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Episode No. 20 - Habits

written by Tracee Manettas

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Published: 1997 | Size: 42 KB (7888 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.3/5   4.3/5 (17 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Int-- Jordan's Car -- Moments after leaving Brian behind

A drizzle has started; It matches the mood in the car, as Angela withchin in hand leans against the passenger door, her body as far away from Jordan's as she can get it. Jordan, not entirely sure what to make of the noticeable body language, continues to stare directly out the window, driving,but not sure where they'll end up.

Jordan: (hesitantly, to break the ice) So... Tino said to meet him but I... He just didn't say where (his voice trailing off, until it's barelyaudible at the end).

Angela shifts her eyes ever so slightly, just as a sign that there isstill some brain activity, and she acknowledges his presence. She's notsullen, but she's not happy either. She's exhausted. Jordan starts to grindhis teeth in the way that only Jordan can, barely moving his chin backand forth, biting his inner lower lip, in an attempt to chew on somethingthat isn't there, takes a deep breath, lets it out, and starts all overagain. For some reason this starts to annoy Angela.

Angela (VO): You know how sometimes people do things that only they can do, and you think it's so cute, then one day it just bothers you, for some unexplainable reason. Maybe it's because they've done it so many timesbefore, and, like, they need a new routine. But I guess habits are likethat, everyone has them, and they get old after a while. I mean, can'the just, like, *stop* moving his mouth. For someone who barely even speaks,he moves his mouth an awful lot. Angela takes her own deep breath and letsit out.

Int-- Chase House -- Same night

Graham is carrying in his kitchen utensils, and Patty with a huge, forced, grin on her face, walks down the stairs in her nightgown, at the Chasehouse.

Patty: So, it went well. You got the backing? (a little too much overacting animation, so much so that even she notices).

Graham: (with his wide eyed joker grin on) It was okay.

Patty: (obviously not satisfied) It was *okay*. Is that all you're going to say?

Graham: Well, what do you want me to say? I cooked, they loved it, and I'm going to be a chef. Graham, drops one of his bowls, and bends overto pick it up, feels a little creak in his back, and rubs the spot whereit hurts.

Patty: (searching, grasping at thin air, hovering over him) You know, why can't you just..... Ah, forget it, so Hallie is excited too, right?

Graham: Forget what?

Patty: Nothing...

Graham: No, not nothing, you just started to say something, and stopped. Forget what?

Patty: Graham, I... I don't even remember.

Graham: Why do you always do that?

Patty: (caught red handed, and she knows it) Do what? Graham, I just asked about the restaurant.

Graham: Forget it.

Patty, looking dejected, and exasperated, plops herself down on the couch, as Graham continues to fumble with his utensils.

Int-- Brian's Garage -- Moments after Angela and Jordan have taken off

Brian, in his garage, an impeccable place, too good to be a garage, the rain is noticeably loud as it hits the roof: His bike chain has fallenoff, yet again, and he's forcing himself to concentrate on that alone.So much concentration, in fact, that it makes him all thumbs and he can'tseem to fix it for the life of him. Finally he just knocks over the bike,surprises himself, he didn't mean to get that angry. His eyes wander overthe perfect garage, every tool in place, every garbage can where it shouldbe. He has the same look of dejection as Patty did. He bends over, picksthe bike up, and starts again.

Int-- Joey's House

Jordan and Angela, have now arrived at Joey's (Jordan's bandmate) house,a nice house, too much white, though. Angela trails Jordan, very uncertain,drinking in her surroundings. Jordan stops to talk to Shane.

Jordan: So, like, where's Tino, cause I was supposed to meet him.

Shane: (obviously zonked out on something) Uh.... um, I don't know.You gotta ask Joey.

Jordan realizing it's a fruitless task, since Joey is nowhere in sightturns back to Angela, who is staring at the floor, not wanting to moveor even breathe. Jordan semi-senses this, and pulls her to a nearby couch.She takes a seat, and he sits right next to her. Neither of them look verysure, about the next move.

Jordan: (fidgeting) I just want to wait... for Joey. He's supposed toknow where Tino is... I need to find Tino, because....

Angela: (cuts him off, and gets snippy): Will you *stop* talking aboutTino!? (looks at him) (pointedly) Please? Okay?

Jordan: (baffled... where did this come from?) Fine, I was just sayingthat I needed to find him.

