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Episode No. 20 - The Unexpected

written by Einah26

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Published: 25 Apr 2008 | Size: 54 KB (8283 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.6/5   4.6/5 (11 votes)
Everyone tells the truth, or at least most of it. Angela and Jordan talk about the letter, Rayanne finally apologizes and the gang tries to get back to basics.

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela sits in Jordan's car staring at Brian through the passenger window; her face is riddled with confusion. Jordan looks at the back of her head and tilts his head to the side as if he is trying to figure her out. He turns back to face the road and drives off.

ANGELA (VO): I am speechless, never in like a million years could I expect that I would be like sitting in Jordan Catalano's car thinking about Brian Krakow. Brian Krakow!

Jordan is driving and Angela has yet to look him in the eye. He pulls over to the side of the road. Angela is looking out the windshield at all the houses and cars parked.

ANGELA (VO): There is something so mysterious about a neighborhood that isn't your own. Everything like looks the same but different, if that even makes sense....

JORDAN: So, I was talking to your mom...

ANGELA (VO) (annoyed)  And ...

ANGELA: Oh, yeah.

JORDAN: Yeah. (pause) She's not, like, what I expected.

ANGELA: Things rarely are...what you expect.

JORDAN: Angela-

Angela turns to look at Jordan's beautiful face. She has avoided it until this moment.

ANGELA (Starlit eyes) : Yeah.

JORDAN: I'm, like sorry. I know that I have not been, like...

Jordan sits for a moment trying to find the words that he knows Angela needs to hear.

JORDAN (cont)  what you expected or anything.

ANGELA: That's not your fault, it's mine. I like, as embarrassing as this is, built you into this amazing person in my head.

JORDAN:  I think I know what you mean. (pause)  I think.

ANGELA: I mean, you were this guy that was so like different-that I assumed you were better or something.

JORDAN  (looks hurt): Oh, okay.

Angela sees that he is hurt by this comment, which is definitely not what she intended.

ANGELA: I don't mean it like that. I just let myself fall into this, like obsession.

Angela scrunches her shoulders up and crosses her arms up around her shoulders.

ANGELA  (VO): I did think he was better, like a Knight in shining armor or something.

JORDAN: So, now what?

ANGELA: I don't know.

And for the first time, she really didn't. Angela had no idea what she wanted Jordan to say to her or what she even wanted to say to him. Angela and Jordan sit in silence in his car staring straight forward. Jordan clears his throat and startles Angela slightly.

ANGELA (VO): It's weird to just like sit here, it wasn't that long ago that I would have been obsessing about every little thing. Now, it's like I have the upper hand or something.

JORDAN: Angela, I really am like sorry. I don't want to make you madder at me or anything but, you know that letter.



JORDAN: Well, I kind of had help with it.

ANGELA: I know. I mean, I like found out.

Jordan holds onto the steering wheel to brace himself, he turns and looks out the drivers side window. He turns back around and looks at Angela.

JORDAN: I just couldn't like... find the words. And that kid Brain, could.

ANGELA (VO): I know that I need to make a decision. Like one of those big life changing ones everyone always talks about. The options are like so totally different though, and it makes it impossible. I am like...passionate about Jordan Catalano. He has been like the thing that I do. I think about him, talk about him, I for awhile felt like I was breathing him.  And then there is Brian, oh God, Brian. That letter? How could Brian write something so beautiful? To me?

JORDAN: So, are you, like, mad?


Angela thinks for a moment, she nods her head and begins to speak.

ANGELA (cont): But that is like nothing new. I have been mad for so long at you and Rayanne. And at myself for even like being in this car with you. I should have like way more respect for myself than to like forgive you. I don't want to be that girl.

JORDAN: What girl?

Jordan looks confused, Angela begins to explain.

ANGELA: That kind of girl who is so, like pathetic that she gets back together with the guy who like did it with her best friend.
ANGELA(V.O): I just said it.

Jordan looks ashamed; he turns his head to look out the driver side window. Angela's chin quivers as she knows she has hurt him, but she is also relieved that she has said it to him. This fact that has been between them yet neither one acknowledged.

ANGELA: I just don't know if it's worth it.

