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Episode No. 21 - The Fisher-King

written by Chris Ernest Hall

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Published: 1997 | Size: 68 KB (12919 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.6/5   4.6/5 (38 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


Pan across living room, showing it to be neat and spotless as usual, until the camera stops at something of place: a pair of untied shoes lying on the floor.


shows Graham asleep on the couch in a contorted, uncomfortable position.

With a start, Graham wakes and in a moment of confusion he looks around before he remembers the night before and why he's there. Graham twists his body around and tries to get comfortable, with no success. He stares up at the ceiling.

GRAHAM (VO): I never really thought I would have to do this. I always thought husbands sleeping on the couch after a fight with their wives only happened on old TV shows.

Graham closes his eyes, then opens them again when he hears someone come down the stairs. Danielle appears, sees Graham on the couch and comes over. She looks at him reproachfully.

DANIELLE: Daddy, why are you sleeping on the couch?

GRAHAM: Uh... I... (lamely) I fell asleep, watching TV.

DANIELLE: You have a TV in your room.

Danielle gives Graham a "give me a break" expression and leaves. Graham sits up stiffly, runs his hand through his hair.


Graham, dressed in the same clothes that he slept in, exits the house into a cold, grey morning. There's a light dusting of snow on the lawn. Shivering because he's not wearing enough, Graham fumbles with his keys as he unlocks the door of his Jeep Wagoneer.


Graham jams the key in the ignition of the Wagoneer. He seems desperate, like a man trying to escape. The engine turns over slowly and dies.

GRAHAM: Come on, come on.

Graham tries again, this time more carefully, and the engine roars to life. Relief floods his face.


Brian sitting at his desk, hurriedly spooning oatmeal into his mouth and staring intently at a weighty volume of calculus.

BERNICE (O.S.): Brian! We have to leave in two minutes.

BRIAN: (with his mouth full of cereal) I know! I'm ready. (to himself) I think.

Bernice¹s voice comes again, this time from closer.

BERNICE (O.S.): And someone left you a note in the mailbox. Last night, I guess. Here you go.

Brian stops eating and reading. He turns around and sees Angela's note lying on his bed. Brian gets up from his desk, holding the calculus book and picks up the note. He opens it curiously and begins reading.

ANGELA (VO) Dear Brian-I'm not sure what to say because I have so much to say and so many questions. I know you wrote the letter Jordan Catalano gave me. I want you to know, that no matter who wrote it, that letter was the most amazing thing I've ever read. I'd really like to see you. Angela.

Brian, his face reflecting joy, disbelief and amazement, looks at the note.

BRIAN: (to himself) In ten seconds this note will self-destruct and you life will return to reality.

Brian looks again at the note and it's still there. He tosses the calculus book on the bed and hurries out of his bedroom.


Brian looking out the window towards the Chase house.


Angela leaves to catch the school bus.


Brian turns from the window and calls into the kitchen.

BRIAN: Mom, I'm just going to talk to Angela Chase for a moment.

Brian reaches for the door.

BERNICE (O.S.): Brian.

Brian stops.

BRIAN: Mom, what?

BERNICE (O.S.): We have to go. We don't want to be late.

BRIAN: But she's right there.

Brian looks again.


Angela standing, waiting for the bus.


Brian turns back to face the kitchen, his whole body aching with frustration.

BERNICE (O.S.): It's just Angela Chase-you can see her anytime.

Through the window, we see the yellow shape of the school bus pass by. Brian slumps and loses all his willpower. He takes out Angela's note and looks at it, holding it like a talisman.


Angela walking down the stairs. Sharon hurries and catches up with her.

SHARON: Angela, wait up!

ANGELA: Oh, hi.

Angela brushes the hair out of her face.

SHARON: Still speaking to me?

Angela smiles.

ANGELA: Of course.

Angela and Sharon reach the bottom of the stairs.

SHARON: So, I'm sorry about last night.

ANGELA: It's okay.

SHARON: No, seriously, it's the, like, last time I try to manage other people's lives.

ANGELA: It was just... so weird. And it's not like I'm never going to speak to Rayanne Graf again. It's like, I'll talk to her when I'm ready.

Angela suddenly gets a very distant look on her face.

SHARON: I, like, totally understand.

ANGELA: (vaguely) Yeah...


Jordan Catalano, leaning against a locker, engaged in an intense conversation with Cynthia Hargrove.


Sharon looks at Angela, wondering why she suddenly became so distant, then sees what Angela's looking at.

SHARON: Oh. Jordan Catalano.

ANGELA: Yeah. Not like I care who he talks to or anything.

SHARON: No, you don't. You know you don't, just keep telling yourself that.

Sharon looks at Angela sympathetically and puts her arm around her as they walk off in the opposite direction.


Graham standing in front of a bunch of cookbooks and cooking equipment, but not actually cooking. He looks lost and discouraged.

GRAHAM (VO): Back in the days when I had a real job, and I hating it, or Patty & I had a fight, I always told myself: even if I lose everything else, I can still cook. Now I'm not even sure if I have that.

Hallie bursts in, holding a commuter cup of coffee, briefcase held between her arm and torso, a bunch of other papers in her hand. Graham looks up, makes an attempt to smile pleasantly. Hallie looks at him, surprised.

HALLIE: You're here early.

Graham, walking stiffly, moves closer to her. Hallie puts her briefcase and papers down, still looking at Graham curiously.

HALLIE: You and Patty had a fight.

Graham looks at Hallie, baffled.

GRAHAM: Well, actually... how did you know?

HALLIE: You left the house early without taking a shower, and you're walking like you spent the night on the couch.

Graham nods, folds his arms as he leans against the counter.

HALLIE: So, what was it about?

GRAHAM: Um... I don't know how to say this, but... you. The fight was about you.

Just the slightest element of self-satisfaction shines through Hallie's genuine concern for Graham.


GRAHAM: And the restaurant.

Graham and Hallie face each other; the air is thick with unspoken messages. Hallie smiles and dismisses Patty's worries with a toss of her head.

HALLIE: She's just worried about the money.

Hallie turns and clicks open her briefcase.

GRAHAM: No, it's not that.

Hallie turns back around, questioning Graham with her eyes.

GRAHAM: Forget it, forget I said anything.

Graham gets a frustrated look on his face and retreats back behind the stovetop.

HALLIE: I brought the final papers. You ready to make it official?

Hallie looks at Graham with a triumphant smile. Graham nods, runs his hand through his hair.

GRAHAM: Yeah... actually, I was just about to go home, I'm still wearing the clothes I slept in.

HALLIE: Okay, I'll be here.

GRAHAM: What about your job?

Hallie shrugs as Graham passes her.

HALLIE: I quit.


Sharon stands in front of a layout board showing a page from the yearbook titled ³Caught In the Act². In keeping with the ³Year 2000² theme it¹s sort of high-tech looking. The photographs are the ones Brian took.

Delia enters and comes over to look at what Sharon¹s looking at.

SHARON: Some of these photographs Brian Krakow took are surprisingly good.

Delia makes a sour face at the mention of Brian¹s name.


SHARON: I know you¹re going to laugh; in fact, you should laugh, but now that he¹s gone I sort of miss him. He would always do what I told him to.

DELIA: I don¹t.

Sharon looks at Delia seriously.

SHARON: It's my fault.

Delia gives Sharon a puzzled look.

DELIA: What's your fault?

SHARON: You, him, I mean, the whole mess. I set you up with him because I thought it was lame the way he worshipped Angela Chase. I was trying to manage everyone's life, and I just ended up making everything worse.

Delia looks at Sharon, very surprised.

DELIA: You never told me that.

