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Episode No. 20 - In Truth There Is Friendship

written by Teresa Mears

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Published: 1997 | Size: 26 KB (5215 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.6/5   3.6/5 (14 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela lying in bed thinking audience pov.

ANGELA (VO): What I hate more than anything is the last days of a vacation. Because you dread the second your alarm tells you you have to go back to where your life just ended… (She looks out the window and sees Brian Krakow riding his bike in circles between their houses.)

ANGELA (VO): I still don't know what happened with the letter. I just cannot bring myself to ask Jordan or Brian because it just isn't that simple (the phone rings and we faintly hear patty call to Angela that it's for her)… anymore.

Angela on phone in patty and graham's room

ANGELA: Rickie, I just can't go over to him while he circles between our houses a hundred times and say some stupid thing. Like "so you love me. Now I realize why you always let me ask you for everything and just handed it over like you didn't care."(Short pause) I just can't risk sounding so profoundly rude to either of them.

Cut to Rickie sitting in the living room of Mr. Katimski's

RICKIE: I know Angela and I understand but think about how both of them feel O.K.? You, who they both have this complete adoration too, don't want to talk to either of them. You craved one of them forever and never gave the other a chance to finish a sentence. I mean I know it's hard but you can't just ignore the fact that everyone loves you.

ANGELA: (smiles) Doubtful but thanks anyways. I still don't know what I'm going to do though.

RICKIE: Well, for starters you could call one of them and set up something.

ANGELA: (groaning) oh all right, but I'm only doing this so you and Sharon will leave me alone about it!

RICKIE: (Half-laughing) O.K. But just don't wait too long you only have four days of vacation left after all.

ANGELA: Thanks for reminding me.

RICKIE: Anytime. I'll call you later O.K.?

ANGELA: O.K. thanks Rickie love you

RICKIE: love you too bye

ANGELA: Bye (she hangs up almost unwillingly)

Angela is about to dial a number when patty screams up to her

PATTY: Angela! Would you please come out of hiding long enough to have dinner with the family?

Angela sighs, puts the phone on its cradle and gets up to leave. Before she leaves the room she looks back

ANGELA (VO): I swear that the next time something terrible happens to me I'll pretend nothing happened more believably so my mother will stop treating me like a head case.

At the chase table everyone minus graham is enjoying their diner, except Angela who just pokes at everything on her plate until patty breaks the silence.

PATTY: Angela, are you going to tell us what's wrong anytime soon or are we just supposed to consider you a hermit and cancel all plans for your future?

Angela just sits there with a leave me alone please face

PATTY: well the least you could do is help Danielle with the dishes, (pause) O.K.? (Kinda pushing)

ANGELA: O.K. I will (frustrated)

Angela leaves the table and goes to the sink leaving patty with a half upset half totally confused look. Patty looks at clock that says 6:30 PM. Fade to black

Time has passed. Shown by a clock that now says 11:30 PM
Patty is on the couch obviously waiting for someone. In the background we can hear keys in the door. Then graham enters.

PATTY: Well, look who's home (goes and gives graham a hug and kiss)

GRAHAM: Hello.

PATTY: Well, obviously you were stuck working late again. So now what?

GRAHAM: Oh. Well it just so happens Hallie and Brad are officially back and have decided to finally set a date.

PATTY: Oh, really how wonderful. (With all to much joy)

GRAHAM: Well yeah it's great except that now she's to busy with wedding plans to work out all the things she's supposed to do.

PATTY: Oh, (pause) well maybe we could find someone to take over for a while, until Hallie has more free time for work.

Graham just gives her a look like I know what you're thinking and no way

PATTY: What! You don't think I could do it do you?

GRAHAM: It's not that you couldn't do it. It's more of do you really want to be stuck at a restaurant in Hallie's messy office for 9 hours a day.

PATTY: Well, it'd only be for a few weeks, right?

GRAHAM: Maybe I should just hire someone.

Patty gives him an evil look and graham senses what she's thinking.

GRAHAM: Well, I really wouldn't mind seeing more of you.

Patty smiles and once again gives Graham a nice smooch.