Jordan tucks his hair behind his ears. He turns to Angela and looks her dead set in the eyes. He puts the car in drive and takes Angela home. In front of her house he stops the car, leans over and opens the door. Angela scowls at him, she is obviously hurt by this.
She grabs the door handle and slams the door back shut with her inside.


ANGELA: You slept with Rayanne! Do you like even get that?!? Because she is, like/was my best friend and you can't talk to me the whole way back here because of it. How do you think I feel? It like disgusts me to think about you kissing her and touching her, and I don't care who was drinking or not. Because neither one of you was thinking about me.

Angela's chin quivers as she looks out the passenger side window up at her house. She turns quickly back to Jordan.

ANGELA: I don't think you're sorry or ever were.

Jordan looks at her, and can't believe the hurtful words she is saying. He automatically gets defensive.

JORDAN: Well, this whole thing has been like a waste of time. There are plenty of other chicks out there who will like, you know...

The look Jordan gives Angela could melt metal, even though he knows he is in the wrong he doesn't want to let his guard down. But Angela has heard this before from him.

ANGELA: Yeah I know. I don't get how you can say you are so sorry and then just like (starts to hold back tears) flip this switch into this whole other person.

JORDAN (whispers) : Me Either.

Angela leans over to him and kisses him passionately. She opens the car door and leans down to look at him one more time.

ANGELA: I'm sorry that I can't get over it.

JORDAN (Honestly and from the heart): Me too.

Jordan sits for a second in the car before driving off. As he pulls away we see Brian sitting on the stairs of his house. Angela walks over to meet him, she sits on the step next to him.

BRIAN: Eventful night?

ANGELA (laugh) : Yeah. I never thought that would go that way.

BRIAN (trying not to intrude): What go what way?

ANGELA: I never thought I would break up with Jordan Catalano.


BRIAN: Oh, are you like okay?

Angela looks at Brian as if that is the dumbest thing anyone could ever ask.

ANGELA: God Brian, you are so...never mind.

BRIAN: No, I am so what?

Angela looks at him, and he bobs his head forward as if to say that he can take whatever she feels like saying.

ANGELA: So clueless sometimes.

BRIAN (sarcastically): Yeah, I have like no idea what it's like to like love someone and have them hurt you.

BRIAN (VO): What is, like, the matter with me tonight?

Angela stares forward at her house and smiles wide, she turns to face Brian and tucks her hair behind her ear.

ANGELA: Brian...I loved the letter. I loved it.

Brian smiles at her, bravely looking her in the eye.

BRIAN (VO): I don't think I have ever wanted to kiss someone so badly in all my life. Not that it, like, has been that long or anything.

Angela's eyes tear up a little bit. She turns away from him and wipes her eyes.

ANGELA: This is so stupid, why am I crying? He is a jerk, I mean not a full-fledged jerk but he really hurt me, right?

She looks to Brian for validation. He wildly shakes his head yes. She lets out a little laugh.

ANGELA: God, Brian. You are so nice to me and I like so don't deserve it.

BRIAN (VO): Yes you do, how can she not know that she simultaneously drives me crazy and makes me like love her more in the same second. That everyday I wake up knowing that today isn't going to be the day she lets me kiss her but I still pathetically hope that I will, like, get to.

BRIAN (sarcastically): I know Chase, you really are like so terrible. I can barely stand talking to you.

Angela leans into him with her shoulder and playfully slaps his chest.

ANGELA (VO): I never really thought of Brian as like, a guy before. Until right now.

Angela blushes at his thought, she starts to get up from the steps and turns to look at Brian before walking home.

ANGELA: So, I think I am going to go home. Thanks for letting me, like, vent or whatever.

Brian looks down to the ground and looks back up at Angela.

BRIAN: No problem.

Angela turns to walk away back home. Brian has his hands resting on either side of him against the stairs. He starts to push himself up and then rests back down trying to decide whether or not to put it all out there. The feelings, the love, the whole embarrassing mess. He lets out a sigh and then looks up at Angela walking away from him. He forcefully pushes himself up from the cement steps.

BRIAN (yells): Angela!

Angela turns around and stops in the middle of the street.

ANGELA (smiles): Yeah-

Brian pauses and thinks what it would do, what it would do to her to say all the things he feels right now and knows that it wouldn't be fair or right to lay that on her.