SHARON: I should have. He's gone, now, it doesn't matter. (briskly) Did you get that list from Mr. Rinaldi?

Delia nods, mechanically hands the list to Sharon as she thinks about what Sharon's revealed to her.


Camille and Patty, both eating salads, face each other over the small round table in the corner of a delicatessen.

CAMILLE: I told you... I told you from day one she was trouble.

Patty nods.

PATTY: I know, I know you did, but right now I don't need "I told you so"'s, I need advice.

CAMILLE: You promise to listen? And do exactly what I say?

PATTY: I promise to listen.

Camille gestures at Patty with her fork.

CAMILLE: Look, you have to be tough. Graham admitted the attraction exists. He can't be trusted with this person.

PATTY: So what do I say?

CAMILLE: He has to choose. It's either you or the restaurant.

PATTY: That seems very drastic.

CAMILLE: Patty, you have a right to not feel like you always have a competitor around.

PATTY: I know, but... this restaurant means a lot to Graham. Even I have my doubts, I don't know if I want to stop him.

CAMILLE: It's alright for him to cook-just not for a woman that he's having an affair with.

PATTY: He didn't say he was having an affair. Only that he was attracted.

Camille looks at Patty like "think about it". Patty puts down her fork.

PATTY: You're right, I have to be tough. Tough and fair.


Rickie leans against the counter under the mirror and looks seriously at Angela.

ANGELA: I've never heard them fight like that.

Rickie looks at Angela with concern.

RICKIE: What do you think's going to happen?

ANGELA: I don't know. Danielle said my dad spent the night on the couch.

A toilet flushes. The door to one of the stalls opens. Rayanne exits. She is still dressed relatively conservatively, her hair long, brown and undecorated.

RICKIE: (to Rayanne) Hey.


Rayanne looks at Angela. Angela nods cursorily.

RAYANNE: Angela, I just want you to know, that I had no idea that when Sharon invited me to her house, that you would be there too. I just thought she was being nice.

Angela tries to shrug it off.

ANGELA: (quickly) That's okay, I mean, that's totally fine. It was Sharon's idea, so just forget about it.

Angela and Rayanne both look away, but then look back as both are drawn to each other. Rickie watches, wondering what's gong to happen.

RAYANNE: So, your folks, they had a fight?

Angela nods, still not looking Rayanne in the eye.

RAYANNE: I don't now if you care, but... I know how bad it feels, to hear your mom and dad yelling at each other.

Rayanne looks down.

RAYANNE: When I was little, that was the sound I heard every night before I went to sleep. Until my dad took off.

ANGELA: Really?


Rayanne looks vulnerably at Angela, who is touched. Both look sympathetically at each other for the first time. Rickie looks, so nervous he can barely breathe.

RAYANNE: Anyway, I hope it all works out. Because you're, like, the only person I know whose parents are still married. And, I know I shouldn't admit this, but I think it's cool. Because they still love each other.

Rickie looks amazed at what Rayanne's saying as Angela nods.

ANGELA: (quietly) I hope they do too.

RAYANNE: Anyway... I don't want to be late to class.

ANGELA: Since when do you worry about being late?

Rayanne smiles shyly at Angela, then leaves. Angela and Rickie look at each other.

ANGELA: That was so weird... what she said was so, like... nice.

RICKIE: I think she's really trying, Angela.

ANGELA: Yeah...

Angela looks at the door thoughtfully.


Hallie gestures to a bunch of legal-looking documents, lying in a row on the counter.

HALLIE: So, there they are.

GRAHAM: Yes, there they are.

HALLIE: You need a pen?

Graham thinks for a moment.

GRAHAM: You know, maybe... maybe I should check with Patty.

Hallie loses her patience and throws the pen down on the counter.

HALLIE: Graham, you think too much! Way, way, way too much.

Hallie's pen rolls across the counter. Just before it falls off, she catches it.

GRAHAM: I know, you're right. You're completely right.

Hallie gestures at Graham with the pen.

HALLIE: What's stopping you?

GRAHAM: I just want to make sure Patty's absolutely in line with everything...

HALLIE: She agreed! She said it was fine.

GRAHAM: I know, but that was before...

HALLIE: Before what?


GRAHAM (VO): I will now be honest and direct, and firm, beginning now.

Hallie looks at Graham, wondering what he's getting at. The silence is broken by a car alarm.

HALLIE: Graham, just do it. I believe in you. My butt is just as much on the line as yours is-I don't even have a job anymore! Are you in, or out?

Graham opens his mouth, closes it.

GRAHAM: I'm in.

Hallie smiles triumphantly and offers Graham her pen.

GRAHAM: No, I got one right here.

Graham starts to sign, stops and shakes the pen. He tries it once again, stops.


Hallie hands Graham her pen.

GRAHAM: Thanks.

Graham signs the document, then hands the pen back to Hallie. She extends her hand.

HALLIE: Partner.

GRAHAM: Partner.

Graham and Hallie shake hands. Hallie smiles, absolutely sure of herself, while Graham tries to mimic her expression with less success.


Danielle runs to the door, looks in the peephole, then opens it. Brian Krakow stands on the front porch with an affable grin.



BRIAN: (babbling) I... I'm here because I got this, like, note from Angela, amazingly enough, that said she wanted to talk to me and­

DANIELLE: She's not home.

Brian seems slightly relieved to hear this.

BRIAN: (babbling) Oh, well, as soon as she comes home tonight, could you tell her that I'm going to be at my house, like, all night, and she can come over any time...

Danielle nods, looks up at Brian with a "how can you speak of Angela when you know we're meant for each other" look. Brian gets even more nervous under Danielle's gaze.

BRIAN: (blurts out) So how are you?

DANIELLE: Fine. Bye.

Danielle shuts the door in Brian's face.




Graham and Neil are playing pool in a smoky bar.

NEIL: (with deep concern) Marla bought a copy of Modern Bride magazine.

Graham looks at Neil, amused.

GRAHAM (VO): My brother has been running away from commitment ever since I can remember. Sometimes I envy him.

NEIL: We got in this huge fight because I wouldn't let her read it in my apartment. We broke up, but only for a few hours.

GRAHAM (VO): But most of the time I don't.

Graham smiles to himself as he lines up a shot.

NEIL: What about you and Patty? You said you had a fight?


Graham takes his shot, misses it.

NEIL: Over what? Wait, let me guess... that Hallie Lowenthal girl.

GRAHAM: Yep. (beat) Your shot.

Neil bends over and looks down his cue.

NEIL: I could see that one coming a mile away. She is a looker.

Neil, still bent over, glances up and gives Graham a significant look.


Neil starts taking his shot.

GRAHAM: And I as much as admitted that to Patty.

NEIL: That she's attractive?

GRAHAM: That I'm attracted.

As a result of Graham's revelation, Neil completely blows his shot.

NEIL: You did what?

Graham nods.

NEIL: Well, no wonder you had a fight.

Neil shakes his head as Graham circles the table, checking the situation.

GRAHAM: You didn't leave me with much.

NEIL: Why did you do that?

GRAHAM: I don't know... I felt like she was being so irrational... the thing is, I knew nothing was ever going to happen with Hallie, so it was alright to tell Patty.

NEIL: But you're still going to start a restaurant with this woman that you've admitted to your wife you find attractive?

Graham takes a difficult shot and makes it.

NEIL: Good-

The cue ball then hits the bumper and shoots back across the table straight for corner pocket by Neil. Neil catches the ball just before it falls in.

NEIL: Scratch. Too bad.

Neil places the cue ball back on the table.

GRAHAM: To answer your question, yes.

