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Episode No. 21 - Adjustments

written by Christine Senger

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Published: 1997 | Size: 57 KB (11087 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.7/5   3.7/5 (15 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

five days later-


Angela is sitting on her bed, crossed legged, eating a bowl of cereal over her knees. She looks out the window and we can hear Patty and Graham arguing outside of her room.

Angela (VO): It’s been a week since I basically broke up with Jordan Catalano, for like the second time, but I still feel connected to him in a small way. Not in a way that I can discuss to, like, anyone. But its kind of... comforting just to know... that it’s there.

Patty bursts in the room.

Patty: (obviously annoyed) Angela! It’s 7:30.

Angela:(purses her lips, doesn’t look up) So?

Patty:(frustrated) What? So.. I...(looks lost) Angela! You know I can’t take you to school. Danielle has this big project to carry and I have to give her a ride.(pauses, suddenly remembers she is talking to Angela) Come on! Move it..Now!(starts to leave and then pokes her head back in doorway) And you know I don’t like you eating in here.

Angela slowly gets up.


Angela is dumping her bowl in the sink.

Danielle:(whining) Mom, stop, your gonna wrinkle it!

Patty is trying hard not to crumple a typed report with a glossy cover to it. Danielle is busy fixing a display of the rain forest, that is resting on the kitchen counter. Graham is on the phone walking in circles. Angela stands, leaning, on the refrigerator and is silent.

Graham:(on phone) Yes, am I speaking to Bob?

Danielle:(pointing to her ceramic design)Mom, I don’t think this looks like a bird. Do you?

Patty:(looking in her brief case furiously) Where’s the Rotterson’s paper work!.... what sweetie?

Graham: No... no Ms. Lowinthal said she wanted it done last week, and you never showed up....

Danielle: Mom... does this look like a bird?

Patty: I just had it a minute ago....

Graham:(upset, brow crinkled) What!! Now.. I can’t now. No Hallie doesn’t come in until Twelve.

Patty: (talking to herself) If I don’t find them by eleven Mr. Rotterson will be so angry that....

Danielle: It looks more like a person, doesn’t it?

Graham:Fine I’m on my way.(hangs up phone loudly, sighs) Great. (Graham walks out of room)

Patty:(sighs as she holds up stack of papers, smiles) Great. Come on Danielle, lets go. (Patty leaves room)

Danielle:(looks down at her project, sarcastically) Great. (Danielle leaves room)

Angela (VO):(still against the fridge) What’s completely horrible (pause) is that your family can....(looks around the kitchen) forget ..that you , like, exist. Just blank it out, like an embarrassing moment from long ago.(She leans head back and closes her eyes).

Footsteps can be heard and Angela opens her eyes. Patty comes back into kitchen.

Patty:(groans) I feel like such a fool.

She walks toward Angela and reaches behind Angela to grab a stack of papers. Looks at them and smiles.

Patty:(still smiling, now looking at Angela) I went through all that this morning and I *almost* forgot the Rotterson’s papers!(small laugh, shakes her head turns around and leaves room)

Angela:(softly) Almost.



Brian is sitting next to the window looking at the Chase house. He watches Graham climb into his car and drive off. Seconds later Patty is in view carrying a briefcase walking hastily towards the car. Feet behind her is Danielle, carrying a huge display covered in saran wrap. Brian watches them drive off. He looks at his watch. Then at the Chase house. Then at his watch again.

Brian(VO): Its amazing how people choose to, like, torture themselves. Like on purpose or something. Or like how I stare at the Chase house every morning, just to, like, plan to walk out at the exact moment Angela does.

(Brian looks at his watch. He picks up his backpack, which is lying on the bed, and puts it on. He turns abruptly away from the window)

And everyday I’ll convince myself that I, like, don’t need her.... that life will like, go on if I just stop caring or something....

(he slowly turns around and takes a longing glance out the window)

But the thing is.... I’m afraid.... it won’t.

(Brian looks at watch and sighs)

She must be late or something.

(Brian exits)


Graham, just arriving, sets several books and papers down. He notices a slight movement in the corner of the room. He looks over to see Hallie sitting down with a book open in her lap. Hallie looks up and smiles at him. Graham looks shocked.

Hallie:(smiling) Hi.

Graham: (confused) What are you doing here?

Hallie: Oh..(looks down) reading.

Graham:(slowly) You don’t come in until twelve.

Hallie:(giggles) I know!(giggles again) I was up watching all these..old movies and I just got completely freaked out. I mean we are in the restaurant business right?(before Graham can answer) so I’m sitting there and all the sudden I realized...we don’t have a name.

Graham:(confused again)A name?

Hallie:(sighs as if to say ‘how stupid are you’) For the restaurant!

Graham:Oh (catches on) *Oh!*

Hallie:(smirk) Yes.

Graham: Oh......



Angela is sitting in front of her mirror brushing her hair. She looks depressed.

She starts to stare at her reflection. Then she picks up a piece of hair and starts to examine it. Suddenly she drops the brush and grabs the alarm clock from her dresser.

Angela:(horrified) Oh my god.

She quickly drops the clock, thrusts on her backpack and runs out the door.



Angela is still running toward the bus stop, red hair flailing in the wind. When she reaches it she looks around in all directions. Then she sees the large, yellow bus as it turns the nearby corner. She starts to run after it, even though she knows it’s too late.

Angela: (running, and yelling) Wait! Wait!

The bus is no longer in view. Angela comes to a stop.

Angela:(In between breaths) Now what?.....

She looks around her. She is standing in the middle of the road. The cameras slowly pans out and we see an aerial shot of Angela as she shrugs and turns to walk home.



We see Brian opening his locker. He is continuously looking at Angela’s locker. Rickie walks over to Brian.

Rickie:(tight smile) Hey.