BRIAN (casually) : I'm here, you know, whenever.

ANGELA: I know Brian.

BRIAN (with conviction): And Angela, I always will be.

Angela smiles and nods her head in agreement and tucks her hair behind her ear. Brian exhales deeply.

Angela walks home opens the door and leans against it and closes her eyes while leaning she mimics Jordan.

Patty is standing in the kitchen when Angela comes back inside, she comes out of the kitchen wiping her hands with a dish towel.


PATTY: Hi sweetheart, are you back so soon? I told Jordan it would be alright to stay out.

ANGELA (VO): I really want to tell her everything, I want to be this perfect daughter who isn't like annoyed at her mother. But God I am so not like that. I can start to tell her and then she will like butt in with some ridiculous question that is too like even stupid to answer.

ANGELA: I, uh, didn't feel like going out.

PATTY(confused): Oh, okay. Jordan seems nice.

ANGELA: Well, looks are like deceiving or whatever.

Angela walks away from her mother and walks up the stairs.

PATTY: I have no idea what that is about.

Graham walks out of the kitchen holding a wet pan and hands it to patty.

GRAHAM: You have no idea what, what's about?

PATTY: Oh Angela. I said Jordan could take her out and she is back already. Something must have happened.

Graham stands drying the pan, lingering on the words “something must have happened'.


Angela opens her door, closes it and stands behind her door. She slides down the door to sit on the floor leaning up against the door. She is like dead weight sitting there amongst her discarded clothing.

ANGELA (VO): I, like, cannot believe my life. I wish I like knew what was going to happen in the end. If all of this is going to be like laughable in 10 years or what. Right now, it hurts. Like a lot.

Angela curls up on the floor in front of her door.


Brian is lying on his bed staring at the ceiling. His arms are straight at his sides. He rolls over onto his side and looks out the window. The window that faces Angela's house, the same window he has looked out forever but somehow this time is feels like there is hope.

BRIAN (VO): She broke up with Jordan Catalano, that doesn't like mean that I have like a chance. I have to put that out of my head right now. She like had her reasons, it's not because of the letter. I mean, maybe a little because of the letter. Not like what I wrote or anything but because he like lied to her. Yeah.

Brian sits up and looks at the clock, it is late. He starts to get undressed to go to bed.


Angela picks herself up off the floor, and turns the light on. She then turns it right back off. She goes to sit on the window seat. She looks over to Brian's house. She looks to his window and sees the light is on. She sees Brian taking his shirt off. She stares and then quickly turns her head away.

ANGELA (VO): What am I doing? God, I've turned into like some pervert window watching person.

Angela shakes her head in disbelief, and then turns around and looks again.



Angela walks up to her locker, opens it and is riffling through when Rickie walks up to her and leans against the bay of lockers.

RICKIE: Hey, what's up?

ANGELA: Not a whole lot. Well, except I broke up with Jordan and caught myself  looking into Brian Krakow's window last night.

Rickie's jaw drops. Literally.

RICKIE: Excuse me? Is that you in there Angela?

Angela shuts her locker and they walk down the hallway. Rickie is staring at Angela like she has the mumps or something.

ANGELA(laughing): I've become like this weird person overnight.

RICKIE: I don't know. Seems to me like you have become yourself overnight. Jordan is beautiful, don't get me wrong, but he isn't the one for one.

ANGELA: I think maybe I am just starting to see that.

RICKIE: You are doing like way good though. I mean. I wouldn't even have like come today.

ANGELA(sadness entering her voice) : I don't think it, has like hit me yet.

They turn into the girl's bathroom.


Rayanne is standing in front of the mirror swirling her hair around up into a bun. She looks over at Rickie and Angela and smiles.


Angela looks down at the ground as if her feet are really interesting. She shakes her head back and forth and pops her head up and smiles. She decides to end this right now.


Rayanne looks shocked.

RAYANNE: Hey Angela, how like are you?

ANGELA (bluntly): I'm sorry.

Rayanne looks directly at Angela and her eyes begin to tear up.

RAYANNE: I'm sorry too.

ANGELA: I shouldn't have let this go on for so long. I knew I was being stupid but I couldn't like stop myself.

Angela tries not to cry, but the relief she feels is just too overwhelming.