NEIL: Graham, you've got a good thing going. Great wife, nice kids. Why blow it with this restaurant scheme?

As Neil circles the table, he gestures at Graham with the pool cue. He stops and selects an easy shot.

GRAHAM: You're assuming the same thing Patty is. Just because I'm doing this restaurant with Hallie, we're going to end up sleeping together.

Neil makes the shot.

GRAHAM: The two things are completely unrelated.

Still bent over, Neil looks up at Graham.

NEIL: Because. That's what happens.

Neil makes another shot.

GRAHAM: I'm not going to jeopardize my marriage. I love Patty. And I could never do that to Angela, and Danielle.

Neil is now set up to shoot the eight ball. He points to a pocket across the table, right by Graham.

NEIL: Far right corner.

Graham nods. Neil aims the cue stick, shoots and sends the cue ball straight across the table, just tapping the final ball and sending it into the pocket.

NEIL: You owe me a beer.

Neil goes around the table, right next to Graham.

NEIL: Look, I know you think you'll be able to control yourself-but you won't. Trust me. You've got a good life as it is.

GRAHAM: Maybe you're right. Maybe it is too much of a risk.

Graham puts down two quarters on the rim of the pool table.

GRAHAM: I want a rematch.


Graham enters the kitchen. Patty faces him squarely. Danielle, sitting at the kitchen table, pretends to do homework.

PATTY: So where have you been?

GRAHAM: Shooting pool with Neil. Lost every game.

Patty nods. The tension in the room is palpable, however, with Danielle there neither will come out and say what's on their mind. Angela enters from upstairs.

ANGELA: Mom, have you seen­

Angela notices Graham with surprise, feels the tension in the room.

ANGELA: (coolly) Oh, hi, dad.


PATTY: (business-like, to Graham) Are you going to cook tonight, or should we just order out?

GRAHAM: Oh... can we just get pizza, or something? I've been in the kitchen all day.

Patty assents with another nod of her head. Angela glances at the message board by the phone then turns to the rest of her family.

ANGELA: Did Brian Krakow stop by today?

Danielle gives Angela a self-satisfied look which Angela doesn't notice. Meanwhile Graham is wilting underneath Patty's direct gaze. Patty breaks off from Graham and smiles pleasantly at Angela.

PATTY: Not that I know of.

Graham, grateful for anything that distracts Patty from him, shrugs at Angela and shakes his head "no". Danielle smiles to herself as she continues to pretend to work on her homework. Angela is puzzled and slightly hurt by Brian's seeming failure to make contact with her.

ANGELA: Oh. That's weird.

Silence falls, during which Graham and Patty give each other looks, the tension increases.

DANIELLE: I got an "A" on my Native Americans test.

Graham and Patty, both eager for something other than each other to focus on, turn to Danielle with smiles.

PATTY: Let me see!

Danielle passes her a sheet with her teacher's comments and a big red A.

GRAHAM: Danielle, that's great!

Danielle ignores Graham and basks in Patty's attention. Unnoticed, Angela leaves the room. Patty smiles meanly at Graham and holds up Danielle's test paper, pointing to the red A.

PATTY: (to Graham, pointedly) See.


Graham stands in front of Patty with a hangdog expression.

PATTY: (like she's rehearsed what she's saying) Look, I've thought about this a lot. After what you... told me, I'm just not comfortable with the idea, of you running a restaurant with this... woman.

GRAHAM: Hallie.

PATTY: Yes, Hallie Lowenthal.

GRAHAM: Patty, I know, I understand, but...

PATTY: No buts. Let me be totally clear.

Patty takes a deep breath.

PATTY: (voice shaking with emotion) You have to make a choice. It's either me or the restaurant.

Graham looks at her, stunned.

GRAHAM (VO): I guess now wouldn't be a good time to tell her I already signed final papers.

Graham looks around himself like there's going to be some resolution to the crisis lying around somewhere, then takes a deep breath.

GRAHAM: I'm not sure that's... completely fair, I mean...

PATTY: Who's talking about fair? You admitted you were attracted to this woman.

GRAHAM: Well, I was... but that's not important, I'm not just about to go off and... sleep with her because of it.

PATTY: How can I know?

Patty gives Graham a fierce, proud look to hide her inner pain.

PATTY: How can I know? When you'll be spending so much time with her, and cooking for her...

Graham sees Patty's deep distress breaking through and passes a hand wearily through his thinning hair.

GRAHAM: I just don't want to fight about it anymore.

PATTY: So you'll tell her.

Graham nods, looking like a man who's lost all hope. Patty goes in the bathroom as Graham looks out the window, consumed with self-loathing.

GRAHAM (VO): I am totally incapable of standing up for myself. I wonder if it's medically possible to get a backbone transplant.


Angela leaves the house to catch the school bus.


At the same time, Brian leaves his house on his bike, a saxophone case strung over his shoulder.


Angela sees Brian leaving on his bike. At the same time, Brian notices Angela. Angela and Brian look at each other, both wondering why the other has made no notion to contact them. When Angela and Brian each realize that the other isn't going to make the first move, they turn away.

Angela stands at the bus stop, a hurt expression on her face.

Brian pedals away with a grim, self-controlled look.


Angela walks down the hall, alone. The crowds of students part and she sees Jordan Catalano again engaged in an intense tete-a-tete with Cynthia Hargrove. Angela, stung, ducks into the girl's bathroom.


Angela interrupts a typical Rayanne and Rickie gossip session.

RICKIE: That's what Tino's been doing?

RAYANNE: Shhh, shhh... no one must now.

Rayanne and Rickie look around and realize that it was Angela who just entered.

ANGELA: Oh, hi.


Rayanne instantly notices Angela's flushed countenance.

RAYANNE: You look like you're about to be sick.

ANGELA: I just saw Jordan Catalano...

Rickie and Rayanne look at each other as Angela pauses.

ANGELA: Talking to Cynthia Hargrove.

Rayanne gestures to the sink as if inviting Angela to throw up there.

RAYANNE: In that case, be my guest.

ANGELA: (miserably) I wish I could.

RAYANNE: What can you say about Catalano? Not only is he reading disabled, he's got a attention deficit syndrome, too.

RICKIE: (to Rayanne) You would know about that, wouldn't you?


Angela is not paying any attention to their banter as she looks at herself in the mirror, her lower lip starting to tremble. Self-pity wells up deep within her.

ANGELA: (to herself in mirror) Is there something wrong with me?

Rickie and Rayanne realize how upset Angela is.

RICKIE: What's wrong, seriously?

Angela turns to Rickie.

ANGELA: Is there something in me, that makes guys incapable of caring?

Rayanne approaches closer to Angela, deep concern for Angela in her eyes.

RAYANNE: Angela, what happened? Don't let Catalano get to you, he's just being... Jordan Catalano.

ANGELA: I wrote Brian this note, asking him to talk to me, and he totally ignored it.

Rayanne doesn't understand who Angela is referring to.

RAYANNE: Brian?...

RICKIE: Krakow.

Rayanne looks at Rickie questioningly, finding it hard to believe that Angela is getting so worked up about something Brian Krakow did.

RICKIE: (to Rayanne) It's a long story.

Rayanne turns back to Angela.

RAYANNE: This is about Brian Krakow?

ANGELA: Yes, I mean, him and Jordan, and I don't know...

RAYANNE: Angelika, don't cry.

ANGELA: (through tears) I'm not crying! I'm just... confused, or something. I just don't understand.

Rayanne closes the gap between herself and Angela and gives her a hug. When Rickie sees that Angela accepts Rayanne's comforting of her, he backs away slightly, fascinated.