Angela: I know what you were saying, and you've said it like 20 times,already.

Jordan breathes in, shuts his eyes, then lets out a sigh. They bothlook around the room, Angela more so, and she starts to pick at the armof the couch. Jordan (for what may be the first time, ever) knows thereis something else wrong, and decides to pursue it.

Jordan: (talking to her, but looking ahead) Is there, like, somethingwrong? (turns to her)

Angela (VO) Is there something wrong? Do you have a few hours? I hatequestions like this, I never know what to say, or how to say it. It's likesaying "I'm sorry" when you hear bad news, even though you knowit's totally not your fault, but you feel like you have to say something.How do you answer "is there something wrong?" Do you spill yourguts, do you deny it, nothing ever seems appropriate.

Angela just stares ahead. It's her turn to sigh out loud. She leanson the arm of the couch, with her head resting on her hand, and half turnstoward him. They both just look.

Jordan: It's just that, you were, like, happy, when I left you, andnow you're not. (giggles a little, he's nervous)

He gives her an intense look, eyes wide open, the kind that seems likeit can see right through anything, if it's fixated enough.

Angela: (ready to tell all) It's just that....

Shane: (otherwise known as idiot interruptus) Hey, Catalano I thinkTino went somewhere with Rayanne Graff.

Jordan looks up at Shane, his face full of restrained anger. It barelyeven registers with Shane, who wanders off. If it was uncomfortable betweenJordan and Angela, before, it's ten times worse, now. Angela sits upright.Jordan's shoulders sag, as he looks around for the right words. For thefirst time tonight, though, Angela is staring directly at him, waiting...

Jordan: (struggling, sits back, turns toward her) What do you want meto say? (shrugs his shoulders).

Angela just shakes her head, and looks defeated.

Angela: I really want to go home. Can we, just, like, go?

Jordan: Yeah, sure, whatever... (stands up, and looks back down at her)Wait... (Wait... What... wait? Oh god, where did that come from...)

Angela: (starts to get up but is surprised) What?

Jordan: (at a loss, it came out of nowhere, but he wants to run withit) I...I wanted to tell you something... about the letter...

Angela rolls her eyes, waiting and not expecting much.

Jordan: (stammering) It wasn't mine... I... I... mean it was *mine*,but it wasn't, like, from me. It was, but... I don't know how to explainthis... I tried to tell you, but...

Angela doesn't say anything, because she's caught off guard, and Jordantries to continue his train of thought, failing all the way.

Jordan: You didn't... In the hall, you just were standing there (picturingthe moment in his head), and....

Angela: (a certain look of confused, wonderment) I know.

Jordan: (didn't hear her) I wanted to, like, write it, but I couldn't...

Angela: (louder) I know.

Jordan: (what was that?) You know? You know, what? (ka-ching, he buysa clue in a big way) About the letter? (sits back down, in almost as muchshock as Angela). How?

Angela rubs her head, trying to relieve some tension, and trying tofind the words to tell him what she wants.

Angela: (whispering) Brian... it was Brian.

Jordan: (a little hurt by this) It was Brain? I don't do you know about that?

Angela: The whole thing... it was all Brian. He wrote it, and he toldme. I mean, he didn't *tell me*, tell me, because Rickie *told* me... buthe didn't, like, deny it either.

Jordan: Rickie?? He told you? Brain?

Angela: Yes, Jordan, listen, stop, like, repeating everything I'm saying, and just listen. I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.... I mean, just tellme what you were going to say, about the letter.

Jordan: (not really sure what to say) I think, I better take you home.(starts to walk away)

Angela: (gets up to go after him) Jordan, no, wait, please....

Ext-- A liquor store, in a mini mall, with an empty parking lot.

Rayanne is yawning in front of a liquor store, waiting for Tino. Shegoes over to the payphone to give Rickie a call. It's late, but she doesn'tnotice. She gives him a call, but no one is home. Without thinking, shedials Angela next, almost instinctively.

Patty: Hello

Rayanne: (whoops, didn't mean that) Hello, who is this?

Patty: (getting annoyed) Rayanne, is that you?

Rayanne: Uh... yeah, I'm sorry Mrs. Chase... I mean Patty. I dialedthe wrong number.

Patty: Rayanne, are you okay?