ANGELA (Cont): I forgave him and not you, which is like totally not cool at all. I think I just like held him up to be this God and he is so....

RAYANNE: ...not?

ANGELA: Right.

Rayanne smiles at Angela and Rickie, she stops playing with her hair.

RAYANNE: I think you knew I was sorry, but I am sorry for not telling you everyday. I know you like, expected, more from me too.

They all stand in the bathroom staring at each other.

RICKIE: This is like so, good.

Rayanne and Angela look at Rickie, he is playing mother hen to his two girls.

RICKIE: Are we going to be done now, being all mushy?


Angela, Rickie, and Rayanne stand in the bathroom laughing at themselves.


Brian is standing at his locker, he sees Jordan walking up towards him. He stares into his locker and grabs a book before shutting it. He is trying to pretend he is in a hurry.

JORDAN: Hey Brain, I need to like talk to you.

Jordan is looking around to see who is watching him talk to Brian. Brian is his usual jumpy self but even more so today.

BRIAN: I am like totally swamped today, can we like do this later at tutoring?

JORDAN: Oh yeah, that's today.

Jordan walks away mid-sentence. Brian rolls his eyes and just then the bell rings.


Angela, Rickie, and Rayanne are sitting on the radiator in the bathroom as the bell rings. They are having too much fun to move. They completely ignore the bell.

ANGELA: And her hair? What is going on there?

RICKIE: She has got some serious drag queen hair—I think I could fit Rayanne's bag in there.

They all laugh.

RAYANNE (mock offended): Hey!

Angela and Rickie laugh hysterically.


Jordan is standing underneath the bleachers smoking a cigarette. He leans against a pole and exhales loudly. He stares off into the distance and smokes the rest of his cigarette solemnly.

Brian is sitting nervously at one of the two desks pushed together waiting for Jordan to show up. He has his books in front of him but he only pretends to be reading them.

BRIAN  (VO): Please God, don't let him show u-

JORDAN: Hey- sorry I'm late or whatever.

Jordan sits down at the desk, he doesn't have anything with him. No notebooks, or pencils. Only a cigarette behind his ear.

BRIAN  (very awkwardly): So, where did we leave off?

JORDAN: I don't think I can do this today.

BRIAN: Did you want to focus on math instead?

JORDAN: What? Oh. No. I mean this whole thing. I've just got some stuff on my mind.

BRIAN: Alright, we can just work independently then because I have a few things to do.

JORDAN: What does it even matter, there is like two days left of school.

BRIAN : I have a couple of extra credit projects that are still due in.

Jordan looks at Brian like this is the craziest thing he has ever heard.

JORDAN: Why would you do something that isn't like needed?

BRIAN: Because...

JORDAN: Why? Why put all this like effort into something that isn't like...required or whatever.

BRIAN (VO): I had a feeling we weren't talking about homework anymore.

BRIAN: It may not be required but it is nice to have. As like security.

Jordan nods his head at Brian.

JORDAN: Did you tell Angela about the letter?

BRIAN: WHAT? No, no I didn't.

JORDAN: I didn't think so. 

Brian sits there frozen, trying to avoid the entire conversation. Jordan stands up and walks away, he quickly turns back and walks to Brian.

JORDAN (cont): I'm just going to go.

BRIAN: Okay.

Jordan leaves the room and Brian breathes a sign of relief.


Rickie and Rayanne sit on Angela's bed listening to her tell the story of the end of her and Jordan Catalano. They are all enthralled in the story, very dramatic.

ANGELA: I just feel like this is the end of an era, or something.

RICKIE: I think this will be like good for you, I know he is fun to obsess about but look at all the trouble that came from him.

Rayanne sits on the bed uncomfortable as she knows her part in Angela's sorrow. Angela notices this look of guilt on Rayanne's face.

ANGELA: Rayanne, he wasn't exactly a gentleman before all of that happened.

RAYANNE: I know, but it could have been different for you, if I like, had any respect for anything.

Rayanne flops her back down on the bed, she covers her face with one of Angela's pillows.

RICKIE (in a high pitch voice): Oh, are we practicing being dramatic.

The pillow is shaking as Rayanne is laughing underneath it. Angela comes over from the window and sits on the bed with them.

ANGELA: Rickie, you are such a dork.

RICKIE: But you love me don't you?