RAYANNE: (into Angela's ear) Angela, it's not that people don't love you. It's that they, like, love you too much.

Angela looks into Rayanne's eyes.

ANGELA: You think?

RAYANNE: They love you so much, it hurts, and it makes them go off and do crazy things... things that make no sense.

Rayanne backs away and points to herself.

RAYANNE: Meet exhibit A... moi.

Angela and Rayanne smile at each other and hug again.


Hallie faces Graham angrily, hands on her hips.

HALLIE: So that's it?

Graham looks away apologetically.

GRAHAM: Afraid so.

HALLIE: You realize you already signed.

Graham looks up, nods.

GRAHAM: Is there anyway that can be, like, undone, or something?

HALLIE: I gave the papers to the bank.

Graham's face falls.

HALLIE: Anyway, that's not the point. (beat) I just can't believe you would let your wife force you out.

GRAHAM: (exploding) What can I do? She said it's either her or the restaurant.

Hallie weathers Graham's anger and waits for a second as he calms down.

HALLIE: You know, I have this theory...

GRAHAM (VO): Oh no.

HALLIE: About you. The first time I met you, I wondered: this guy's an amazing cook, he's intelligent, he doesn't smell bad, what's he doing taking a cooking class, for pete's sake? Then I met Patty, and I understood.

GRAHAM: Now, wait-

Hallie holds up her hand.

HALLIE: Shhh. Let me finish. to be perfectly honest, I think Patty's been holding you back.

Hallie shrugs.

HALLIE: Maybe not consciously, but...

Graham grimaces.

GRAHAM: You could have a point.

HALLIE: You want to do this. I know you do.

Graham nods with growing conviction.

HALLIE: Tell her.

GRAHAM: I'll go right now.

Graham turns to leave, just as he reaches the door, Hallie speaks to him.

HALLIE: Graham, you know, I can find another man easily. But it'd be really hard to find another chef-as good as you.

Hallie and Graham smile at each other, then Graham leaves.


Graham greets Patty as she steps out of the printing press. A corner of her trench-coat flap in the wind as she talks to Graham.


Graham and Patty sit in the front of Graham's Jeep, Graham in the driver's seat, Patty on the passenger side.

PATTY: Cozy...

Graham smiles quickly.


Graham and Patty look at each other, neither wanting to be the one to start the conversation.

PATTY: So, you decided?

GRAHAM: Yes... and no.

Patty rolls her eyes.

GRAHAM: Wait, just let me say something, before you totally reject me.

PATTY: Okay.

GRAHAM: I decided... I decided, that I don't want to decide.

Patty has to almost hold her eyes to stop from rolling them again.

GRAHAM: And I don't want to be forced to.

Graham opens his mouth to say more, Patty cuts in.

PATTY: (incisively) Graham, I know-

Graham gives her a fierce look.

GRAHAM: Let me finish.

Patty looks at Graham, surprised.

PATTY: Sorry.

GRAHAM: All this, this is something we should have talked about long ago.

Graham rests his hands on the steering wheel and looks forward.

GRAHAM: Maybe what I'm asking from you isn't fair. I just feel like I have to, for my sake.

Still resting his hands on the steering wheel, Graham turns to Patty. Her eyes are cast down.

GRAHAM: I mean, I don't think it's fair for you ask me to give up the restaurant.

Patty looks up at him, her lips set in a line.

GRAHAM: I know you want me to because of Hallie... I told you I found her attractive.

Graham looks up into the rearview mirror.

GRAHAM: I guess I thought I could tell you, because it wasn't an issue anymore.

Patty looks up at glances quickly at Graham, trying to figure out what he means.

PATTY: How can you say that? When you go on about her like you do?

GRAHAM: I know. And I've resolved to stop doing it. It's just that...

Graham searches for the right words.

GRAHAM: There's this one thing I really like about her.

PATTY: Which is?

GRAHAM: She believes in me.

Patty loses her patience with Graham.

PATTY: (angry & defensive) Now that's completely unfair. (more moderate) I've always given you support.

GRAHAM: (searchingly) But do you?

Patty looks forward through the windshield.

GRAHAM: Maybe you're just too smart to believe in me. (beat) I swear to God I'm not interested in Hallie Lowenthal... it was just, nice... it was nice to have someone who believed in me one hundred percent.

Patty faces Graham with a fierce, threatened look.

PATTY: I tried, Graham, I really tried, but a restaurant is so risky.

GRAHAM: I know. But this might be my only chance, to do the thing I really love.

Patty looks at Graham sympathetically.

GRAHAM: Good restaurants just don't hire cooks with no experience when they're forty years old. Patty, you really like your job, even when you complain about it, I know you like what you do. I've never had a job I loved. I wish hanging around the house and putting up wallpaper was enough, but...

PATTY: I know. It would drive me crazy, too.

Patty touches Graham's hand and smiles gently.

PATTY: I never knew I had such an influence on you.

GRAHAM: I didn't, either.

PATTY: What made you figure it out?

GRAHAM: Actually, it was this theory of Hallie Lowenthal's.

Patty looks at Graham sharply.

GRAHAM: What can I say? She's a very perceptive person.

PATTY: It seems that way.

Graham turns the key in the ignition, the engine roars to life.

GRAHAM: So, are you hungry?

PATTY: Very.

GRAHAM: I know this great restaurant...

Patty and Graham look at each other and laugh. They lean over and kiss each other passionately.


Rayanne, out of breath, catches up with Angela.

RAYANNE: Angela, wait up!

ANGELA: Rayanne, hi...

RAYANNE: Hey. You going to Katimski's later on?

ANGELA: Yeah, are you?

RAYANNE: Yeah, but first...

Rayanne swings her hair dramatically, almost hitting Angela.

RAYANNE: I'm getting my hair dyed!

Rayanne grabs Angela's arm.

RAYANNE: Come with me!

ANGELA: I've got homework, really, I can't.

RAYANNE: Come on!

Rayanne bounds off, stops and turns.

RAYANNE: I'm thinking about black.

Angela is stunned. She starts to follow Rayanne.

ANGELA: What?! Oh my God, black?

RAYANNE: Come on, let's go!

Rayanne runs off, Angela hesitates, then runs after her. When Rayanne sees that Angela is following, she slows and they meet. They run together, arm in arm.


Graham exits the house and starts walking down the front walk. He steps lightly, as if a huge weight has been taken off his shoulders. He sees Brian Krakow, riding around on his bike in his accustomed fashion.

Brian sees Graham and stops.

GRAHAM: (cheerfully) Oh, hey, Brian.

BRIAN: (less cheerful) Hi.

Brian looks at Graham. Graham takes his keys out and is about to unlock the door of the Wagoneer, still feeling Brian¹s eyes on him.

GRAHAM: Brian? Something you wanted to ask me?

BRIAN: I got this note from Angela.

Graham smiles slightly.

GRAHAM: Really?

BRIAN: Did she, like, ask about me?

GRAHAM: Yeah, actually, she did. She seemed surprised that you hadn't come over to talk to her.

Brian's face lights up.

BRIAN: So Danielle didn't tell her...

GRAHAM: Guess not. She left a message-she's at Mr. Katimski's house.

BRIAN: I'd better go.

Brian mounts his bike, starts to push down on the pedals. Graham smiles to himself, again starts to unlock the Wagoneer¹s door, then remembers something.

GRAHAM: Wait, Brian.

Brian stops, turns.

GRAHAM: If you see her, could you remind her to bring the wine glass home?

Brian nods quickly.

BRIAN: Sure, bye.

Brian speeds off as Graham unlocks the door of the Wagoneer.


