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by ForgiveMeLove
Mar 28th 2003, 10:46 am
Forum: The Show
Topic: Why are you like this?
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I think Jordan is frustrated because Angela makes him feel something he doesn't think he is supposed to be feeling. She makes him feel more than he is willing to. And in his mind maybe they could have fun if it wasn't all complicated by those feelings of caring, possibly love. That's a lot for anyon...
by ForgiveMeLove
Mar 26th 2003, 5:49 pm
Forum: The Show
Topic: Not sure if this is the right forum...
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Not sure if this is the right forum...

But I recently got back into the show (Gotta love the DVDs!) and I had some graphic inspiration.

I made a MSCL desktop:


Just wanted to share :wink:
by ForgiveMeLove
Mar 13th 2003, 1:23 pm
Forum: The Show
Topic: Did Angela get on your nerves at certain moments?
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Angela never "annoyed" me persay. When I watched the show when it aired...I was 15. So everything she said made perfect sense to me. I understood her ... I related to her. Now watching it back, I want to scream at the TV and tell her what to do. Not to make those inevitable teenage mistakes. But the...