Brian:(tight smile returned) Hey. (silence) So, um... you haven’t, like, seen Angela around have you?

Rickie:No. I haven’t talked to her yet.(notices Brian’s worried look) Don’t worry, she’s probably just outside talking to Jordan or something.

Brian: Well... yeah. I mean, sure. Thats probably where she would be.(pause) It’s just that she didn’t ride the bus so I just, like, assumed...

Rayanne comes walking up to them.

Rayanne:(pissed)Hey Vascez!(starts digging in her purse)Man you would not believe the number Tino played on me last night. So he says he’ll pick me up from "Lets Bolt" at midnight right? So it’s two a.m. he’s nowhere to be found.(sighs loudly) Unbelievable. Thats Tino for ya. Anyways,(she pulls out a lolly pop and sticks it in her mouth) Rusty is driving me to a slightly psychotic stage at this point.

Rickie: Rayanne, I thought you were going to convince Amber to dump him?

Rayanne: Well, yeah, but it’s like impossible. I mean she, like, looks up to him...or something. Like she thinks she good before. I don’t know whatever. I mean the important thing is that *I* stay as far away from him as humanly possible.

Rickie:(sadly) I know the feeling.(Looks back to Brian) So wait... she never got on the bus?

Rayanne:(confused) Who never got on the bus?

Rickie:(seriously) Brian?

Rayanne: *Brian* never got on the bus?


Rayanne: Who are we talking about?

Brian:(to Rayanne) Isn’t there somewhere your suppose to be?

Rayanne:(smiles) Just with you Krackow!(to Rickie) So are you gonna, like, tell me whats goin’ on or are you just one more person I have to kill today?

Rickie: (sighs) We can’t find Angela. Apparently she never got on the bus this morning.

Rayanne:(laughs a little as she puts up her hair) Don’t worry about Chase face. Patty probably just took her to school.

Brian:(worried now) Thats just it, I saw everyone leave her house she never came outside. (Notices the two of them staring at him) I mean, I , like, briefly glanced at her house... you know... every now and then.

There is a brief silence as Rayanne and Rickie exchange knowing glances.

Rayanne:(seriously)Krackow do you........

Brian is looking at the ground.

Rayanne:(big smile) Oh my god!(she cups her hand over her mouth) Krackow’s in love with Angela!

Rickie: Rayanne stop it !

Rayanne:(laughter is pouring out of her) Brian.......(laughter)..... Angela!

Brian:(disgusted and mortified) Shut up! You sicken me really, its, like, revolting.

Rayanne is still laughing very loudly. Brian looks completely embarrassed. He slams his locker shut but the sound can barely be heard over Rayanne’s howling. Rickie looks at Brian another minute.

Rickie: I have to get to class.

Brian: (still petrified) Oh, okay....see ya.

Rickie starts down the hall.

Brian: (yelling after Rickie) Hey.(Rickie turns around) If you see Angela... (voice trails off)

Rickie:(understanding, shouts back) I will.

Rayanne: (stops laughing to catch her breath) Hey Brian.(teasingly) We’ll find her! (Starts to walk off, gives him a thumbs up symbol, before skipping down the hallway laughing again)

Brian is now alone in the hallway. He looks around for a minute. Before slamming his back against the lockers, exhaling deeply, and shutting his eyes.




Angela is laying on the couch sprawled out from one end to the next. The camera shows the table in front of the couch which is now full of food. We can see chocolate wrappers, a box of opened cookies, and a half full glass of milk. Angela is reaching into a bag of potato chips while controlling the television.

Angela (VO):The thing about staying home from school, is that you have this need.... to or sleep. It must, like, go either way.(she takes a bite of a chip and changes the channel on the T.V.) My dad doesn’t know I’m here. He’s out all day taking care of the restaurant, which, in my opinion, he does way more often.....then he should. (The television is on a talk show. The announcer is a woman in a bright blue suit. Angela continues to watch. The announcer says’Today we will be discussing WHY MARRIED MEN CHEAT. And here to join us is...’ Angela quickly flicks off the set. She sits up and looks around the room.) Great.....



Graham: Well I don’t see why we need to pick a name yet. I mean... there are *things* we have to do first...right?

Hallie:(defeated) You’re right.(sighs) We should do some things first, but--

Graham:(interrupting) I mean we haven’t even gotten the floor done yet so I don’t--

Hallie:(jumping in) Exactly.

Graham: And we have to buy the furniture.

Hallie: Right!

Graham: Not to mention hiring people...

Hallie: Yeah, I know, I know! But Graham, don’t you think it might inspire us more to pick a name first?

Graham: Oh god...


Graham:(teasingly) Your starting to sound like Patty.

Hallie:(laughing) And thats a bad thing?

Suddenly gets very quiet.

Graham:(breaking the ice) So.... you came in early....why is that? I mean you could have told me all this over the phone. So...

Hallie:(thinking) I don’t know...hmmm...(pause) Its just that something about being here is kind-of comforting..... (smiles, brightly, as she looks around the room. Her eyes fall on Graham who is looking at her fondly. She stops smiling once their eyes meet.) Well, um, why are you here? We don’t have any business scheduled for today. Do we?

Graham:(sighs) Well, if you remember, last week we never got the floor finished.

Hallie:(sighs) Oh god!(she walks over to the fountain, avoiding Graham’s glance) I know! I know!(giggles) That was my job.

Graham:(sighs)Well this *Bob* guy, apparently, comes very highly recommended, so he is very busy. But he is coming to finish the floor at 8:30. I was gonna stay home until twelve, and actually *eat* breakfast, but I couldn’t.(smiling) Although now that your here.....

Hallie:Oh no, no, no, no.

Graham:(smiling) Hallie....

Hallie:(whining) Graham, you are so good at dealing with people! You can’t leave yet. Besides you have to help me brainstorm for a good name.