Brian gets off his bike, out of breath, and leaves it leaning against a tree. He approaches the front door. From inside we hear loud, enthusiastic laughter and voices.

Brian looks as if he'd rather be anywhere else than there, but nevertheless rings the doorbell.

VOICES: (as one) Come in!


A room full of high school students, many of them juniors and seniors, stare at Brian, all with the same expression: "who are you?" Included in the faces is one belonging to Delia Fisher, who studiously ignores him.


shows Brian standing awkwardly in a corner of the living room, trying to see if Angela is there.

BRIAN: Uh, hi.

Mr. Katimski smiles kindly at Brian.

MR. KATIMSKI: Brian, hello, welcome! Did you have a... question for us?

BRIAN: Actually, I was looking for Angela Chase.

MR. KATIMSKI: Angela Chase, Angela Chase... (to himself, sing-song) The chase for Angela Chase.

With an wildly enthusiastic smile, Mr. Katimski's eyes dart all around the living room, looking for Angela.

STUDENT: She's not here.

Mr. Katimski throws up his hands.

MR. KATIMSKI: Oh, gee whiz, that's too bad.

Brian starts to back out of the room.

MR. KATIMSKI: Wait, Brian, why don't you...

With an briefly agonized look, Mr. Katimski searches for the perfect words to suit the situation.

MR. KATIMSKI: (in a rush) ...stay and join in.

BRIAN: Well, no, I mean, I'm not a student at Liberty High anymore.

MR. KATIMSKI: Oh, I promise not to tell.

Brian looks at Mr. Katimski, puzzled. During their exchange the other students have stopped paying attention and begun their own conversations.

Mr. Katimski approaches closer to Brian.

BRIAN: Oh, before I go... I was wondering. Is there, like, an old wine glass that belongs to Angela Chase here?

MR. KATIMSKI: Oh, gee, I remember that. I've been meaning to...

Mr. Katimski appears to search his mind for the correct phrasing, then finds it and smiles.

MR. KATIMSKI: Bring it to school. Delia-

Delia, who has been pretending to ignore their conversation while paying attention to every word, starts.

DELIA: Yes, Mr. Katimski?

MR. KATIMSKI: You know where the wine glass is, the one that Rickie borrowed... could you find it for Brian?

DELIA: (reluctantly) Sure.

Brian and Delia, both giving the other looks full of trepidation, head for the kitchen.

Mr. Katimski claps his hands.

MR. KATIMSKI: (to the rest of the students) Okay, where were we?



Delia reaches into a cupboard and pulls out Graham's wine cup. She holds it out to him, he reaches out nervously for it with one hand, nearly fumbles it.

DELIA: (accusingly) It's fragile. Don't break it.

BRIAN: (quickly) I won't.

Brian cradles the cup carefully with both hands.

DELIA: So, there, you have it...

Delia moves away from Brian, but at the same time looks at him strangely, not quite with her usual distant hostility. Brian takes a deep breath.

BRIAN: Look... you completely hate me, and that's fine. I did an undefendable thing, and that's that.

DELIA: Sharon Cherski told me something... about you.

BRIAN: (defensively) It couldn't have been nice.

DELIA: Actually... I mean, it was. (reproachfully) She's a very nice person.

BRIAN: (reflexively) Sorry.

DELIA: I just want to say, I know what the situation was... for you. It still hurts, but at least I understand...

Brian looks at Delia, baffled.

DELIA: She told me about you, and Angela.

Brian starts, uneasy about his feelings.

BRIAN: I mean, I guess, that's true. I was, am, in love with her.

Brian looks surprised that he actually admitted it out loud. He and Delia look at each other, now able to understand each other, and sympathetic. In the background we hear the drama students playing the "question game", where people have to go around in a circle and keep asking questions very quickly.

DELIA: So this wine glass is Angela's?

BRIAN: No, actually, it's her dad's. I'm sort of doing him a favor. I mean, as long as I'm here.

DELIA: Oh. Well, that's nice of you.

A huge outburst of shouts and laughter from the living room.

DELIA: I need to get back to the meeting.

BRIAN: Okay.


Mr. Katimski presiding over the drama club. Everyone is laughing and out of breath. Delia joins her friends in the club while Brian edges along, preparing to leave. Mr. Katimski sees Brian trying to sneak out.


Brian turns as Mr. Katimski adopts an intense look of concentration, as if he¹s trying to remember Brian¹s name.

MR. KATIMSKI: Brian. (beat) You¹re sure you won¹t stay?

Before Brian can answer, the doorbell rings.

MR. KATIMSKI: (shouting towards door) Come in!

The door opens, revealing Jordan Catalano, who stops shyly, not wanting to deal with the crowded room. He sees Brian, notes very quickly the unusual wine cup with a puzzled expression.

JORDAN: (to Brian) Hey.

BRIAN: Hey. What are you doing here?

MR. KATIMSKI: (half to himself) Well, gee whiz, this is like a play. (to Jordan) Jordan. Good to see you. You¹re looking for Angela, too?

Jordan nods and approaches closer to his English teacher.

JORDAN: (to both Mr. Katimski and Brian) Is she here?

Brian and Mr. Katimski shakes his head no.

JORDAN: Oh, never mind... sorry.

Jordan sees all the people in the living room, staring at them, and becomes embarrassed and slightly defensive.


Brian, standing with the wine glass, trying to figure out how he¹s going to bike home while keeping the cup from breaking. Jordan Catalano is about to get in his car when he looks back at Brian. A few snowflakes drift down through the night.


Brian looks up.

JORDAN: You want a ride or something?


Jordan puts his car in park outside the Chase house.

BRIAN: Thanks for the ride.

JORDAN: Yeah, no problem.

BRIAN: Why were you looking for Angela?

JORDAN: Graf... you know, Rayanne Graf?

BRIAN: I know her.

JORDAN: She said Angela saw me talking to Cynthia Hargrove. I just... didn¹t want her to get the wrong idea... we were just talking about, like, nothing.


Brian looks at Jordan, with some respect.

JORDAN: Whatever.

Brian starts to get out of the car

BRIAN: Thanks for the ride.

Jordan gets out of the car and goes around to open the trunk.

JORDAN: If you see Angela, could you tell her... just so she knows.

Jordan hefts the bike out and sets it down as Brian watches, holding Graham¹s wine cup.

BRIAN: Yeah.

JORDAN: Thanks. See you around.

Jordan gets in his car and speeds off as Brian looks after him, holding his bike with one hand and the wine cup in the other.


Patty, appearing very hurried, opens the door, dressed formally, and sees Brian Krakow standing, bearing the cup carefully, presenting a strange tableau.

PATTY: Brian... I... hello.


Brian presents her with the wine cup. She stares at it, like ³what are you doing with that?²

PATTY: Why do you have that?

BRIAN: I got it from Mr. Katimski¹s house.

Patty frowns, trying to figure out how Angela¹s English teacher figures into it.

BRIAN: Rickie left it there. Mr. Chase asked me to get it, because I happened to-

Danielle passes behind Patty, who reaches out to stop her.

PATTY: Now, wait, Danielle, I have to braid your hair.

DANIELLE: (whining) I want to wear my hair down.

Danielle notices Brian standing in the doorway. She instantly adopts a more grown-up pose.

DANIELLE: I don¹t think braids suit me.

Brian gestures with the cup.

BRIAN: So, anyway, I brought-

Patty is paying no attention to him, still focused on DANIELLE

PATTY: Danielle, this is a very special night for your father. Don¹t you want to look your best?

BRIAN: Uh...

DANIELLE: I just don¹t want to.

PATTY: Fine, we¹re already late. Let¹s go.