Rayanne: Yeah, I just, I meant to call Rickie but I dialed your numberinstead. (Tino waves for her, of course we don't see him). Look I gottago, I'm really sorry.

She hangs up before Patty can say anything.

Int-- Chase House-- Same night

Graham is making himself something to eat. Patty approaches him, havingjust hung up the phone.

Graham: (looks up) Do you want me to heat something up, for you?

Patty: No... I just got the oddest phone call.

Graham: (still concentrating on the food) Oh, yeah?

Patty: It was Rayanne, she didn't really say anything, but she sounded...I don't know, lonely, maybe.

Graham: Well, maybe she is.

Patty: (in her own world) I wonder if sheand Angela have spoken recently. I mean, Angela can't stay mad forever.

Graham: Well...

Patty: (changing the subject, and picking at his food) So, the investors really liked it, huh? It's really going to happen? (smiling, this timefor real)

Graham: (looks up) Yeah, it is. (smiles right back) I've never feltso sure about something before in my life.

Patty: (a little taken aback by this) Never?

Graham: (doesn't quite see the connection). No, I mean it's like all these years, I've just dreamed about this, I could picture it, but I couldnever make it work. And now it is, and it just... feels great. (Graham'sturn to change the topic) So, how was Tony?

Patty: (her orbit slowly coming back in focus) Tony?... Oh, Tony, he was great, he's just the same.

Graham: Yeah, than how come he's not in prison?

Patty just laughs and tugs at Graham's shirt, and takes off with his plate of food. Graham grins, and picks up the other plate he made, andheads for the table.

Int-- Krakow House-- Same Night

Brian, at his kitchen table. The object of his concentration is nowa glass of milk. He can't even bring himself to drink it. He gets up tomake a call, hangs the phone up, goes to sit again, but instead walks backand picks the phone up again, and dials a number.

Scene cuts back and forth between Katimski's place/Rickie's home...for now, and Brian in his kitchen.

Rickie: (catching his breath, from running in to answer the phone) Hello.

Brian: Hi, uh, is Rickie there?

Rickie: Speaking.

Brian: (nervous giggle) Oh, it just sounded like you were doing someheavy lifting or something...

Rickie: (his eyes wander to the mouthpiece on the phone, confused, likewho is this?) Uh, Brian is that you?

Brian: Um, yeah, sorry, I thought you would, like, know my voice. Not that... you should know it, but...

Rickie: So, um, what's up? I mean, it's just, like, weird, you've neverc alled me before.

Brian: (trying to make conversation) I know, it's just that I had your number, but like, I didn't really want to talk to Mr. Katimski, so I didn'tcall.

Rickie: Brian, it's okay, you don't have to explain (with a slight smile).

Dead silence for what seems like an eternity.

Rickie: Brian, are you still there?

Brian: Yeah, I just, I don't know why I called you.

Rickie: Did something, like, happen? Is something wrong?

Brian: (not sure what to say). Angela.... she knows. You told her...

Rickie: I'm sorry (closes his eyes, and does mind gymnastics, conflictedover the next question) Brian, what did she say?

Brian: She didn't say *anything*. She left.

Rickie: She left? Where did she go?

Brian: With Jordan Catalano. I mean, she said some things, but she,like, didn't really know what to say.

Rickie: Well Brian, I mean, you *did* just lay some heavy stuff on her.

Brian: I know, but.... did she have to leave with *him*?

Rickie: (at a loss). Brian? Do you want me to come over, or something?

Brian: (considering the offer). Yeah... no, I mean, no, I think it's better if you don't. I don't really want to deal with it right now...

Rickie: Are you sure?

Brian: Yeah, listen, I'm kind of tired, I'll call you tomorrow, okay?

Rickie: Yeah, okay, do that.

Brian: Alright, oh by the way Rickie, thanks for the offer.

Rickie: (smiles halfheartedly) Goodnight Brian.

Brian hangs up his phone, sits down at his table, and stares for a few seconds, until finally he takes the milk and pours it out. He heads outof the kitchen up to bed, because he's not sure what else to do with himself.

Ext-- Joey's House-- The rain is really coming down now

Jordan walking to his car, with Angela following, the rain hitting them both.

Angela: Jordan! Stop, for a minute, please (on the verge of tears).

He just opens the passenger door, without saying anything and walks around to his side of the car. Angela, doesn't know what to do, but followshis lead, and gets in the car, because she's getting wet. Angela's moodhas changed to one of anger.