ANGELA (smiles) : Yes of course.

RICKIE: Then who is worse? A Dork or someone who loves a dork?

Angela hits Rickie with a pillow and Rayanne comes up for air.

RAYANNE: Seriously though, I wish I would have been like smarter or whatever.

ANGELA (sarcastically): Me too! 

Angela makes a duh face at Rayanne. She is trying to lighten the load on Rayanne, even thought it hurt her she knows that deep down Rayanne feels worse than anyone could imagine.

Rickie gets up and walks to the window, he looks out and sees Brian riding his bike in circles in the street.

RICKIE: So tell us about what you did after Jordan dropped you off.

ANGELA: Rickie!!


RICKIE: Angela was like looking-

Angela jumps off the bed and attempts to cover Rickie's mouth before he spills the news. But she is not fast enough.

ANGELA: D-d-d-don't—

RICKIE: Into Brian Krakow's bedroom window.

RAYANNE (shocked): What? Seriously?

Rayanne looks to Angela, her mouth is wide open in shame and shock.

ANGELA (depressed): Yes.

RAYANNE: Angelika-Brian Krakow? Are you like feeling okay?

RICKIE: Rayanne, he is a nice guy-he just needs a little...

RAYANNE: Testosterone?

RICKIE (laughs): No, I was going to say style.

ANGELA: Ahhh-I can't even talk about this. It's too much for me to even handle.

RICKIE: No, it is not. You guys don't even realize how lucky you are that you can like, have options or whatever.

RAYANNE: But Krakow?

RICKIE: At least it's somebody. You have two guys that are like utterly in love with you.

Angela and Rayanne make big puppy dog faces at Rickie and Angela gives him a hug.

ANGELA: Oh Rickie, you'll find someone and they will be absolutely perfect for you.

RAYANNE: And you'll probably be disgustingly cute together.

RICKIE (smiles): Yes, we will be wonderful and cultured and have lavish dinner parties.

Angela and Rayanne stare blankly at Rickie.

RICKIE: What? It could happen?

RAYANNE: Definitely, will Angelika and I be able to visit you in your mansion made of gold?

RICKIE: Not with that tone in your voice.
RAYANNE: I'm starving.

RICKIE: Big shocker there.

RAYANNE: Can we please eat something before I die?

ANGELA: I think there are some leftovers in the fridge.


Angela stands laughing hysterically holding a bowl of pasta in her hand as Rickie impersonates a duck. Rayanne sits on the counter bent in half laughing.

RICKIE: She really walks like that...

ANGELA: She does not-

RICKIE: Why are you laughing then?

ANGELA (talking through her laugh): Okay, maybe she does walk like that.

Just as the laughter starts to wind down and they continue to eat, Rickie impersonates the duck-like girl at school, and they explode into laughter again. They barely hear the doorbell over the giggles. Angela walks over to the door and opens it.

DANIELLE: God, take forever to open the door.

ANGELA: What's wrong with your key?

DANIELLE (eyes rolling): Ugh, I told you like 500 times, I lost my key.

Danielle runs up the stairs, obviously disgusted with her sister. Angela walks back in the kitchen to finish eating.

Graham and Danielle are both lying on the couch watching television. Patty is talking on the phone in the kitchen behind. Angela sits on the floor of the living room staring at the TV.

GRAHAM: Patty-you have to come see this!

DANIELLE: Yeah mom, the guy is going to eat, like, the whole thing

ANGELA: This is beyond disgusting.

Angela half shields her face from the television, she wants to look but it is all too disgusting.

GRAHAM: Oh, you love it

ANGELA (smiling and lying): No, I don't.

The windows are open and the cool breeze is blowing the sheer curtains and then sucking them back to the window frame. The weather is perfect, a warm spring night.

ANGELA (VO): The best thing about breaking up with Jordan is that I feel like there are all these possibilities out there. I can do anything. Like, anything.

Angela's eyes start to get heavy and she pulls herself up into the armchair behind her.

Angela wakes up to find it dark outside and the clock says 2 AM. There is no one else downstairs and the television has been turned off.

ANGELA (to herself): Really nice. Just leave me down here.

Angela yawns and stretches, her stomach growls and she walks to the kitchen. She opens the fridge stares in and grabs the orange juice. She pours herself a glass and walks towards the front door. She opens the door, walks outside.