Patty turns to leave, encounters Brian still standing in the doorway.

PATTY: Brian, I¹m sorry. I forgot you were here. What did you want?

BRIAN: The cup. Graham wanted it.

PATTY: He¹s at the restaurant. I know he needs it.

Patty holds up her hands, trying to figure out what to do.

PATTY: Oh, whatever. Come with us.

Patty bustles out, followed by Danielle. Brian stands, now quite understanding Patty.

PATTY: Well, come on!

Brian starts walking out with them, still holding the cup.


People entering the restaurant, all set up for business, with menus posted and a sign reading Brasserie Les Trois Rivieres.


Tables are set, people milling around, eating hors d¹oeuvres, having drinks. Amongst the crowd we see Camille and Andy Cherski, Hallie¹s ex-fiancé, Brad, Neil and a woman with him whom he may safely assume is Marla.

Hallie Lowenthal is working the crowd, greeting people and paying particular attention to some people in the crowd wearing expensive tailored suits-the investors.


Graham¹s back is turned to the stove. Rayanne quickly dips a spoon into one of the steaming pots

ANGELA: Rayanne!

Graham turns back around, sees what Rayanne¹s doing.

GRAHAM: Hey, hey, hey, stop!

Rayanne licks the spoon.

RAYANNE: Mmmmmm. Oh my God, this is so good.

GRAHAM: It¹s not quite done yet...

Graham takes a taste.

GRAHAM: Wow, that is good.

RAYANNE: Told you.

Hallie enters in a fever pitch of excitement.

HALLIE: Everyone¹s here, everyone came!

GRAHAM: Fantastic.


Patty and Danielle enter the restaurant, followed by Brian. Camille sees Patty and waves ³hi², immediately coming over to her. Patty and Camille hug.

PATTY: I¹m so glad you¹re here.

CAMILLE: I must say... the restaurant looks very nice.

Brian stands around, left out of their conversation. He looks around, trying to see if Angela is there.

BRIAN: (to Patty) I¹m just going to-

Patty is paying no attention. Danielle looks up at Brian.

DANIELLE: It¹s no use.

Brian smiles at her.

PATTY: Is Andy here?

CAMILLE: Yes, he decided at the last moment to suspend his diet for one night. Apparently this restaurant is pro-butter.

Patty laughs as Brian wanders off towards the kitchen.


Graham still cooking up a storm. Angela and Rayanne are gone. Brian enters. Graham looks up, smiles pleasantly and sees that Brian has brought the cup.

GRAHAM: The cup. You found it.

BRIAN: I happened to go to Mr. Katimski¹s house.

GRAHAM: Thanks, Brian, thanks a lot. You can just set it there-

Graham gestures with his head as his hands continue to dice vegetables. Brian sets the cup down by some bottles of expensive looking wine, then turns back to face Graham.

BRIAN: Is Angela here?

GRAHAM: Yeah, she is. She¹s in back, hiding with Rayanne.

BRIAN: Oh, I guess... I¹ll talk to her later.

Graham gives Brian a fatherly smile.

GRAHAM: No, you should go now.

BRIAN: You¹re right.

Brian heads toward the rear door of the kitchen.


Rayanne and Angela, sitting on huge bags of rice and potatoes, talking.

ANGELA: So, Sharon¹s watching A River Runs Through It for, like, the tenth time.

RAYANNE: With Kyle?

ANGELA: Of course.

Brian appears in the doorway. For a moment, he says nothing, and neither Angela nor Rayanne notice him.

BRIAN: Uh, hi.

Angela and Rayanne both look up, startled. Rayanne gets her typically evil, flirtatious look on her face. However, Brian pays no attention, as intense feelings pass between himself and Angela.

RAYANNE: (with a breathless Southern accent) So, Brian Krakow, you¹ve fahnally come for me.

Rayanne narrows his eyes as she sees that Brian is paying no attention, and neither is Angela.

ANGELA: Hi, Brian.

Brian enters the doorway.

BRIAN: Hi. Your mom invited me.

ANGELA: I¹m glad.

Angela smiles up at him. When Rayanne feels the intensity of emotion passing between them, she gets uncomfortable and stands.

RAYANNE: Uh, maybe I¹ll get some more food. if you guys, like, want to be alone... or something.

Angela nods, then realizes what Rayanne just said.

ANGELA: (to Rayanne) No, wait, you don¹t have to...

Rayanne leaves the pantry, smiling strangely at both of them. Brian takes Rayanne¹s place on a bag of potatoes. For a moment, neither say anything, not knowing where to start.


Rayanne exits the kitchen, still deep in thought, trying to figure out exactly what is going on with Brian and Angela.

Rayanne goes over to where Danielle is sitting by herself at a table, looking supremely bored while Patty and Camille gab over a bottle of wine.

PATTY: Rayanne, hi...

RAYANNE: Hi, Patty.

Camille gives Rayanne a searching look.

PATTY: Danielle, why don¹t you run and find Angela.

RAYANNE: (quickly) Uh, Angela¹s busy.

Patty and Camille look at Rayanne sharply.

RAYANNE: She¹s like, finding something in the pantry.

Patty shrugs.

RAYANNE: (to Danielle) Come on, let¹s find some more of those little french pot-sticker things.


Danielle gets up from her seat and follows Rayanne over to where the hors d¹oeuvres are being served.

DANIELLE: Where¹s Angela really?

RAYANNE: (casually) Making out with Brian Krakow.

Danielle looks up at Rayanne with complete disbelief. Rayanne almost cracks up but manages to hold her serious expression.

RAYANNE: (conspiratorially) Don¹t tell your mom.

Rayanne takes a bite. She and Danielle look at each other until both break into laughter.


Patty enters.

GRAHAM: Hey, you¹re here. Welcome to Trois Rivieres.

PATTY: Very clever name. I wonder if anyone will figure it out.

Graham shrugs.

GRAHAM: We wanted something French, and we couldn¹t think of anything else.

As Patty comes closer to Graham, she takes a deep sniff of the kitchen¹s steamy air.

PATTY: Smells wonderful in here.

Graham pauses in his cooking and gives Patty a kiss.

GRAHAM: Where have you been?

PATTY: Talking to Camille.

GRAHAM: And drinking some wine.

PATTY: I know, and on an empty stomach. I¹ve learned my lesson, though-I¹m drinking the rest of the night.

GRAHAM: Well, after you taste the Œ85 Togni Hallie and I picked out for the head table.

PATTY: Oh, you and Hallie? Who else is sitting there?

GRAHAM: Us... of course, you and I, Angela, Danielle, Neil, Marla, Camille, Andy, Hallie and... Brad.

PATTY: I thought I saw him here.

GRAHAM: Apparently he resurfaced. That¹s how Brads are.

Patty giggles at Graham. They look at each other intensely, then begin a kiss which becomes very passionate. Behind them, something on the stove starts bubbling over. Graham opens one eye and sees it.

GRAHAM: Oh no, oh no...

With one hand, Graham reaches out and deals with the stove, as he continues to kiss Patty.



³...this time, Margarita, you need not trouble yourself. Everything will turn out right. That¹s what the world is built on.²

Mikhail Bulgakov ‹ The Master & Margarita


Hallie enters the kitchen, opens her mouth to say something, then stops. Graham and Patty are still kissing passionately, oblivious to Hallie¹s entrance. Hallie regards them, a slight glimmer of sadness crosses her face. She slips through the kitchen unnoticed and goes out the back door.


Hallie comes into the doorway and stops when she sees Angela and Brian sitting together. She looks at them, instantly feels the emotional tension between them.