Int-- Jordan's Car-- Continuous

Jordan goes to start the ignition, but she stops him, determined to have this conversation. Now both of them are angry.

Jordan, looks (very harshly) towards Angela, he wants the keys. She doesn't back down....

Angela: Look, Jordan (she's choking back tears, and trying to wipe the wet hair from her face). You know I can't believe this, I really can'tbelieve this! I can't believe that *I'm* the one chasing after *you*. Whyare you the only one, who's allowed to get mad? Why do I always have to make sure that *you* feel okay, that, like, everything is going the wayyou want it? (she's not really even yelling at him, but just out loud,her voice getting higher as she goes) Why don't I get to be the one whogets mad, every once in a while? Why aren't *you* asking *me* what's wrong,and chasing after me?

Jordan: (not as forceful as her) I *did*.

Angela: You did what?

Jordan: I asked you what was wrong.

Angela: (oh... that's right) Still, that's not what I meant...

Jordan: What did you mean?

Angela: (not entirely sure, she's also calmed down, considerably) I meant, that, like, this wasn't the way it was supposed to happen.

Jordan: (earnestly) What, what wasn't supposed to happen? That you weren't supposed to find out about the letter?

Angela: (considers this) No, it's just that... you were supposed to hurt as much as I did... (she can't stop the tears now)

Jordan backs up a little, he's unsure of what that means, he just stares,wanting to do nothing but wipe her tears away, knowing that he can't.

Angela: (turns around and faces him) You did it again. You hurt me *again*.I... I... thought that maybe you meant what you said in the letter, that you really hurt. It made me feel better, to know I wasn't the only one. Then... then I found out, that wasn't how you really felt, that it was Brian.

Jordan: (digesting this) No, that's not how it happened. I mean... that wasn't, like, what I meant to do.

Angela just waits, she wants him to say what he has to...

Jordan: (inching closer) I.... I...just wanted to tell you I was sorry.I didn't write the letter, I mean... I wrote the letter... but.... forgetit....

Angela: No, say it, I want to hear you say it.

Jordan: (really trapped now, but he knows what he has to do). Brain...he wrote it for me, but (he looks at her, in what is quite possibly themost transforming moment of his life, thus far) only because I couldn't...I mean, I wanted say it... I.. I tried...but... (his voice getslower, as he says more than he ever intended to). I wanted to say.... allof those things, but I...I didn't know how. I... I asked Brain... and hecould, so he did, but it was from me... or whatever... (breathes in, verydeeply, and waits)

Angela: (still crying, but for different reasons) Jordan, it was from Brian, too.

Jordan: I know, he wrote it...

Angela: No, Jordan, it was *from* him too.

Jordan: (huh?) I don't .... What do you mean?

Angela: (not sure how to explain this) He told me tonight...., I mean, I didn't know. I found out, that he wrote the letter.... I asked him aboutit... and he meant it too, Jordan. That's why he wrote it.

Jordan: (it's dawning on him) Is, that, like, why you were talking to him?

Angela: Yeah.

Jordan: (sort of mumbling to himself) *That's* why hegot so freaked out...

Angela: What? Freaked out, over what?

Jordan: (connecting pieces as he goes along). The letter. He didn't....he couldn't write it at first and was like, all jumpy about it, but thenhe just handed it to me. And...No wonder why it was so easy for him...*You* made it easy for him.

Angela's face matches Jordan's as she seems to be piecing together her own little puzzle.

Jordan: And that's why there was something wrong with you... (startsto laugh to himself).

Angela: (anger resurfacing) What's so funny? I thought you were saying something serious, and now you're like, laughing?

Jordan: (stops himself) It's...It's just that.... I mean,I thought you were, like, upset over me, or something.... and you weren't,you were upset over him... (now his face looks as hurt as a puppy who hasjust been kicked)

Angela: (notices this) No, Jordan, I mean... that's not what I meant.(her hand sort of unconsciously drifts to his face) I was upset over him....I*am* upset over him... but I was upset over you too, probably more. Jordan,you hurt me a lot, how am I supposed to feel?

Jordan: (leaning against his steering wheel, his hands covering his eyes, and forehead) I know... I don't know how to make it right... I keepscrewing it up... When I try to make it right, I, like, mess it up again(lifts his head).