Angela sits on the front steps, her hair is a mess. She has sleep lines all across her face. She looks across the street to Brian's house. She leans against the stone pillars on the porch and gets a little more comfortable.

ANGELA (V.O): I wonder how long it took him to write my letter. Probably like 2 seconds if I know Brian.

Angela sees something move across the street. Slightly startled, she sits up straight and opens her eyes wide. On the porch across the street is a figure that pops up out of nowhere and starts swinging back and forth. Then Brian's hair is seen in silhouette. Angela breathes a sign of relief.

ANGELA (VO): What is Brian Krakow doing awake this late?

Brian stretches, his arms reaching up almost touching the top of the porch. He looks over and sees Angela sitting on her porch. He smiles. She cannot see this though as it is dark outside.

Brian gets up and starts to walk across the street. Angela does the same. They meet half way across the street, they stand framed by the light of the street lamp.

Angela smiles at Brian, he returns the gesture.

BRIAN: Are you, uh, feeling any better?

ANGELA (confused): What?

BRIAN: About Jordan or whatever?

ANGELA (realizing): Oh, yeah. Yeah.

BRIAN: That's, like good.

Angela smiles and tucks her hair behind her ear. She looks up at Brian and his crazy hair.

ANGELA: You're tall.

Brian scrunches his eyebrows and smiles.

BRIAN: ...thanks?

ANGELA (laughs): No, I mean I never really noticed that. You're tall.

BRIAN: Thanks for noticing?

Angela laughs and rolls her eyes.

ANGELA: Oh, God Krakow.

Brian smiles and turns to the side, Angela studies his face for a moment. She quickly looks away when Brian turns back to face her.

ANGELA: I am soooo not tired right now.

BRIAN: Yeah, I know. I don't even know what time I fell asleep.

Angela and Brian stand there in silence for a few moments. Brian starts to say something and then just clears his throat.

ANGELA: Were you going to say something?

BRIAN: What? Oh,


As they stand there, they hear a car turn the corner. They look at each other. Brian walks back towards his side of the street, Angela just stands in the middle. She looks at Brian, right in his eyes.

She crosses the street to his side.
The red car passes slowly, Angela turns away from Brian and sees Jordan Catalano's face in his car driving by. He doesn't stop.

ANGELA (VO): Oh my God. That was Jordan Catalano.Why is Jordan Catalano driving around at 2 in the morning. Past MY house.

Angela and Brian stand on his side of the street, staring straight forward at her house. Angela plumps down and sits on the curb.

ANGELA (VO): I don't know if I just sat down or if like my knees gave out.

Brian follows suit and sits down beside her. He steals quick glances at the side of her face trying to gauge her reaction to this event.

They sit in silence for sometime, and then Angela turns to Brian.

ANGELA: Why did he do that?

BRIAN: What?

ANGELA: Why did he do that, drive past?

BRIAN: Isn't that kind of obvious?

ANGELA: Is it? Is it really obvious? Because I don't think it is? Why can't guys just like, make sense?

Angela throws her hands up in the air.

BRIAN: They do.

ANGELA: What? No. No, no, no. Please explain to me how this makes sense.

Brian laughs.

ANGELA: I am serious. Answer why he would do that, and I will like be indebted to you. Even more than I already am.

BRIAN: Seriously?


BRIAN: He likes you.

ANGELA: No, we broke up and he said awful things to me.

BRIAN: Yeah, but he still likes you. Even if he says something stupid that he will replay in his head a million times, he still likes you.


BRIAN (mocking) : Yeah, “oh'

Angela slaps his shoulder laughing.

ANGELA: It just doesn't make any sense.

BRIAN: What doesn't make sense is that you like, broke up with him. And he drives by
your house and you can't understand why.

ANGELA: Maybe.

BRIAN: I guess, it's simple. He still cares so he drives by, and you still care that he drives by.

ANGELA (VO): Brian can say like these perfect things sometimes. Even if I wanted to say that my connection with Jordan Catalano was over, it wasn't. And that, like sucks.

Angela stares at her feet, working something out in her head.

BRIAN: Well, I am going to go in.

ANGELA (disappointed): Really?