HALLIE: (slightly embarrassed) Hi.

Angela and Brian look up at Hallie, also embarrassed.


BRIAN: Um... hello.

An awkward pause as both parties try to figure out what the other¹s doing. Hallie lets out a big breath, looks at them nervously.

HALLIE: Hello.

Hallie smiles at Brian and Angela, seeming vulnerable yet distant.

HALLIE: I¹m just getting some salt... for the salt shakers.

Brian looks away from Hallie, his shyness overcoming him.

BRIAN: Oh...

HALLIE: (to Angela) Are you Angela?

Angela nods, tilts her head and flashes a brief, radiant smile.

HALLIE: (wistfully) Your father... your father is... an amazing cook.

Hallie smiles again, grabs a cylinder of salt from the shelf and bolts. Brian looks after her and frowns.

BRIAN: Who was that?

ANGELA: She¹s the woman my dad¹s doing the restaurant with.

The interruption over, Angela and Brian both inwardly face the task of getting their conversation to go somewhere. A pregnant pause passes in which neither is able to think of a way to begin.

BRIAN: Jordan...

Angela is surprised to hear Brian saying that name.

ANGELA: Jordan Catalano?

Brian nods.

ANGELA: What about him?

BRIAN: He told me today, to tell you something.

Angela gives Brian a puzzled expression.

BRIAN: (explaining) I saw him, when I stopped by Mr. Katimski¹s house.

Angela tilts her head slightly towards him.

ANGELA: What did he say?

Brian looks at her, a little hurt at her interest in the words of Jordan Catalano, seeming to lose hope.

BRIAN: (literally, like a messenger) Somebody told him you saw him with Cynthia Hargrove and he didn¹t want you to get the wrong idea. (beat, then disapprovingly) Whatever that¹s supposed to mean.


Angela turns away, torn, realizing the truth about what she saw. A mixture of emotions crosses her face, relief that Jordan is not back together with Cynthia, irritation at herself for still caring, awareness that once again she has underestimated Jordan.

Brian sees how his message from Jordan has affected Angela. His expression turns fierce.

BRIAN: You can¹t still be thinking about him.

Angela turns back to him, stung.

ANGELA: And what if I am?

BRIAN: (incredulously) After all¹s he¹s done to you-

ANGELA: (cutting him off) That¹s not the point!

BRIAN: Then what is?

ANGELA: That it¹s my decision... my life... what gives you the right to tell me how to feel?

BRIAN: (his voice rising) Because I¹m right, and you know I¹m right.

ANGELA: (emphatically) No... you can¹t say that! Even if whatever you say is right, or isn¹t or whatever, it doesn¹t help...

BRIAN: Then why am I here?

Brian starts to rise.

ANGELA: (quietly) Because, you want to be.

Angela reaches up to touch his arm. Brian sits back down, realizing the truth of Angela¹s words.


La Brasserie Trois Rivieres is now almost completely full.

Hallie, carrying a platter full of dirty dishes, goes through the kitchen doors just as Brad exits, carrying a platter. She says something to him and he laughs.


In an obscure corner of the restaurant, Rayanne sits against the wall while Danielle lies on her stomach; both eating hors d¹oeuvres and drinking Cokes.

RAYANNE: Here¹s the scoop on junior high boys.

Danielle listens to Rayanne intently as Rayanne dispenses advice.

RAYANNE: Now a lot of the guys are still gonna be real little, so you can just ignore them. They¹re, like, still kids.

Danielle nods, thrilled that Rayanne is giving her such adult-sounding advice.

RAYANNE: In fact, most of them are. You¹ll probably want to move on to high school guys as soon as possible. At least by the beginning of eighth grade.


Danielle¹s face turns serious and she looks up at Rayanne.

DANIELLE: But what if they want to, you now, go to far?

Rayanne looks down at Danielle with a hint of tenderness in her eyes.

RAYANNE: What would I have done, or what should you do?


RAYANNE: I think you already know.

DANIELLE: Yeah, I do.

The seriousness leaves Danielle¹s face. She rolls over on her back.

DANIELLE: Tell me more things you can do with hair.

RAYANNE: Well, you can spray it, tease it, freeze it...

Rayanne¹s voice fades away as the camera begins to move through the dining room, past tables of people eating and drinking.

A long table set up at one end of the restaurant. Here sit Patty, Camille and Andy. Patty is now drinking water.

PATTY: It¹s too bad Sharon couldn¹t make it tonight.

CAMILLE: She had to work on a book report.

PATTY: Oh, what book?

CAMILLE: A River Runs Through It-you know, that book about trout fishing in Montana.

Patty wrinkles her brow.

PATTY: Oh. Strange book to read in high school.

Camille shrugs.

ANDY: (rumbling) She¹s working on it with her boyfriend. I¹m not sure we should have left along in the house together, but Camille seemed to think it was alright.

CAMILLE: Oh, what are they going to do while we¹re gone? Have wild sex all night?

Camille looks at Patty, winks.

PATTY: (to Camille, cattily) You would have.

Patty and Camille giggle together while Andy rolls his eyes at all this feminine frivolity occurring in his presence. Andy suddenly sits down next to Patty, looking dazed and resting his arms on the table. Camille regains her composure and studies Neil with detached amusement.

NEIL: (heavily) I have some stunning news.

PATTY: (concerned) What, what happened?

NEIL: Marla just asked me to marry her.

PATTY: Oh my God, that is stunning...

CAMILLE: (aside to Patty) I¹m stunned.

NEIL: No, the stunning thing is... I said yes.


Angela and Brian, talking more. Angela and Brian are sitting together on huge mesh bags of potatoes.

BRIAN: I just think you should be honest about it... You¹re, like, still in love with him.

ANGELA: (flushed) I¹m not in love with Jordan Catalano!

BRIAN: How do I know you¹re not?

ANGELA: That¹s not the point.

Angela is visibly infuriated by Brian¹s continued insistence. Brian is trying to remain calm, but submerged passion runs through his voice.

BRIAN: Then what is?

ANGELA: (quickly, seriously) That I don¹t know what I want.

Brian¹s face turns gentler.

BRIAN: You don¹t?

ANGELA: I mean, I know what I want, ultimately, for my, like, future, but right now...

Angela trails off, looks away. Brian studies her intently.

ANGELA: It just bothers me, that you can sit there, looking superior, and telling me what my, like, deepest feelings are. Like you could ever really know.

Brian reacts defensively.

BRIAN: It¹s obvious from the way you talk about him!

ANGELA: Stop telling me what I feel! You don¹t know... you can¹t know.

Angela and Brian look at each other defiantly, leaning their heads toward each other. Passion flares. Their mouths both move together. Out of nowhere, Brian leans closer in and they kiss; first slowly, then deeper.

After a moment, they withdraw. Brian looks dazed, as his lips twitch upwards in an involuntary smile. Angela smiles and brushes her hair back.


Everyone is now seated around the long table, except for two empty seats between Danielle and Neil. Patty peers at the empty spaces, then turns to Danielle.

PATTY: Danielle, where¹s your sister? Could you go find her, please?

RAYANNE: (quickly) Wait, I¹ll do it.

Patty looks suspiciously at Rayanne.

PATTY: Rayanne, what is going on?

RAYANNE: Nothing. Seriously... nothing. I just want to... do you a favor.

Rayanne smiles winningly. Patty nods slowly, deciding not to make a bigger deal about it.

PATTY: Okay. Thank you, Rayanne.

RAYANNE: You¹re welcome.

Rayanne dashes off as Danielle looks after her, extremely curious about what¹s going on. After a moment, Danielle gets up and goes as well.