They both sit in silence for a moment, both trying to figure it allout, and getting nowhere.

Angela: (giggles) We're just one big mess. (smiles at him)

Jordan: (joins her in smiling) Yeah... Now what?

Angela: I don't know, Jordan, I really don't.

Jordan: Me neither... but...

Angela: What?

Jordan:..... Can I have my keys back?

Angela forks them over, and they take off, somehow secure in their ownway.

Int-- The unfinished restaurant-- Next Day

Graham has brought Patty and the girls to see the place, since Angelaand Danielle have never been here, and since Hallie needs to discuss business.

Angela looks around, not entirely impressed, but she's good at faking it. Danielle runs around, she's pretty excited, meanwhile Graham and Pattydiscuss the business.

Graham: (he's really into it) So, what's going to happen is they're going to put up half the money now, so that we can get the basics to getit up and running, and with our savings, and Hallie's share....

Patty: Wait, they're only putting up half of the money, now?

Graham: Well, yeah, and as soon as they see that we're actually creating something, we'll get the other half to add the finishing touches, and tostart hiring people, and advertising... Look, it's all going to come together,I promise.

Patty: (wants to believe that, but...) I'm sure it is. So, what exactly is Hallie's part in all of this... I mean.. I know that you're going tocook, but once it's actually up and running is she going to do everythingelse?

Graham: Well, for now, that's the plan, eventually though, I'll, like,*ease* my way into the business side.

Patty: And what about payments? I mean how are you going to pay the investors back?

Graham: (growing frustrated) Look, honey, can't we just open the place first, and then worry about it? (notices Danielle handling a fragile lookingpiece of crystal) Uh... Danielle, honey, don't play with that.

Danielle: (I'm not a two-year old!...) Fine!

Patty: (totally disregards Danielle) Graham... it's just that, someone has to think about these things before...

A loud clang, as Hallie attempts to open the restaurant door, with a handful of books, and various other objects.

Patty: Hallie... hi! (suddenly too cheerful)

Hallie: (looks up) Damn doors, they're always in the wrong place (laughs).Oh, hi, (looks at Graham) I didn't know if you would remember.

Graham: (turns to her, smiling) Of course! (clasps his hands together) Angela... Danielle, come say hi. Danielle (far off) Hi... Angela sauntersover, and Patty notices the long face she has on.

Angela: Hi. (attempts a smile) Uh... do you, like, need help with those?

Hallie: (smiling) Yeah, I do this all the time. I always forget thatI only have two hands. Angela grabs some of the books, and attempts a laugh.

Graham: *What* is in those books?

Hallie: Swatches! You know, for like wallpaper, and menus, and... all that good stuff.

Patty: Well, I would love to stay, but I have to get Danielle to Girl Scouts... Danielle, c'mon let's go... Angela... are you ready?

Angela: (practically out the door) Yeah. Danielle runs over, gives Grahama kiss good-bye, as does Patty.

Patty: I'll see you around 7, right?

Graham: Yep.

Patty: Alright, I'll see you later. Hallie, it was nice seeing you,you have to come by for dinner again.

Hallie: Of course...

Patty: Girls, lets go... Bye.

Hallie and Graham are left, just standing there, and for once Hallie has no conversation to make.

Int-- Chase Family Stationwagon-- Day-- About an hour later

Patty and Angela have dropped Danielle at her Girl Scout meeting, and are now on their way back home. The sky is still cloudy. Angela looks,a lot like she did in Jordan's car, only Patty isn't as quiet as Jordan.

Patty: So, why the long face?

Angela: Nothing.

Patty: (looks at her) Oh yeah, then why hasn't your expression changed since you got home last night?

Angela: (getting annoyed) Mom, there's nothing wrong!

Patty: Angela, there has to be something more...

Angela: (VO) Can't parent's just like, drop a subject, without having some long drawn out explanation. Or do they have to know every detail,all the time?

Patty: (won't let the subject go) Angela... What happened, I thought you and Jordan were....

Angela: Mom, please...

Patty: He just seemed so nice, when we talked, I mean, I don't understand....You two left together...

Angela: There's just some things... I don't know... I can't explain it to you.

Patty: You know Angela... He was really hurt, and a little lost whenwe talked.

Angela: (in a huff) What did you like, find out, his social security number, and what his favorite nursery rhyme was, too? What did you talkabout?