In Angela's room again but darker she's in bed almost asleep thinking

ANGELA (VO): I called Jordan's but no one knew where he was so I called Brian who was shocked that I suddenly decided he was worth talking to. We're going to go somewhere to talk tomorrow. Knowing him I'll end up walking to some park like we did when we were little and needed to get away. I have a feeling I'll need to get away from him.

In Brian's room it just so happens he's thinking, too

BRIAN (VO): For the first time in my life I'm dreading seeing Angela Chase. I can only hope what she suddenly must tell me isn't some sob story about how her and Jordan made up. I just couldn't handle that. Maybe I'll take her to that park we always went to when we were kids. She did like it there. Maybe then she'll remember how close we were. Who am I kidding? She probably just wants to tell me how happy Jordan and her are thanks to me. Great I can get anyone I like to have who they want but can't get them for half a lifetime. How ironic can you get without like puking?


It's morning now and Angela's staring into her mirror. Audience pov of her face in the mirror

ANGELA (VO): The thought that in a few minutes Brian Krakow was going to be at my door like old times half sickens and half overwhelms me. Maybe if I'm lucky he'll just tell me what I need to know and I won't have to ask. I hope.

The doorbell rings and graham, on his way out, yells to Angela:

GRAHAM: Angela! Brain Krakow is here!

Angela sighs slowly gets up and leaves the room on her way out

ANGELA (VO): I am about to do the impossible. I'm about to have a conversation with someone who truly likes me, but I don't even know what to say to them because of it.

Angela walks down the stairs as Brian gives her his typical look


BRIAN: hey

ANGELA: So, where do you want to go?

BRIAN: I don't know. You want to just go to the park?

ANGELA (VO): I truly hate it when I'm right about people. Especially Brian.

At the park Angela and Brian are sitting on a picnic table one on each side.

BRIAN: You asked me here to talk, right?


BRIAN: So, when are we going to talk.

ANGELA: I don't know. (She's obviously upset or confused)

BRIAN: Something's wrong. I mean, What's wrong?

ANGELA: Nothing. Just forget about it. (Pause) (After Brian gives her this totally sorry look)

ANGELA: (sigh) I just didn't know what I was going to say when we got here and I still don't. Because no matter what I say I still won't know.

BRIAN: Won't know what?

ANGELA: Brian don't act so stupid. What do you think I would want to know from you?

BRIAN: It's not that I don't know it's just… what do you expect me to say?

ANGELA: I don't know.

They just look at each other weird for a second. Then cut to Sharon's house she's on the phone in her room talking to Rayanne.

SHARON: Rayanne, trust me it will work out. Angela isn't the kind of person to hate some one forever. Trust me.

RAYANNE: Yeah I know. You of all people should know what this is like.

SHARON: Rayanne you just have to give it time. She'll forgive you. She probably already has. You know how she is. She's always sh…

RAYANNE: Shutting people out. Yeah, I know. So have you talked to her lately?

SHARON: Not since before vacation. Angela has decided that the best way to spend spring break was to hide in her room away from everyone.

RAYANNE: Which would include you wouldn't it.

SHARON: Rayanne, tell you what I was thinking of throwing a small party on Saturday. Rickie's going to help. Why don't you come? You could use the party time.

RAYANNE: As long as there's no beer and plenty of music I'm there.

SHARON: Rayanne I'm so glad you quit drinking.

RAYANNE: Sharon, please you're starting to sound like (in that weird voice only Rayanne can do) Mrs. Krazynowski.

They both laugh and the scene disappears.

Cut to the loft. Jordan is there playing "Red"

JORDAN (VO): Angela hates me. This sucks. If only I could find the right words to say.

Looks at the guitar is obviously thinking "write her a song"

Cut to the park. Angela and Brian are still sitting same as before. Silent as ever

ANGELA: Maybe I should just go home. This obviously isn't going to work.

BRIAN: What! You call me as if this is some major thing and now without saying anything you're just going to leave!

ANGELA: Look I'm sorry to waste your time, Krakow but I only wanted to know what happened. Now I don't even care.

She gets up and walks away while Brian just stands there for a second.