Graham:(laughs a little as he starts for the door) I thought *I* was good with food and *you* were good with people?

Hallie:(panicked) Whatever--(she beats him to the door, blocking his way out) Graham!(smiles sweetly) Please?(Graham doesn’t look convinced) Okay, um I’ll....treat you to breakfast!

Graham:(jokingly) I don’t know.....

Hallie:(smiling) Come on. You know you want to.....

Graham: Hmmmm....

Hallie: Eggs Benedict, Hashbrowns, Bacon cooked just right...

Graham: All right, All right. You got me okay!

Hallie: Yes! I knew you’d cave.

Graham: Well it was the Bacon thing that hooked me.

Hallie: Good.

Graham:(Laughs a little before walking over to the fountain) And *I’m* the one who’s good with people!


Hallie:(unsure) So you’ll stay?...

Graham:(smiles) Might as well.

Hallies smiles back. They both stay kind-of trapped in the glance. Suddenly Graham looks at his watch.

Graham:(sighs) I should go check and see if Angela made it to school. She was running really late this morning.

Hallie:(distracted) Oh, okay go ahead.

Hallie goes over to the corner and pulls out a binder. She is leafing through papers. Graham is walking towards the door. He stops suddenly and turns around. He watches Hallie for a minute as she shuffles through the papers in the binder. He smiles to himself.

Graham:(clears his throat) On second thought....(Hallie looks up) Um....ya know Angela’s probably fine.

Hallie:You sure?

Graham walks over to where Hallie is sitting. He kneels down beside her and rests his hand on her shoulder.

Graham: Yeah.... I’m sure.




A bell rings, and doors of classrooms start to fly open. Students come pouring out and are walking in every which way. Brian can be seen coming out of a doorway. He stops halfway out of the door and is looking down the hall for someone. An anxious person behind Brian, pushes him out of the way. He falls into the hall. The camera gets a close-up of a pair of suede Doc Martins in front of Brian’s face. We see Sharon towering over him with a much too cheery smile on her face.

Sharon:(helping Brian to his feet) You okay?

Brian:(brushing himself off, looks distracted) What?..... um yeah....Have you seen Angela, like, today, or something?

Sharon:(smiling brighter than ever) No....but...(pulls Brian aside in the hall) I heard that you are actually, like, admitting it now.

Brian:(looks concerned) Wait, Admitting what?

Sharon:You know.... your true feelings.(Brian looks very confused. Sharon sighs deeply) For Angela!

Brian:(quickly) There’s nothing to admit!

Rayanne and Rickie walk up. Sharon gives them both a bright-as-day smile. Brian manages a small smile.

Brian: Hey.

Rickie: Hey.

Rayanne: Are we still talking about Angela?(smile disappears)

Sharon: Well--

Rayanne:(interrupting) Has anyone seen Angelika?(the group is silent) Conclusion; she’s not here. Case closed. Who cares?

Rickie:(smiling a little) Rayanne--

Rayanne: (smile is instantly returned) I mean besides Krackow, who is basically lost forever without her, who cares?

Brian:(sighs loudly) Shut-up! And by the way, thanks so much for telling the world your stupid lie.

Rayanne:(pretending to look insulted) What lie?

Brian: That I am in love with Angela Chase. (Pretends to laugh) Which is so, like, completely not true.

Rickie:(nudges Brian in the stomach) Oh shut-up Brian.... We all know its true.

Brian looks shamefully at the floor.

Sharon:(smiles) So.... here’s what I suggest we do.

Rayanne:(sticking a lollie pop in her mouth) Great, there’s like a *plan* now?

Sharon: Shut-up!

Rayanne looks surprised by Sharon’s bossy-ness. Brian sees Rayanne’s surprise and starts mildly chuckling. Rayanne sees this and elbows him in the stomach.

Brian: Oww!(rubs his stomach)

Rickie:(ignoring Brian and Rayanne) So are we doing something or what?

Sharon:(smiles again) Well Angela, like, never, ever stays home unless its like vital to her health so.... I say lets get to a phone and see whats up.

Rayanne: Like she would even want to talk to me in the first place.

Rickie:(confused) But I thought you two made up. Or something.

Sharon: Yeah, I mean I saw you talking to her last week, and you were like laughing.

Rayanne: We weren’t like *talking* talking. I mean we just like... said ‘hey’ to each other. That doesn’t like....change anything.

Sharon: Maybe, If you came with us to call her, she would see, that you still...ya know, care about her.

Rayanne: Maybe. But I seriously doubt it. If she hasn’t forgiven me yet...

Sharon: She will.

Rickie: Well there’s a pay phone outside next to the gym....

Sharon: Great. (smiles, then looks at Brian and Rayanne) So are you two, like, coming (flicks some hair out of her face) Or what?

Brian and Rayanne look at each other for a moment before walking to join the others. We see the back of the four teenagers walking down the hall before the camera fades out.




Angela is putting things back into the fridge. She walks upstairs and into her room. She closes the bedroom door and something catches her eye. She reaches over and takes the picture of her and Brian off the wall. She walks over to her bed and sits down. The camera gets a close up of Angela’s face as she smiles at the picture in her hand. Her smile fades and she looks at the picture curiously. We cannot see what it is she is looking at until the camera spins around. She is focused on young Brian. The camera turns and we see Angela again.

Angela:(to herself, still looking at the photo) What am I *doing*?

The camera gets another shot of Brian in the picture and of Angela’s face. Suddenly the telephone rings. Angela looks up, kind-of confused, before running to get it .

Angela picks up the phone.

Angela:(curiously) Hello?

SWITCH to the group of friends all huddled around the pay phone that Brian is holding.

Brian: Angela?

Angela:(now even more confused) Brian??(pause) Why are calling me?

Brian:(a loss of words) Um... I mean... like, where are you?