Patty: (rolls her eyes, gives up) Nothing, we didn't really talk a lot,look I just *know* that he seemed upset.

Angela: (rolls her own eyes) Whatever... Look, Mom, just drop it, okay.That she does...

Patty: (controlled) Fine... By the way, Rayanne called you last night.

Angela: (unexpectedly hopeful): Yeah... how come?

Patty: I don't know,she said she just dialed the wrong number.

Angela: Oh... (deflated)

Patty just looks at her daughter, for once she knows when to drop thesubject.

Ext-- Krakow House-- Same Day--

Rickie has come by for a visit, and he and Brian are just hanging around his porch, having one of those conversations that you have, when you don'tknow what else to say.

Rickie:... So, that's why I wonder whether or not I should have Corey paint it red or some other color. What do you think?

Brian is not paying attention.

Rickie: Brian?

Brian: (snaps out of it) Huh? Were you saying something?

Rickie: Yeah... but it wasn't important. (looks at Brian with concern) Brian... listen, you can't beat yourself up over this.

Brian: Oh, no? Why not?

Rickie: Because... because, it's not your fault. I mean, you can't, like, expect to control her reaction. She's just going to do what she hasto, and it's not going to be your fault, or because of you, but becauseof her, no matter how it turns out.

Brian: (reluctantly agrees) I just... wish, that I could like, change some of it.

Rickie: (knows this all too well) We all do, Brian, but there are just some things that, like, you can't change, no matter how easy it would makeeverything else.

They both notice Patty drive into the Chase driveway. Rickie just looks at Brian, who has suddenly found the most fascinating spot on the sidewalk,that he can't seem to look any other way.

Ext-- Chase House-- Continuous

Angela exits the car, turns and sees them, by this time, Rickie hashalf dragged Brian across the street, towards her. They approach her, asPatty makes her way inside the Chase house.

Rickie: Hey, Angela. What's up?

Angela: Hi. They kiss hello, as Brianlooks away.

Angela: (awkwardly) Brian..

Brian: (just as awkward) Hi.

Angela: (looks to Rickie) So, what are you doing over here? Were, wesupposed to like, meet or something?

Rickie: No... I just came to see Brian, but listen I gotta go. We're putting the final touches on the play, and I've got a million things todo.

Angela: Oh, okay...

Rickie: So... I'll see you guys on Monday, right?

Angela and Brian: (at the same time) Yeah..

Rickie: Bye Again

Angela and Brian: Bye

They both just sort of look at each other. Rickie takes off, and Angela makes her way to her porch steps, and takes a seat. Brian doesn't knowwhat to do, but takes it as a sign, that he should follow. Angela sitswith her hands between her knees, just waiting.

Brian: (standing over her) So.... can, I like, sit?

Angela: (gaining more strength as she goes) Yeah, just, like, not tooclose... Brian sits, and the awkwardness, seems to overwhelm them both.They both start to talk at the same time.

Brian: Angela....

Angela: Brian....

Both stop, waiting for the other to start again.

Angela: Go... what were you going to say?

Brian: (ummm...) I.... I don't know, what were *you* going to say?

Angela: (shrugs her shoulders) Look, Brian... I just don't.... I don't want you to like, think... the wrong way, or something...

Brian: (insert foot in mouth) Oh, yeah, how am I supposed to think?

Angela: Stop! Don't do that. Why do you have to get nasty, before I even say anything?

Brian: (this isn't going the way he thought) Because....

Angela: (somehow she understands that). Brian... I'm really flattered, I mean, I didn't know you felt like this... and the letter it was like...incredible. But....

Brian: (knowing what's coming) Don't say it.

Angela: (trying to make this sound right). Not now Brian... I'm not...I don't want you to get your hopes up over something that's not going tohappen...

Brian: Just tell me... is it because of Catalano?

Angela: (doesn't really know the answer). No, um... I don't know why Brian... it's just the way it is... I mean *of course* Jordan is part ofit, but he's not the only thing....

Brian: (this makes him feel both, better and worse) So, are you saying, that, like.... Jordan isn't that important (an honest question)?

Angela: (too quick) No. That's not what I'm saying... I'm sorry, Brian...I just don't have the answer you want.

Brian: (not satisfied, but he'll take what he can get) I meant what I said... I'm glad that it made you happy.