BRIAN: Chase! Angela wait!

She just keeps going. He's about to go after her then changes his mind.

BRIAN (VO): Why can't I just tell her! I hate myself! Why can't I just say "Angela I wrote the letter and I meant every word and I … need you too."

Brian just stands then leaves walking the opposite way of Angela.

At the restaurant Graham is looking into Hallie's office while patty struggles with a computer.

PATTY: Why can't there just be typewriters again? (Hits some button she obviously didn't mean too) damn it I don't believe this. (Looks up and sees graham smiling at her.)

PATTY: I just deleted an entire page of the report and you're just going to smile at me.

GRAHAM: Patty that's why we save things to disk. (Goes to the desk and gets a disk and puts it in the drive.) Why don't you just go on lunch? I'll finish the report.

Patty is obviously unhappy about that.

PATTY: Fine. (Goes to leave) honey maybe we should hire someone.

GRAHAM: I thought you wanted to do this. (Teasing)

PATTY: I'll go put an add in the paper. We usually end up printing the ads for them anyway. (She leaves)

Graham sits at the desk with a big smile.

GRAHAM: (To himself) Patty you don't even know how to use a typewriter.

At The Krakow's. Brian is in his room. He's on his bed staring at the phone. He picks it up and calls someone.

Ringing at Mr. Katimski's

RICKIE: Hello?

BRIAN: Rickie?

RICKIE: Yeah. Hi Brian. (Looking odd) what's up?

BRIAN: Nothing much. Um, have you talked to Angela today?

RICKIE: No, why? Brian wait did you see her?

BRIAN: Yeah why?

RICKIE: (smiling) oh no reason so did you tell her?

BRIAN: No, she just makes it so hard. We just sat there in silence then she just gave up and left.

RICKIE: (Planning something) Well Sharon's having a party Saturday night you should come. (Beat) To get your mind off of Angela and everything.

BRIAN: I don't think that's possible but (short pause) maybe I'll stop by or something.

RICKIE: Great. Well, don't think about it too much and I'll see you Saturday, O.K.?

BRIAN: O.K. (pause) Rickie

RICKIE: yeah

BRIAN: Um don't tell Angela I asked you about her O.K.?

RICKIE: (confused) O.K. bye


Hangs up with a sad look

BRIAN (VO): A party. Great just what I need. A bunch of people having a life while I sit on Sharon's couch dreaming about telling Angela the truth. That sounds fun.

In Angela's room she sitting at her vanity looking in the mirror and patty knocks at her door.

PATTY: Angela! Rickie's on the phone. He says it's urgent.

Angela runs to the door grabs the phone and closes it leaving patty dismayed.

ANGELA: Rickie, I couldn't even ask him about it I just felt like I'd be pressuring him or something.

RICKIE: I know. (Pause) Maybe he'll tell you on his own.

ANGELA: what! (In shock) the odds of that are like impossible. (Beat) Wait a minute Rickie are you not telling me something or something?

RICKIE: Angela look, Sharon's having a party Saturday and I want you to go with me. You need to get out of the house.

ANGELA: Rickie, remember what happened today when I left the house.

RICKIE: Angela come on. You need to get out. Become one with nature again. (Acting)

ANGELA: (laughing) O.K. I'll go, but I'm not guaranteeing I'll have a good time, deal?

RICKIE: deal.

Change to Sharon's who is getting read for the party. There are tons of Hawaiian decorations and tropical things all over.

SHARON (VO): Rickie's bringing Angela and Brian. And Rayanne will be here. So will Delia. (Doorbell Rings) I'm about to cause WWIII.


We are back in Angela's room now who's getting ready for the party, Rickie by her side.

ANGELA: (holds up a color of lipstick) yay or nay?

RICKIE: Definitely nay.

ANGELA: Remind me again why I let you talk me into this?

RICKIE: Because, you need to be there.

ANGELA: why would I need to be there?

RICKIE: because if you sit in this house any longer I'll never see you again. That and you need to stop letting the letter control your life.

Semi-long pause as Angela looks "woke up" to that last one.