PATTY: Danielle! Excuse yourself, at least.


Brian and Angela are sitting together, turned slightly towards each other, both clasping each other¹s hands.

BRIAN: I don¹t know why... I¹m sorry.

ANGELA: You don¹t have to be sorry... it¹s fine.

Angela smiles radiantly at him.

BRIAN: (starts to analyze again, babbling) I mean, one minute I was arguing with you, and hating you, because I knew I was right, but you-

Angela leans close to Brian again, he stops speaking and they kiss. Behind them, Rayanne appears in the doorway. She sees what¹s going on and instantly disappears.


Rayanne comes back down the hall, her eyes as wide and saucers. Danielle comes up to Rayanne.

RAYANNE: (babbling half to herself, half to Danielle) Oh... my... God... I¹m having a flashback, I¹m having a flashback.

DANIELLE: What¹s going on?

Rayanne collects herself.

RAYANNE: Nothing. Completely nothing. (beat) Angela¹s coming... in a minute. Tell your mom. I have to...

Rayanne looks around wildly, sees the payphone.

RAYANNE: Make a phone call.

Danielle stares at Rayanne, then goes back towards the kitchen.


Mr. Katimski and Rickie are having dinner together.

MR. KATIMSKI: There¹s space for you at the end of the month... at Pride House.

Rickie looks at Mr. Katimski, amazed.

RICKIE: That¹s, that¹s so great. Thank you.

Mr. Katimski smiles at Rickie, happy but also sad that Rickie will have to leave his house. The phone rings. Mr. Katimski rises to answer it.


Mr. Katimski listens for a moment, frowns with concern.

MR. KATIMSKI: (to Rickie, concerned) Enrique, it¹s your friend, Rayanne. Something¹s happened.

Rickie takes the phone with a look of trepidation.


Angela and Brian, still facing each other and holding hands.

ANGELA: When I found out you had written the letter, I realized that I didn¹t know you. That the whole time I was changing so much, you were changing too, and I never saw that.

Brian nods.

BRIAN: I never knew how... it was like there was only one way I knew how to be around you. And I imagined myself being something else, but you wouldn¹t, like, let me. Except sometimes, at these weird times. And then it would stop, and everything would go back to normal.

ANGELA: I know. I never thought about it, really, how important those times were, to me.

Angela squeezes both of Brian¹s hands.

ANGELA: We should go to dinner.

Angela stands, extends her hand to help Brian up.


Angela and Brian come into the hall just as Rayanne is hanging up from her phone with Rickie. Rayanne gives Angela a look that causes Angela to look down and smile shyly. Rayanne starts to crack up.

ANGELA: Rayanne.

RAYANNE: (between giggles) What?

ANGELA: Did you?


Rayanne gives Brian a look of new-found respect mingled with amusement as he blushes.

RAYANNE: I¹m supposed to get you to dinner. Come on, I¹m starving.

Rayanne takes Angela¹s hand, Brian follows, completely spaced and walking on air


Close-up of red wine being poured into Graham¹s wine-tasting cup, now returned to its proper place.

Graham takes a sip and nods approvingly. He opens his eyes and sees Angela and Brian approach with Rayanne. He smiles in greeting as Brian courteously pulls out Angela¹s chair.

Graham steals a glance at Brian and Angela, sees how happy they are. He guesses intuitively what has happened between them.

GRAHAM (VO) I really hope they¹re looking like that because they both kissed each other for the first time. And that¹s all they did for the first time.


The camera slowly circles the table and we see each person in this order: Graham, Patty, Danielle, Rayanne, Brian, Neil, Marla, Camille, Andy, Brad, Hallie and finally back to Graham. Everyone is eating, drinking and talking excitedly.

The conversations merge into one happy buzz as the scene fades out, merging into the sound of rushing river water.


On a television screen, we see blond men fishing in the Blackfoot River.

In front of the television, Sharon and Kyle kiss intensely on the couch.


Rickie and Mr. Katimski on the front doorstep. Mr. Katimski embraces Rickie, then waves good-bye as Rickie walks towards a waiting car.

Mr. Katimski looks after the car sadly. His lover comes up behind and gives him a comforting hug.


Most people are finished eating. Graham stands with his arm around Patty, talking to the Cherskis, who have their coats on.

Graham¹s eyes wander and he sees Angela and Brian sitting together at an empty table, intently talking.

GRAHAM (VO): The thing that¹s happening between Brian and Angela, is so fragile that the slightest... anything... could break it apart. I want it so badly, for both of them, but all I can do is make little nudges here and there and hope that's enough. I guess that's what being a father's all about.


At another table, Hallie talks to Brad. Across the table, their hands clasp.


Rayanne, her face flushed with excitement, rushes up to where Angela and Brian are sitting together.

RAYANNE: Oh my God, I just found out. Tino¹s back.

ANGELA: Really?

RAYANNE: I talked to Rickie¹s cousin. Everybody¹s meeting at the loft.

ANGELA: Tell Rickie I say ³hi².

RAYANNE: I will. Bye, Angelica.

Rayanne kisses Angela quickly on the cheek. Then she looks at Brian and impulsively kisses him as well, then bounces off, her ringlets flying in all directions.


Jordan Catalano, bundled up in a down jacket, sits on the hood of his car and smokes a cigarette. He looks out at the lights of Three Rivers.

Rain begins to sprinkle down. Jordan holds his hand out and feels the rain. A gentle wind brushes by him. He smiles to himself, throws out the half-smoked cigarette and gets in the driver¹s seat, a look of renewed purpose on his face.


Gentle rain comes down on Three Rivers.


Graham, Patty, Danielle, Angela and Brian leave the restaurant together.

Patty holds out her hand.

PATTY: It¹s raining, now.

ANGELA: Feel the wind-it¹s so warm.

GRAHAM: Spring¹s finally coming.

Together they walk down the street.


Jordan by himself in a corner, writing a song on his guitar.

Nearby, Rayanne and Rickie are huddled together, vigorously gossiping.

Jordan puts down his guitar.

JORDAN: (to Rayanne and Rickie) Hey, Vasquez, Graf. Where¹s Tino?

Rickie and Rayanne both shrug.

RICKIE: I don¹t know. He said he¹d be here.


Brian and Angela stand in the street, equidistant between their two houses. The rain has lessened, but the wind continues to rush through the trees.

ANGELA: Good night.

BRIAN: I guess I¹ll see you in school?

ANGELA: I thought...

BRIAN: I decided not to transfer. I¹m back at Liberty.

ANGELA: I¹m glad.

Angela reaches out with her hands, Brian¹s hands out and they meet. Brian leans forward to kiss her, Angela turns her face so he ends up merely kissing her on the cheek.

Brian looks at her questioningly, she smiles in return.

ANGELA: Good night.

BRIAN: Good night.

Angela walks back towards her house. Brian looks after her, mildly disappointed that she didn¹t want to kiss more passionately.

Brian walks out in the middle of the street, then stops. The enormity of what has happened that evening hits him in that moment. He pumps his fist and smiles, then jogs quickly back to his house.

The street is left empty.


Jordan and the rest of Residue, sans Tino, are on the stage, banging out a sloppy instrumental version of Nirvana¹s ³About a Girl².

Near the stage, Rickie, Rayanne and some others hang out. Some are drinking beer, but not Rickie or Rayanne.

Jordan holds up his hand and the song collapses to an end on his cue.

JORDAN: Tino... come on, quit screwin¹ around.

A voice comes from off-screen.

TINO (O.S.): Alright, man, I¹m there.

We hear footsteps thumping on the stage. A hand appears, grabs the mic, the rest of Tino is about to come into view...


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