Angela: (doesn't need to say it) I know you are. Look... Brian, I can't just *not* feel something for him, and I can't just, like, all of the sudden...I don't know, like, feel *that way* for you. Brian thinks about this fora minute...

Brian: No wonder why it was so easy for him.

Angela: What was so easy?

Brian: Just... like, getting you. He didn't have to, like, work for it, because it was already there. *You* made it easy for him. They both sit,in awkward silence.

Angela: (fondly) Can't you just go back to being a pain in my neck?(smiles)

Brian: (trying to smile) It's not that simple...

Angela: I know...

But for now, it'll have to make due.

Int-- Chase House-- Night-- Around 7:00

Graham walks in, and Patty hangs the phone up, as she sees him enter.

Patty: (surprised) Graham... what are you doing here?

Graham: (equally surprised) I live here... (smiles) I told you I would be home around 7:00. Don't you remember?

Patty: Yeah... I... I remember, I just... I thought you would probably run late.

Graham: (taking off his coat) Oh...

Patty: If I would have known, I wouldn't have ordered pizza.

Graham: You haven't eaten yet?

Patty: No, the girls weren't hungry, but I figured they had to eat something anyway, so I decided to call for a pizza.

Graham: You know... you just seem so surprised to see me.

Patty: (a little flabbergasted) Well... I think it's mostly because of Hallie...

Graham: (looks a little alarmed) Hallie? What does she have to withthis?

Patty: (notices this) It's just that she seemed to have an awful lotof stuff in her hand, a lot of stuff to deal with... I thought for sure,she would keep you longer, trying to force you to make a decision.

Graham (relieved, laughs a little): Are you kidding me? I couldn't even get a word in, edgewise. She's got it all planned out in her head. I'msurprised I'm even allowed to pick the menu out.

Patty: (laughs as well) She's something else, huh?

Graham: Yeah, yeah... something else. (changes subject) So where's that pizza, I'm starving? Did you get the little tomato's?

Patty: Yep.

Patty just looks at him and forces down the bad feelings.

Int-- Liberty High Gym-- Monday Afternoon

Monday afternoon Rayanne and Angela in gym class.

Gym Teacher: Alright, ladies. You all have two chances, to get this right. Who wants to go first?

All the students just stand around waiting for someone else, to go,as usual.

Gym Teacher: Fine, I'll just pick one, Thompson, you're up first.

A girl makes her way to the edge of a mat, and runs, jumps over the pummel horse, successfully. One after the other, they all make their way,some get it, some don't. Angela gets over, in her first shot. Next up isRayanne.

Rayanne: (jittery) Um, I can't, like, do this, because I have a bad case of cramps.

Gym Teacher: Graff, get your ass up there.

Rayanne: Alright, God, calm down. (mutters to herself) Maybe you're the one with PMS... Rayanne, runs, but gets nervous, and stops before shecan lift herself over the pummel horse.

Gym Teacher: (blows her whistle) Graff, what's the problem?

Rayanne: Nothing, I just didn't have enough speed.

Rayanne, looks at Angela, who tries to pretend she's not paying attention,goes back and tries again, this time, she grabs the pummel horse, onlyto fall flat on her face, on her way over. At this, Angela laughs hysterically...and if she wasn't head deep in the mat, Rayanne, would be too...

Int-- A girl's bathroom-- Day--

About half an hour later Sharon and Angela in the bathroom, just standing around shooting the breeze.

Angela: (animatedly)... So, the next thing you see is Rayanne on the floor....

Sharon is in hysterics, and so is Angela, they don't even notice Rayanne wander in.

Rayanne: (sarcastically) It's nice to see you remember me.

Angela, stops laughing, and just walks to the other side of the bathroom,towards the mirror.

Sharon: So, were you, like, hurt or something.

Rayanne: (looking in Angela's direction) Me? No, I just realized I haven't had enough practice, lately, with flexibility, if you know what I mean.

A silence falls over all three. Finally, Angela breaks it.

Angela: (she watches Rayanne in the mirror) So, Rayanne, why did you call my house?

Rayanne: (doesn't remember this) I didn't.

Angela: That's not what my mother said...

Rayanne: (trying to remember) Well Pattycakes, was wrong. Sharon and Angela, both instinctively know Rayanne, is covering up.

Angela: Look... (goes to say something more)... do you know where Rickie is?