Angela:(hair tuck) Um,... I’m at home.

Brian:(concerned) Are you like sick or something?

Angela:(hesitant) Brian...

SWITCH to Brian being tapped on the shoulder by a big man in a work-out uniform.

Brian:(to the man) Coach Shepard I....

Coach: Brian, this phone is for emergencies only, you know that!

Rayanne, Rickie and Sharon are all standing behind Brian with a guilty expression on each of their face’s. Brian is holding the phone in his hands and we can hear Angela murmuring in the background.

Brian:(stalling) Um....well, ya see this is....

Coach:(dumbfounded) This is....*what*?

Sharon:(jumping in to save the day) This *is* an emergency.(smiles)

Coach: What?

Rayanne: Uh...yeah! Ya see we were calling because, um...., because....

Rickie: Because are friend is like really, really--

Sharon:(suddenly) Sick! (The others smile at her) Yeah and she is like....(looks at Rayanne)

Rayanne: Oh um, in we like *have* to call her like right now because she she (she looks over at Brian)

Brian: (quickly) She’s gonna die today.

Everyone looks at Brian. Sharon and Rickie’s smiles have disappeared. Rayanne is looking at Brian with disbelief. Short silence.

Coach: Um.... I think it would be best if all of you just go back to class. (He grabs the phone out of Brian’s hands and goes to hang it up)

Sharon: No no don’t!

Coach Shepard hangs up phone.

Coach: (smiles) Lunch is over now. Go to class! And I don’t want to see you kids around here any more.

The four reluctantly walk away from the phone and start up for the school building.

Rayanne:(muttering) Nice one Krackow!

Brian:(whispers) Shut-up.



Angela:(still holding the phone) Hello? Brian?... Brian?(pulls phone away from her and looks at it before hanging up) Unbelievable.....

Angela stands by the phone for several seconds before picking it up again and furiously dialing.

Angela:(In to phone) Hello?

Camera fades out.




We see the scene taking place with Patty hunched over writing something down. She looks up and smiles as she walks over to a desk. Seated at the desk, is a younger, very good looking man. He looks up and smiles at Patty.

Patty:(sincerely) Todd, thanks so much for coming in today.

Todd:(smiles) Well, Patty it’s my job.

Patty: I know its just......I mean it’s not your day to work--

Todd:(laughs to reveal cute dimples) You give me too much credit! (Patty hands him paperwork and he reaches over to take it , still smiling) Besides, I enjoy working here. I hope I haven’t been getting in your way too much. Its my girlfriend, Rhonda, she’s been really upset and has kept me busy for a while--

Patty:(astonished) Getting in the way? *Please!* your a God-send!

Todd:(jokingly) Well, I.....don’t like to brag!

Patty is laughing, Todd starts laughing at his own goofy behavior. As he laughs he slaps his hand on the desk, moving it a little, and causing a tiny slip of pink paper to float to the tile floor under the desk.

Patty:(laughing, smiling) Thats good I’m glad your modest!(stops laughing but continues to smile) So anyways *THANKS*! (Starts to walk away but quickly turns) Oh....Todd?

Todd:(looks up from paperwork) Yeah, Patty?

Patty: Did I get any messages while I was in with the Rotterson’s?

Todd: Well I went out to lunch about that time, so Hank took over..... I hope you don’t mind. (Patty smiles) Good. Umm...... let me check the stack......(He searches in the "while you were out" box for a minute)... I don’t see any.(He smiles sweetly) Sorry.

Patty:(sighs, before smiling) Okay, then... I guess it’s back to work.

Todd:(sighs, goes back to looking at papers on the desk) Yeah....

Patty walks off into the opposite room. The camera gets a shot of Todd working at the desk, then blurs him out to get a close up on the pink note on the floor. In cursive hand writing it reads :

Angela called. Missed bus.


Camera fades out.




Mr. Katimski is pacing back and forth in front of the class.

Katimski:(confusion is expressed) Gee Whiz....people! Its an essay contest not the end of the world! Umm....okay,.......write from past experiences, write from life. Oh come on you guys...

Camera drifts to the classroom. We see Jordan asleep with his head on his desk. The class looks bored and unsatisfied. The camera focuses on Brian. He is sitting at his desk looking sad. He is now staring at the desktop as if in a trance of some-kind. Katimski’s voice fades out.

Brian(VO): Why do I do this to myself? Can’t I just, like, get over her?(he sighs and looks around the class. Then looks down at the desk again) I will.... yeah...okay. No more thinking nice things about Angela Chase. No more. I hate her. I do. (Brian’s gaze turns to Jordan, who is still sound asleep) In fact I hope that she died today and thats why she’s not here. (Brian looks sad again) Because if she did.... then I wouldn’t have to feel so bad when I see her. I wouldn’t, like, want to hold her....(gives a faint smile) or tuck her hair behind her ear for her. (Smile disappears) God! Why do I do this! She’s, like, my friend now or something. Thats enough for me. (looks around the room for a minute) Isn’t it?

Suddenly Brian looks up when he sees movement by the door to Katimki’s. He looks up to see Sharon and Rickie jumping and trying to get his attention. Rayanne is now visible too. She looks at Brian and points for him to come out of class. Brian turns around to make sure that she is pointing at him.

Brian(VO):(looking around) What like so strange about this... is like the fact that, Rayanne Graf actually knows who I, like, am or something. (Brian grabs his things and gets up) And also, the fact that Sharon and her are actually being nice to me....for, like, once.

Brian moves slowly towards the door. When he is easily two feet from the door, Katimski turns around, spotting him.

Katimski: (confused) Ah....Brian? Is something wrong?(Brian is frozen) Brian, please keep your seat.

Brian is still frozen for another second. He looks at Sharon, Rayanne and Rickie. They all are motioning for him to follow them. Brian looks at Katimski.

