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Episode No. 20 - Cory's Fan Fiction Story

written by Cory Dickason

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Published: 1997 | Size: 8 KB (1558 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.6/5   3.6/5 (25 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

TIME: The same night that we last left our characters

SETTING: Amber Valone's living room. Raynie, Rickie, and Amber are sitting around eating leftovers. Classic MSCL pan-shot w/ instrumental in background.

Rickie: I could just stay at Richard's house tonight, you know. I mean, it's not a problem. We do have a lot of work to do one the sets.

Amber (slightly tipsy): Don't try to weasle your way out of this! We never see you anymore. We're going to have a real sleepover, do all the stuff people are supposed to do at sleepovers.... what *are* people supposed to do at sleepovers? Whatever- I'm the mother around here, and it's time I started acting like it- we're having a sleepover!

Rayanne (interrupting): So, wait, you really told her? *You* told *Delia Fisher*- before you could even admit it to me?! I mean, I knew, of course I knew, but- Delia Fisher? Who *is* Delia Fisher, anyway?

Rickie: She had a right to be told the truth.... and I had a right to tell the truth....

Scene switches to Patti and Graham in the kitchen, Graham doing dishes.

Patti: The truth? What do you mean, the truth? We just... talked. He hasn't changed much. And anyway, you're one to talk about the truth.

Graham: Meaning, exactly... what?

Patti: Meaning- meaning *what* is the truth about what is going on between you and this- this Hallie woman?!

Graham: We're starting a restaraunt. That's all.

Patti: Well, it depends on whose theory you listen to.

EXIT Patti, into living room, Graham looks hurt, strained.

Scene switches to Delia, talking to Sharon, near the fence at school.

Delia: I have this theory.

Sharon (distracted): What kind of a theory?

Delia: This theory that.... some people are meant to be alone. For, like, their whole lives. You know? Like it seems as if some people have certain fates- some are meant to be famous, some are meant to die young, and some.... some are meant to be alone. And, I mean, it has nothing to do with, like, who they are as a person, or anything, it's just.... (her voice breaks) how it's meant to be.

Sharon (looking up at her): And maybe the people who aren't, deserve to be alone, because they're not, like, happy.....

Scene switches to Brian, standing alone in the street. Danielle comes out with the garbage.

Brian (quietly): Are you happy?

Danielle: Are you?

Brian shrugs. Fade out to black. Commercial break.

Return. The interior of Jordan's car, stopped at a red light.

Jordan: If I could have, could have said all the right things to make you forgive me, I would have.

Angela looks at jordan, and a tear runs down her cheek. Light changes, car starts.

Angela VO: The entire time I'd known Jordan Catalano, I'd let myself believe that he was something that he wasn't. Sometimes I did it so that I could love him, and sometimes I did it so that I could hate him. But the entire time Jordan Catalano had known me, he'd been trying to show me the truth. But the funny thing was... I don't think either of us knew what the truth really was.

Angela (hair tuck, swallows): Stop the car.

Jordan pulls over to the side of the road, turns the engine off.

Angela is silent for a few moments.

Angela: Just.... tell me the truth. About why.

Jordan: That guy, in that poem that Katimski read us, he was in love with that girl, even though she had, like, flaws..... (silence) I meant the things in that letter, so, condone me or whatever for not being able to say them, but know that I meant them. (Leans over Angela and opens the car door. ) You can go, if you want.

Angela reaches for him and kisses him. Fade out on that. That song by Nirvana that goes "She loves him more than she will ever know. He loves her more than he will ever show... keep those photographs close to her heart", etc., is playing in the background.

Scene opens w/ Raynie and Sharon in girls bathroom, next day

Raynie: So, Delia Fisher.

Sharon: So... what about Delia Fisher?

Raynie: I don't know- whay doesn't she ever hang with us?

Sharon: She doesn't exactly seem like- your type.

Raynie: My type?! I have a type? Please, I hang out with you and Rickie. Besides, I need as many friends as I can get. And, I don't know, she's Rickie's friend, isn't she?

Sharon: I guess.

Raynie: So! A friend of Rickie's is a friend of mine! We should all... do something. Sometime. But not tonight. Tino and I have Residue practice. OHMIGOD! Of course tonight! We'll bring Delia to a Residue practice!