Rayanne: What do I look like? His personal day planner?

Angela fed up, just waves bye to Sharon, and exits.

Sharon: (in the middle, again, and concerned) Rayanne...

Rayanne: Look... Cherski, you don't have to be everyone's personal saviour.I'm fine...

Sharon: Oh, really.... then why did you assume that's what I was going to say?

Rayanne: Well, wasn't it?

Sharon: Uh, no. (she knows how to play this game) I was just going toask you how it felt to look like such a fool, in front of a gym full ofpeople. (smiles)

Rayanne just smiles, back.

Sharon: It'll get better...

Rayanne: Yeah, when?

Int-- The tutoring room- Day

Brian waits patiently for Jordan's tutoring session. He's nervous, and unsure of himself. Jordan walks in, and slowly sits down, not sure if thisis the place he really wants to be. Brian, knows that something is wrong,and he knows what it is.

Brian: So, um, today we should work on some more vocabulary.

Jordan just stares. Brian shifts around in his seat, alternately looking in his bag and at Jordan.

Jordan: Um... today... it's just not good for me... I don't really feel like doing this.

Brian: Oh, okay, well we could do it tomorrow instead.

Jordan: Look... Brian.... I don't think that I really want to do this anymore.

Brian: (he already knows) Why not?

Jordan: (not sure if Brian is being serious) Because... because, like, I just can't do this with *you*.

Brian: Jordan.... I... I didn't.... I was only trying to help you....

Jordan: (getting angry, but keeping quiet) Yeah? So why didn't you tell me... about you and Angela?

Brian: (wracked with anxiety) Tell you... what was I supposed to tell you?

Jordan gives him that look of "you know what I mean".

Brian: It's just not that *easy* (Jordan doesn't budge, so Brian continues) Because.... I couldn't.

Jordan: Well.... (goes to get up) I *can't* do this.

Brian: Wait, no Jordan... what did you want me to say, to you?

Jordan: (still seated) Oh... (half smiles, in that incredulous way,and gets sarcastic) I don't know... how about "I really want yourgirlfriend"?

Brian: (struck by this, and in turn speaks too fast) She wasn't... I mean, I didn't...

Jordan: (interrupts him) She wasn't, what?

Brian: (too late to turn back) ... Your girlfriend.

Jordan (really mad now, but still quiet) Do me a favor, Brian, get your own girlfriend. Someone else to play games with. (just shakes his headand stares in semi-disbelief at him)

Jordan gets up and walks out of the room. Brian lets him walk out, ,sits for a few seconds, in utter shock, but can't let him walk away, sohe follows in his footsteps, down the hall.

Brian: (swallowing his own pride) Jordan.... look... I know that you....that you probably hate me.... or something.

Jordan just looks at him, as if to say yes, but he can't quite pull the look off, because he's not so sure he does.

Brian: But... you have to do this.... I mean, Angela (takes a deep breath,and lets it out)... she *needs* you to do this.

Jordan mulls this over, and agrees... silently.

Jordan: (suddenly calmer and quieter than before) I thought... that like, you really wanted to help me, but now I know....

Brian: (knows that isn't true) No... Jordan... (starts speaking just as quietly as Jordan) At first... maybe, but not now. I want to help you...but I can't, if you won't let me.

Jordan is more hurt now, than anything else.

He takes a swig of his own pride.

Jordan: Fine.... just, like, not today... okay?

Brian nods his head, and watches as Jordan wanders off.

Ext-- Liberty High-- Parking Lot--

Late Afternoon Jordan is leaning on his hood, waiting, after school.The parking lot, is pretty deserted, Angela emerges from detention. She'sa little surprised to see him.

Jordan: (not exactly sure why he's there) I was just.... waiting to see if you, like... needed a ride or something.

Angela: Yeah, I could use one. (smiles)


Int-- Jordan's Car-- Continuous

Jordan and Angela enter the car, he starts grinding his teeth (in the Jordan only way) again, but it doesn't seem to bother Angela, in fact she'skind of taken by it, and keeps staring at his chin. Jordan notices.

Jordan: What's wrong?

Angela: Nothing, you just... you have this habit of (she points to her own chin).... (laughs a little) forget it.

Jordan: (with affection) You mean, like your hair flicking habit.

Angela:My what?

Jordan: (laughs) Forget it.

And off they go.

To be continued... Maybe. :)

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