ANGELA: (finishes up her makeup. She is wearing the velvet dress from "life of Brian" and her hair is in two small braids on the right side of her face.) O.K. let's go.

The two leave her room. The next shot is in Angela's driveway.

RICKIE: oh, I just remembered I need to talk to Brian for a second wait here O.K.?

ANGELA: (obviously wishing she knew why Rickie would talk to Brian) O.K.

ANGELA (VO): The fact that Rickie wanted to talk to Brian bothers me, I have no idea why.

(Within a few minutes Rickie comes back to Angela, who's sitting on the curb, with Brian as usual lagging behind.)

(To Rickie) ANGELA: (stands and notices Brian) what, is he coming too now?

RICKIE: well I thought it would be a good idea.

ANGELA: Really?! Well fine why don't we just get Jordan and Rayanne to go too? (Tears already forming)

RICKIE: Angela I just…

ANGELA: no forget it! Let's just go to the stupid party. (Wipes away tears)

The whole time Brian just stands there. Almost like he was actually trying to be invisible for once instead of just being that way.

They all walk together toward Sharon's, Rickie between Angela and Brian.

RICKIE (VO): why am I always in the middle of things.

Back at Sharon's Delia has arrived and she's helping Sharon finish up.

DELIA: Sharon where do you want the drinks?

SHARON: um, just put them on the table by the chips and pineapple slices.

DELIA: O.K. (in her usually perky way)

SHARON: Delia, I should tell you something.

DELIA: tell me what?

SHARON: I asked Angela and Brian to be here. I just wanted you to know so you wouldn't be… overwhelmed or anything.

DELIA: (hurt or at least stung) why would they be here… unless, no, Sharon please tell me their not like coming TOGETHER together.

SHARON: no! No, of course not! Right now they're still barely speaking. That's why they're coming.

DELIA: so the letter didn't get them together? And you're bringing them here to make them get together?

SHARON: Delia no, I just want them to speak to each other. We all used to be best friends and I just want that back again. And please don't let them know you and I know about the letter because Rickie would literally murder us.

DELIA: oh O.K. (pause) Sharon,

SHARON: yeah

DELIA: does he still like love her?

SHARON: I don't know (sees her pain at those words and gives her a hug)

Door bell

SHARON: well here we go

SHARON (VO): world war three has begun.

SHARON: hi Angela, Rickie, Brian.


SHARON: O.K. so there's refreshments and everything on the table and Rickie can put in some music and then we'll have a party!

(They all go to the table leaving Sharon to stand at the door, to take a big sigh and join them.)

Fade to black


Once again welcome back to that lovely restaurant where Graham and Hallie are working on some papers.

HALLIE: I cannot believe Brad actually wanted me to pick pale blue bridesmaids dresses. Barf city.

GRAHAM: Well I begged patty to pick pink and I thought she was going to kill me.

(They both sort of laugh)

HALLIE: I can't imagine Patty NOT wanting pink dresses.

GRAHAM: what do you mean?

HALLIE: Well I mean face it. Patty is an all around girlish woman. If anything I think she'd die if everything in her life weren't fairytale perfect. (Looks at Graham wondering if she should have said that)

GRAHAM: (long pause) well… patty…(a slightly shorter pause after he realizes how right she is) So what color are you going to have instead of the blue?

(Hallie and graham exchange awkward glances and continue their work)

Back at Sharon's where it's obvious that the party has turned out so far not exactly as planned. Sharon and Rickie are in the corner discussing a few things.

SHARON: Rickie, where is Rayanne?

RICKIE: First of all I am not Rayanne's keeper and second I don't know.

SHARON: well we have to at least get them (points in the general direction of Brian and Angela) to talk instead of avoiding each other.

They both look over at the couch where Brian is sitting alone with a bag of chips in his hands staring into space. Then they look at Angela who is sitting in a chair by Sharon's dinner table making faces out of various vegetables.

RICKIE: you're right. But how are we going to do that.

SHARON: Just leave this to me.

Sharon simply goes to where Brian is still off in space and sits next to him.

SHARON: Krakow what's with you and Angela?

BRIAN: (wishing she was gone) oh right, Cherski like you don't know?

