes me sick..
by eugeisia
May 20th 2003, 2:00 am
Forum: Music
Topic: Barry's Sad Bastard Music (TM)
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oh my god i love the saddies... these are must hears for all of you... please for the sake of the broken hearted download these songs

rocky votolato - victims
onelinedrawing - pollyanna

probably the two most saddest songs on the planet at this moment.. ouch, but in a good way
by eugeisia
May 20th 2003, 1:37 am
Forum: Music
Topic: What are lifers listening to these days?
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i love love love spreading good music. these are bands ive been listening to alot lately and i'll try giving a description of the style for those of you who are interested in new bands or whatever... i noticed someone above listening to mogwai and gybe! so theres gotta be at least someone interested...
by eugeisia
May 20th 2003, 1:02 am
Forum: Music
Topic: M A D O N N A
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i am not a madonna fan. i did think she was cool but i recently read how she was getting all this praise because on her last album she sang a song with no effects what so ever and how it was supposed to be monumental and ground breaking. Lame.... she also released faulty mp3's for people to download...