Brian(VO): Okay this is like so stupid. I am *not* in love with Angela. I am not going to mess in her life anymore. And I know going out that door is just admitting my old feelings for her. Admitting that I love her.... which I don’t.

Brian slowly turns back around and walks to his desk. He starts to sit but then suddenly stops, and turns to look at Katimski.

Katimski: Well Brian?

Brian looks around another minute before running out the door. Katimski walks to the door after him. Once out in the hall Rayanne offers Brian to grab her hand and he accepts with a small smile. Rayanne gives a little smile back at him.

Rayanne:(jokingly) Way ta go Bri. Cutting class, the first step to adulthood.

Brian just smiles. Katimski comes out into the hall causing the four heads to turn.

Katimski: Brian what are you doing? *Get* back in class!

The four turn and quickly run belting down the hallway at a high speed. Rickie is holding Sharon’s hand, and Brian and Rayanne are still linked. They soon disappear from sight.



Graham is sitting across from Hallie. Hallie is busy watching him eat with a smile on her face. Graham looks up to see her watching.

Graham:(smile) What?

Hallie:(giggles to herself) Nothing....Its just.....

Graham: Say it.

Hallie:(smiling) I have never seen anyone eat like such a girl.

Graham:(takes last bite of his salad) Well I’m a chief, I have to be picky about this stuff.

Hallie: So? How was it?

Graham: Ummm...(thinks for a minute) a little bland.

Hallie:(sighs) Please, how many unbland ways are there to make salad?

Graham:(coy smile) Several.

Hallie: Your such a snob......I hate that in a person, (Graham looks offended) But I love that in a chief.

Graham: (crumbling up napkin, sighs) Well, thanks for breakfast....or lunch.(smiles)

Hallie: Sure. Sorry that the floor job toke so long. But it was well worth it. It looks fantastic. (Silence) Umm....Graham?

Graham: Yeah?

Hallie:(looking at the table) I was thinking....tonight we should um... go try this new restaurant. It’s right down the street from the space. (Graham sighs) Graham, its are competition we’re talking about here. (She looks at him now) But I’ll understand if your busy...

Graham: No, no it’s fine. Really. (He smiles at her) So did you take care of our employee situation?

Hallie: Oh, yeah. I called up Brad, and got it all set up. Don’t worry about a thing.

She puts her bag on the table and gets out a pack of Sucrets Cough Drops. Then puts the bag back beside her.

Graham: Wait....You called Brad? Why?

Hallie: Oh, didn’t I tell you?

Graham: Apparently not?

Hallie: Okay I’m sorry. Well the people who were originally going to work for us were Brad’s poker buddies. Now I know what your thinking, poker equals drunken losers, but honestly they are really sweet guys you’ll love them.

Graham: So they are working for us? Guaranteed?

Hallie: Why not? I like them. They all have the required experience that we are looking for. (Pause) Besides I... already promised them the job.

Graham: All right then, whatever you say.

Hallie: Really?

Graham: Well you are the one in charge of hiring.

Hallie: (smiles brightly) All right then.



Brian, Sharon, Rayanne and Rickie all come to a stop. They are all out of breath and gasping.

Brian: Now does anyone, like, wanna tell me .......what the hell we’re doing!

Rayanne:(playfully) Ohhh Krackow, I love it when you use that tone.

Rickie: Come on Rayanne, cut it out. Now do we like even have a ride?

Rayanne: Yeah, I can’t call Tino, he knows I’m still incredibly pissed at him about last night.

Brain:(very confused) Wait a minute... a ride to where?

Rickie: Angela’s house.

Sharon:Don’t worry Vascez. *I* got us the ride.

Rickie: With who?

Sharon: (smiles big) Well....

Suddenly a beat up Ford Wrangler pulls to a halt. Behind the wheel sits Kyle and another football player. Everyone stares at it.

Rayanne:(shocked) *Thats* what Vinavich drives? How tragic.

They all walk over to the vehicle and get in one at a time. Sharon squeezes up front next to Kyle and football boy. Rickie gets the window, Brian’s in the middle and Rayanne is on the end.

Kyle: Ready?

Rayanne:(looks over at Brian, unsure) I guess.

Rickie: Sure.

Brian: (looks back at Rayanne with disgust) Maybe.

Sharon:(sighs) Kyle, just drive.

Rickie: I don’t like wanna be rude.....but I think you need a bigger car.

Kyle: Well I don’t usually tote around fifty people!

Rayanne:Technically, it only 6 people, or are you still on colors and shapes?

Kyle: Watch it Graff! I didn’t have to take you anywhere.

Sharon:(touches Kyle’s arm) Kyle stop! Your gonna miss the turn.



Everyone is getting out of the car. Sharon kisses Kyle good-bye, and everyone watches as they wait for her. Kyle quickly drives off.

Rayanne:(giving Sharon a sly smile) Tongue?

Sharon:(looks her over) You are *so* sick.

Rayanne: After *that* car trip I should be.

Rickie:(Long pause) Well are we gonna go in or not?

They walk up to the Chases porch and Rayanne rings the bell. They wait.

Sharon: It really wasn’t that bad of a car ride. I mean I didn’t think it was.

Rayanne: (frankly) Yes, but you weren’t crammed next to Krackow the whole ride.

Sharon gives her a "thats true" kind of look. The door remains closed.

Brian(VO): I’ve never really, like, skipped school before. I never really wanted to. But something about this felt really.....good.

No one answers after Rayanne rings the bell again.

Rayanne: Damn it! Angelika skipped town on us......(sighs) Oh well.

They all look reluctant as they walk away and step off the porch. Brian is still standing by the bell staring at the door. The group doesn’t seem to notice.

Rickie:(sighs) Now what?

Long silence.

Rayanne: Hey Brian don’t you like live right across the street?