Later, the same ppl plus Delia, at lunch

Delia: A Residue practice?

Sharon: Yeah. It'll be fun. You can meet people. And Brian Krakow won't be there.

Raynie: Brian Krakow will *definitly* not be there.

Delia: Yeah, whatever. I... gotta go.

Sharon: but you ate, like, nothing.

Delia: Yeah, I know. I'm not... all that hungry.

Cut to The Restaraunt, Hallie and Graham are sitting on the Fountain:

Graham: Not Hungry?! That's impossible. You're always hungry.

Hallie: I know. I'm beginning to think I'm a pod person. Do you think it would be way too tacky to hold the wedding here? Like, would it seem like we were advertising?

Graham: What wedding?

Hallie: Mine. You know, to Brad. Oh! Did I tell you that Brad is back? Brad's back.

Graham: I see. No! I think you should absolutly have the wedding here! What's wrong with a little free advertisement?

Cut to Loft, Residues practice. Angela and Jordan are standing in the corner, making out. Guys tuning up. Rayanne sticks her head through the door.

Raynie (melodramatically): I have arrived!

Angela tears her lips away for long enough to greet Rickie and Sharon with a kiss on the cheek. Just as she does this, Brian Krakow walks in.

Anglea (to Jordan): Why is he here?

Jordan: I invited him.

Angela: Oh.

She looks at Brian for a moment, then gives him a quick hug, and goes back to stand next to Jordan, who puts his arm around her waist. Brian looks like he's going to cry.

Delia (to Sharon): I thought you said Brian Krakow wouldn't be here.

Sharon (giving an apologetic smile): Sorry.

Rayanne fools around with the guys in the band for awhile, suddenly grabs the mike.

Raynie(all melodramatic): I would like to take this chance... to make a public apology! I am sorry... that I am a bitch, and that I hurt the best friend I'll ever have. And... while I don't expect her to ever forgive me, I want her to know... that I'm sorry. Thank you. (She takes a curtsy, and the people in the Loft simply stare at her Brian looks at Angela, as does Rickie. Angela looks away from the stage and shuts her eyes. ) Let's sing, people!

Fade out, commercial break.

Fade back in, Mr. Katimski reading Rayanne's Emily lines, during that famous scene.

Camera spans to include Delia, picking at a meager-looking salad, and Rayanne, alone, both watching the performance. Angela comes up behind Raynie to stand beside her, silently takes her hand. Raynie gives a little smile.

Cut to Delia throwing up into toilet. Rickie accidently opens stall.

Rickie: What's wrong? I mena... do you want me to take you to the nurse or something? Or I could get Rayanne- then I don't have to explain what I was doing in here again....

Delia: No, I'm not... sick. I just.... couldn't stand the thought of all that staying in me..... You wouldn't understand.

Rickie: Nobody should... hate who they are.

Delia: Who am I?

Cut to credits.


Well, it's kinda short, and I know I tied some things up, but I tried to open up some new passage ways, to. Mostly, I tried to think of how I could see my life ending up, if I had Angela's life. I'm not saying this is the absolute best turn of events, or that it even makes any sense, 'cause, hey, it's almost midnight, but... this is stuff that's been running around my head for a really long time, and I wanted to amke a contribution to the second season, since I get so much out of it. I hope it touched somebody, somewhere. If not, well, sorry for taking up bandwidth.

Cory a.k.a. Mighty Max

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Average: 3.6/5   3.6/5 (25 votes)
  • Elizabeth Wrigley-Field commented on 14 Aug 2001:
    I love the transitions in this story!
  • anonymous author commented on 08 Jun 2002:
    Way too short
  • anonymous author commented on 29 Jul 2004:
    Tino and Rayanne? Residue? Hmmm...
  • Donson A. Rickshaw gave this story a 5.0/5 5.0/5 rating and commented on 27 Sep 2020:
    Loved this story! You should really continue it! :)
  • Schmoovity McGroovity Laquarius Johnsonman II gave this story a 5.0/5 5.0/5 rating and commented on 27 Sep 2020:
    Wow! This a really cool story! I sure hope that you come back to update this some day. I've been waiting a while, and I hope that I won't have to wait much longer. :)
  • H burge gave this story a 5.0/5 5.0/5 rating and commented on 27 Sep 2020:
    I’ve never seen something that has made me as “happy” as this has.

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