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written by Anna Carrie

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Published: 31 Dec 1997 | Size: 1 KB (264 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Written by Angela

I am sitting here
just watching everyone
they all seem to be going somewhere
like in a whirl of movement
while I am just still

like Brain has this slow ordinary pace
which isn't very noticable
it never really changes
very monotonous and boring
that's his problem
he never varies or goes off track

Sharon is running in her usual manner
not running actually more hustling
like she's kind-of in a hurry
but it's not so important for here to get where she's going
I think she knows that
atleast she's moving somewhere like pretty good

Ricky is walking up the stairs
he seem slow but keeeps on moving
I think that he is kind-of scared
of something that only he knows of
but he'll make it up the stares
because he can't just stop like in the middle of them

Rayanne as usual is hopping and scurrying
she could never stay still
even if she has no where to go
she finds somewhere for herself
she seems so energized
and has this like need to travel

Jordan seems so relaxed
like he doesn't care or something
his whole body kind-of sways in this farmiliar way
slowly like in a dream
maybe he is just a moving dream
a fantasy

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