Silence. The group turns to look at him.

Sharon: Brian?

Brian is facing away from them. He looks hesitant for a minute before turning the Chase’s door knob and going inside. They all turn to each other, mouths hanging wide open. They just stare for a minute.

Rayanne:(points to the door) Did you know he could do that?



Brian bounds up the stairs and in to Angela’s room. Apon entering he sees her sound asleep on her bed. He looks out the window to see the others in the street laughing.

He turns his attention back to Angela. Quietly, Brian sits on the bed beside her. He looks at her and smiles. Brian’s attention is now turned to something else. Down by Angela’s foot lies the old photo of Brian and Angela. He picks it up and smiles as he sets it on a nearby shelf.

Brian(VO): Even sound asleep she is beautiful. (Brian stares at her) Just watching her breath in and out is, like, so satisfying to me. Like it makes it all worth while. And suddenly it didn’t like matter. About grades. Or parents. Or the fact that I might get suspended. Just sitting next to her. Like erased all that.

He leans over and softly kisses her forehead

Brian(VO): And one day I’ll like tell her how I feel. And one day she’ll know the whole truth and will never look at Jordan again. Possibly.

Brian gets up to leave. Touches the door handle and looks back at her.

Brian(VO): And one day....... she’ll love me back.

Brian leaves closing the door behind him.



Brian, Rickie, Sharon, and Rayanne are sitting on the street curb talking.

Rayanne: Krackow are you sure she’s up there?

Brian: Yes! She’s asleep. I told you like fifty-times already.

Rickie looks at his watch and sighs. Long silence.

Sharon: So, I have a question. Your *not* friends with Angela again? Or what.

Rickie: Yeah what up with that?

Rayanne:(sighs) Look its stupid. I mean, not that you like care or anything, but we just say ‘hi’ in the halls. Were not-- I mean.... it’s like we’re trying to ignore it. Or something.

Sharon:(look of disbelief on her face) Thats it? Thats the whole story? Rayanne you can’t just forget what you did. Ugh. Rayanne you, like, slept with Jordan. Thats not quite so forgivable.

Rickie: That is sort-of true Rayanne.

Rayanne: Hey!

Sharon: And you knew she was obbsessed with him for like *so* long.

Brian: Can we like switch to a different topic of conversation? Or something?

Rayanne: Okay I know all this.

Sharon: You have *got* to talk to her.

Rickie: She’s right.

Sharon: I still can’t believe you slept with him. I mean not to like insult you, or anything....

Rickie: Well she was drinking at the time. Rayanne wouldn’t do it on purpose.

Rayanne: Exactly.

Sharon:(pause) You need to tell her your sorry--

Rayanne: I did!

Sharon: Yeah, but like don’t let her shut you out. Just keep talking, you just can’t--

Rayanne:(harshly) Hey Cherski, lay off! (calmer) It’s harder than it sounds.

Rickie: But maybe it’s worth it.

Brian: You have to give Chase some time. To like accept this. Or something. I mean what you did and all....

Sharon: I mean if you slept with Kyle, would like never ever--

Rayanne: Oh don’t you worry Cherski, there is like more of chance for me and Brian to have sex than for that to like ever happen.

Sharon:(insulted) Hey!

Brian: Can you like leave me out of this.

Rickie: So what are you gonna do?

Rayanne: I don’t know.

Suddenly a door slams and Angela comes running outside toward the group.

Angela: What are you doing here? (Angela looks at Rayanne) Oh, hey.

They all stand up to greet her.

Rayanne: Hey.

Angela looks at Brian.

Angela: So why did you call me?

Brian(VO): It was like a trick question or something. Like there were so many answers to it. And it was, like, up to me, or whatever to like get the right one.

Sharon:(interrupting Brian’s thoughts) We wanted to see if you were alright.

Angela:(looks somewhat disappointed) Oh.

Rickie: So, um, are you like sick or something?

Angela: No...

Rayanne: So then, why weren’t you in school ?

Angela: I missed the bus so I had to stay here.

Rayanne: That’s it? That’s why you weren’t in school?

Rickie: Well at least your alright.

Sharon: I can’t believe I actually skipped school for this!

Angela: Wait a minute.... you skipped class to come and check on me. And you didn’t like even know if I was sick or not?

Sharon: Yeah. So?

Angela: Nothing it’s just weird is all. (Pause) So wait, why did you skip class at 3:00? The day is over. And that’s basically pointless.

Brian: Well we like got here at one something.

Angela: So why didn’t you come up?

Sharon: That was the weirdest part!

Angela: What?

Rickie: It’s really not that big of a deal.

Angela: Does someone want to like fill me in?

Rayanne:(sighs) Brian went up to your room and checked on you. Okay! Its not like a huge thing.

Angela: So you like checked on me, or something?

Brian: Um... yeah.

Rayanne:(sarcastically) My hero.

Rickie: Be quiet Rayanne. I think its romantic.

Angela: Rickie!

Brian: Its not.... I mean it wasn’t meant to..... I mean.... Rickie shut-up.

Angela: Anyways my mom is going to freak out and blame me when she gets home so you better not..... come in.

Rayanne: The overwhelming hospitality.

Angela: It’s just--

Rayanne: No it’s fine. I was joking.

Angela: I mean it’s just.... (looks at Rayanne) not a good idea.

Rayanne: (looks at the ground) Cool.

Sharon: I wonder what Kyle is doing right now....

Rayanne: Hmmmm.... learning his vowels perhaps?

Suddenly a car pulls into the Chase’s driveway. Patty steps out of the car worried as ever.

Patty: Angela? What in God’s name are you doing here!

Angela:(to the group) I gotta go.

She walks inside with Patty.

Rayanne looks after Angela sadly then turns to face Sharon.

Rayanne: See.