SHARON: all I know is that you are avoiding each other when it's obvious that you both want to talk to each other.

BRIAN (VO): I don't know what bothered me more. The fact that Sharon had said Angela wanted to talk to me or that I actually thought she might be right.

BRIAN: so fine I'll talk to her.

He gets up to go talk to Angela leaving Sharon shocked that she hadn't had to practically beat him up to get him to go over there.

He slowly approaches Angela.

BRIAN: Angela?

Angela looks up as if coming out of a daze. And realizing who she's talking to, rolls her eyes.

ANGELA: Krakow what do you want?

BRIAN: I… Angela we need to talk.

ANGELA: (knows he's right but refuses to admit it to him and to herself) Why?

BRIAN: because… we just… can we just go outside and talk… please?

ANGELA: (notices how STRANGE Brian's acting) Sure I guess.

They both head for the back door.

Rickie is on the couch with Sharon. They notice Brian and Angela leaving through the door.

RICKIE: Sharon how on earth did you accomplish that.

SHARON: what can I say I was born for this sort of stuff.

They smile at each other and go to Sharon's kitchen.

Outside Angela and Brian are sitting on the swing set in Sharon's yard.

ANGELA: (after an extremely long pause) This is so typical of you.

BRIAN: What!

ANGELA: you convince me to go somewhere to talk to you and then you never say anything. Like you expect me to talk for you or something!

BRIAN: I don't expect you… I … I don't want to fight with you. (Slightly whispers) That's all we ever do anymore. (Turns away from her seeming like he never wants to look at her again.)

ANGELA (VO): in that moment the tables turned between Brian and me. Because it had always seemed that he was the one who looked stunned by my comments. And this time I was the stunned one.

ANGELA: (obviously not wanting to admit this) You're… You're right Krakow. (Pause) I'm sorry.

BRIAN (VO): the last time I remember Angela telling me she was sorry and sounding that sincere was when she hit me in the face with a kickball in 3rd grade. But her voice just then was exactly the same.

BRIAN: It's O.K. I mean, I'm just tired of how things are now.

ANGELA: What do you mean?

BRIAN: Just how nothing is how we used to say it would be.

ANGELA: How did we used to say it would be?

BRIAN: you don't remember? (She shakes her head no) the summer before 7th grade you, Sharon, and me were at my house in the yard and we promised we'd always be there for each other. And then school started, the year went by, and by spring break you both had forgotten about me.

ANGELA: (remembering now) We didn't forget you. It just seemed that maybe you wouldn't need us anymore.

At this point it's obvious there is still a friendship between them.

BRIAN: what do you mean?

ANGELA: well, after a while you're interests and ours just went in two totally different directions and you never wanted to be with us anymore. Then we just sort of grew apart… or whatever.

BRIAN: (pause) I did want to be with you guys but I guess I was afraid.

ANGELA: of what?

BRIAN: of what it would seem like. Or that you wouldn't really want me there.

ANGELA: (thinks) I guess that makes sense.

They stop talking and both just stare in different directions.

ANGELA (VO): somehow just then talking with Brian about the past it made everything with the letter make sense. Even if it wasn't him who wrote it.

ANGELA: (breaks the silence) So… did you write it? (Barely audible)

BRIAN: you mean the letter?

Angela nods

BRIAN: (pause) I… (Pause) I…

BRIAN (VO): Just say it! (Shorter pause) yes I wrote it.

After a hell of a pause

ANGELA: why didn't you tell me before?

BRIAN: I didn't know how.

ANGELA: but… did Jordan um, did he like ask you to write it?

BRIAN: in a sense. He knew what he wanted to say but it was just hard for him to say it like on paper.

ANGELA: but it was easy for you…

BRIAN: (slight whisper) yeah

ANGELA: because you meant the same things.

They look at each other for a moment then just stare at the ground.

End credits and music.


Don't worry I'm working on a next episode but it may be awhile before I finish it. And everything will be resolved. Well at least how I think it SHOULD be resolved. But it will be the last one I write.

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    And I liked this. It's fast paced but realistically so and I don't have to read a ton of episodes to have closure. Please don't leave me hanging!

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