Angela is sitting at the dinner table with her family eating. Patty is in the middle of telling a story to the family.

Patty:...... And so I come home and there she is!

Graham chuckles as he stirs his lasagna. Patty’s voice continues into the background.

Angela (VO): Sometimes your parents tell stories, that are so significantly stupid, that in a way, you sort of, pity them.

Danielle:(curiously) So what was it like?

Angela: What?

Danielle: Skipping school.

Angela: Danielle!

Graham: Hey! No one is skipping school around here.

Silence fills the table as the Chase’s all insistently munch on their dinner. Patty looks over at Angela to give her a "look what you’ve started now" kind of glance. Angela shrugs it off.

Patty: Graham, why aren’t you eating?

Danielle: You didn’t posion us did you?

Graham: No! It’s just that Hallie and I are going to a restaurant later so *I* thought--

Patty: Wait. Your eating with *Hallie* tonight? I don’t understand?

Graham: Patty, It’s no big deal. We have to go check out our competition and I thought I would--

Patty: Just sit here with us until you have to leave.

Angela: So then why are you sitting here *pretending* to eat lasagna if it’s no big deal?

Patty: Angela!

Graham: Hey! I’m...not pretending. I just don’t want to eat a whole lot tonight. Okay! (Throws napkin down and stands up) I’ll be upstairs.

Graham exits. The camera goes back to the dinner table were the rest of the family has all stopped eating, looking sad.

ANGELA’S ROOM-that night

Angela is sitting on her bed flipping through a magazine, but clearly not interested. In the background the song "Brick" by Bens Fold Five can be heard.

Angela (VO): It obsessed me. This ‘thing’ with Brian. It like infected me, like some awful disease that would slowly take over my being..... until I like... died.

She gets up and sits over by her window, staring.

Angela (VO): So were friends. Thats a good thing...right? I mean when we were friends in the past, things were great.(hair tuck) Possibly at their very best. But now things were different. And some what strange and distorted.

Angela grabs flannel pullover and walks out the door.

BRIAN’S ROOM-that night

Brian is lying on his bed staring at the ceiling.

Bernice(OS): Brian! When was the last time you took out this trash? Brian! I know you can here me!

Brian(VO): Things are like looking up. I mean I skipped class which has to like show that I have some type of social life. And Rayanne and Sharon actually treated me with a certain respect or whatever. So why don’t I feel any better? Why do I feel like twenty times worse than what is medically normal?

Bernice(OS): Brian!

Brian(VO): This like can’t be what friendship is based on. Not this friendship. Angela has been my so-called obsession for years. And for all those years I’ve just watched her life, like develop without me. Which basically sucks.

Bob(OS): Brian, In some ways, taking out the trash can be a form of cleansing!

Brian(VO): I’ve never had a friendship where I could openly talk to some one. Angela’s all I’ve got. I don’t like plan to screw it up with her. Not for the same dumb stupid reason. Just because I like have these feelings for her. I just can’t let them show, like, ever again. And I won’t..... not anymore. Not again.

Cameras fade.

CHASE KITCHEN-same night

Angela is seated at the table, wrapped in same flannel pullover, reading the magazine.

Angela (VO): There was no where I could go. Everywhere I went reminded me of my pathetic life. And I wanted to escape.

Angela gets up and takes an apple out of the frigde.

Angela (VO): And my strange on-again, off-again friendship with Rayanne was confusing me. I mean did she expect me to simultaniously forgive her for having sex with Jordan? I couldn’t do that. I’m not able to.

She washes the apple and sits back down.

Angela (VO): And not to mention the thing with Brian. I just wanted to push that away for a while, and not think about it. Brian’s a good guy, I know that now. But it’s so hard to comprehend it all.

Suddenly, the door opens and Graham enters the kitchen. He looks suprised to see Angela up.

Graham: Hi?

Angela: Hey.

Graham: How’s the apple?

Angela: Fine.

Graham takes off his coat and goes to fridge and takes out a bottle of water.

Graham: So is there a reason your up so late?

Angela: No. I’m just not tired.

Graham: Really?

Angela (VO): I think maybe if parent’s actually, like, listened to their children and believed them the world would be like, so much better.

Angela: So how was it? The restaurant?

Graham: Pretty good actually. That’s what kind of freaked me and Hallie out. I honestly don’t know if we can beat this place.

Angela: Well..... I think I’ll go to bed. (She gets up to leave. She turns around) Good luck.

Graham: Thanks sweetheart. Night!

Angela exits, leaving Graham alone with his thoughts.



Rickie is getting a sip of water at the water fountian. Suddenly Jordan approaches behind him.

Jordan: Um....

Rickie:(looking up, suprised) Uh...hi.

Jordan: Hey. So um I need to like, ask you something.

Rickie: Sure.

Jordan: Okay, well, the thing. With Angela? That’s like, over, now and all so--

Rickie: What? You mean you two aren’t together?

Jordan: She didn’t tell you?

Rickie: (confused) Uh, no.

Jordan: But like, there’s this other girl who I like, ya know, hang with. And I want to know if I can like, ask her out, without....ya know....Angela, hating me.

Rickie: Wow.

Jordan: Yeah so... Do you think Angela would be,like, angry, if I asked this other girl out?

Rickie: Well, um....(he sees Angela walking down the hallway talking to Brian) No. I guess, I mean I don’t think she would care. All that much.

Jordan: Okay, thats cool.

Rickie:(hesistant) So...who’s the girl?

Jordan: What girl?

Rickie: The one your going to ask out.

Jordan: Oh.... just this girl.

Angela sees Rickie and Jordan talking in the hall, and continues to look at them carefully while pretending to listen to what Brian is saying. Jordan sees Angela watching them and walks away.

Jordan: So, later!

Rickie: Uh, yeah....later.

Angela comes walking up to Rickie.

Rickie: Hey.

Angela: Hey Rickie. So um, you were talking to Jordan?

Rickie: um--

Brian approaches them.

Brian: Thanks Angela. You could act slightly interested in our conversation.

Angela: Oh, Brian I’m sorry I just--

Brian: No thats okay.

Angela: So Rickie. Did Jordan like say you. I mean about me. Or..

Rickie: Angela, he just like needed advice, or something.

Brian: So what did he need advice on?

Rickie: Oh look there’s Sharon!

Rickie ducks into the girls bathroom as Brian and Angela turn around.

Angela: Rickie, Sharon’s not--

She turns to see he has disappeared. Angela darts into the girlsroom, as Brian just kind of stands there, looking at the door to the bathroom. Suddenly Sharon and Rayanne come in to view.

Rayanne: Hey *sexy* wuz up!

Brian: Um, Angela and Rickie went in the bathroom. Apparently Jordan Catalano asked Rickie for advice about something and Angela is like falling apart to know what it is.

Rayanne:(looks at Sharon) Oh. The usual.

Sharon: So Brian, what are you doing out here?

Brian: Um.. I just..

Rayanne: Your not *scared* to go in the girls room are you?

Brian: No, Of course not.

Sharon: Come on. Lets just go.

Rayanne:(teasingly) Well then, your a lot braver than I thought. ‘Cause in there it’s complete chaos.

Brian:(confused) Complete....

Sharon: Rayanne!

Rayanne: Yeah.... and the girls, they just, sit around, naked. Like all the time.

Brian:(in awe) Naked?

Rayanne:(she pauses before bursting into laughter) I’m sorry! It’s too funny!

Sharon pulls Rayanne into the bathroom.

Rayanne:(half way into bathroom, still laughing) You are *the* most gulible person I have ever met! (laughter) Naked!

The door swings shut, then open once more. As it does Brian peers inside. He stands there as the door closes.

Brian: (to himself) Naked?



Rickie is in front of the mirror applying his eyeliner. Angela is standing beside him.

Angela: Rickie, you have to tell me what he said.

Rickie: Why? Why do you need to know? Why is it so important that I tell you in descriptive detail what Catalano said?

Angela: Rickie I just... I don’t know why.

Angela (VO): I was tired. Tired of answering questions. Tired of having to explain how I feel about Jordan. To everyone.

Rickie:(sigh) Okay. Do you really want to know?

Angela (VO): Truefully, the more I thought about it. The less I wanted to know. I felt sick to my stomach. And I hadn’t even heard what he asked Rickie yet.

Angela: Ya know, just forget it.

Suddenly Rayanne and Sharon burst in. Rayanne is laughing hysterically.

Rayanne:(stops laughing) Hey.

Angela:(small smile) Hi.

Awkward silence.

Sharon: So, Chase, did you get in trouble? Ya know? For yesterday?

Angela:(hair tuck) Um, no. My mom just like talked it to death.

Rickie: Yeah, well, your lucky. Turns out yesterday in the hallway? Katimski saw me leave.

Angela: Oh my God.

Rayanne: Grounded Vascez?

Rickie: Basically. Not to mention the fact that him *and* Joesph talked to me all night about being more responsible toward my school work.

Angela: Welcome to my world.

Rickie: But, hey, I’m not complaining. I mean, this is the first time I ever got a punishment, that didn’t leave a scar.

Angela:(she gives him a small hug) Rickie...

Rickie: Hey, it’s fine.

Angela:(she breaks away) Oh god! I forgot about Brian! I gotta go.

Angela heads out the door.

Rayanne: Uh, Angela?

Angela: Yeah?

Rayanne: Um, could I like stop by your house today? Just like talk?

Angela: Um.... Well I would...but... there’s like this thing, I said I’d do... it’s for my mom so I don’t think...

Rayanne: Okay.

Angela: Um, some other time?

Rayanne: Sure.

Angela exits.

Rickie: Why didn’t Brian come in?

Sharon: He’s scared I think.

Rickie: Of what?

Sharon: I don’t know. Being around girls?

Rayanne: Either that or he’s afraid a gaint tampon will get him.

They all giggle.

Rickie: Well I’m gonna be late. See ya.

Rayanne: Bye Rickie.

Rickie exits. The two girls are silent.

Sharon: Well... at least you tried.

Rayanne: Yeah. Right. (sarcastic) That’s all that matters!

Sharon: Rayanne--

Rayanne: Look Sharon, I don’t know how frequently you give out advice to people, but next time just pass me up okay.

Sharon: Maybe it wasn’t the greatest advice. But I mean, at least your past the awkward part now.

Rayanne: You don’t know.

Sharon:(sighs) Don’t know what?

Rayanne: (close to tears) You don’t know what it’s like... to have someone. And lose them so quick....that you can’t even remember how it happened. Or why. It happened. Or even if it did happen. And you feel so... incomplete, that your insides, like, ache. You don’t know what it’s like to lose a friend like Angela.

Sharon: Actually... I do.

Camera fades into



Angela is walking with Brian and they are talking to each other.

Brian: .......And so every time I come over, she’s like staring at me. In like this imensely creepy way.

Angela:(laughs a little) Yeah, I know!

They continue walking. They pass another part of the hall. Suddenly Angela stops dead in her tracks, and stares.

Brian: Chase?

Brian turns to see what she is looking at and so does the camera. Jordan is in the hall pressed against a girl with long brown hair in grungy clothing. They are kissing passionatly.

Angela: Oh god.

Brian: Angela...

She just stands there. Brian tuggs her away from the glance.

Brian: Come on. Lets go home.

Angela: Yeah. Okay. Lets go.

They slowly walk away. Angela turns her head for one last look while tucking her hair behind her ear.

And the Camera fades into the orange sunlight, coming out of the school windows.




Don’t Worry! To be continued.

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