BRIAN (VO): Leave Krakow-leave. DO NOT SIT HERE. STAND! STAND!

BRIAN: I don't know. I'm not tired, but I'm not really awake.

ANGELA (VO): For some reason, I really didn't want to be alone.

Brian looks at Angela and sits back down.

BRIAN  (VO): God Krakow.

Angela and Brian sit on the curb talking for most of the night. They part ways and go home as the sun is starting to come up.


Angela lays in her bed, dead tired but her mind is racing.

ANGELA (VO): Why is it that now he drives by my house? NOW he thinks about me. This drives me absolutely crazy. He drives me crazy.

Angela rolls over and punches her pillow.

ANGELA(VO): I am going to like take control of this... I am not going to get sucked back in and let my heart get broken all over again.

Angela sits up fast and swings her legs over the edge of her bed. She stands up, nods her head. She walks out the door, down the stairs, out the front door.

She walks behind the house, grabs Danielle's bike and heads off down the street. Brian looks out his window as he is getting ready for bed, he knows where she is going. Defeated he slumps down on his bed.


Angela arrives at Jordan's house. She tosses the bike to the side and walks up to the back window.

ANGELA(VO): All this confidence felt like a drug. Well, not that I would like know.

Angela knocks on the window. She waits. His car is in the garage and he wouldn't be any where without his car.

The mini-blinds on the window are broken and missing sections. The blinds are pulled up and Jordan is standing there in a white tank top. Jordan pulls open the old window. 



ANGELA (bluntly): Don't drive by house.

Angela turns to walk away. She is almost to her bike before he says anything.

JORDAN: Angela-

ANGELA (VO): I would have, like, stopped myself from turning around if I could. But this was like definitely not in my control.


Jordan just stands looking at her. Not saying a word.

ANGELA: What? You can't just stand there.

JORDAN: I don't know what you want me to say!

ANGELA (VO): I didn't know what I wanted him to say either.

They both stood there staring at each other, not knowing what to say.

ANGELA (VO): It felt like I was standing there for like, an eternity.

Angela broke the silence first. She walked a bit closer to his window.

ANGELA (teary eyed): You don't get to drive by my house and make me think about you.

JORDAN (whisper): But I can't help it.

ANGELA: You have to though, because this isn't fair. I'm not like you, I can't just shut it off. And I am sick of feeling like an idiot ALL the time.

Angela walks closer to Jordan. He leans out of the window and grabs her face and brings it up to his. Jordan kisses her, she grabs his forearms to steady herself. This is not like any kiss before.

ANGELA: (VO) I am pathetic. I like, like to torture myself.

Angela pulls away from him. She turns her head and walks away.

JORDAN: Angela, ANGELA! Come on.

Jordan jumps out of his bedroom window to follow Angela.

JORDAN: You said you couldn't get over it!

Angela stops and turns back around to him.

ANGELA: That doesn't mean I don't want to.  God, you act like I wanted it this way.
JORDAN: I'm just trying to fix it.

ANGELA: I don't think it can be fixed.

JORDAN:  Okay, go.

ANGELA: This is it. (Beat) Right now.

She points to the ground to emphasize her point. Her chin quivers but she does not cry in front of him. Jordan nods his head in agreement. Angela rolls her eyes, grabs Danielle's bike and rides away.

She rides almost all the way home before pausing underneath a large tree hanging over the street.

ANGELA: (VO): I thought I'd like feel better.

She starts to cry while riding her bike. The early morning sun is starting to warm her back..

ANGELA (VO): I wish that someone would tell you that this would happen. I mean, that I should have never wanted anything  more than the fantasy. That, like the reality of me and Jordan Catalano is heartbreakingly pathetic.

Angela gets home, stashes the bike to the side of the house and walks in, defeated.


Patty is in the kitchen in her pajamas. Angela looks at her mother with tears in her eyes. Patty walks over and hugs her daughter and lets her cry into her shoulder.


Angela wakes up in the clothes she has been wearing for more than a day now. She stands up, grabs her towel and heads for the bathroom.


In the shower, she is shampooing her hair.

ANGELA: Have you ever tried to like, not think about anything. It's really hard to do. Because even when you are trying not to think, you are thinking about not thinking.

Angela smiles.

Angela walks down the stairs. In the kitchen she finds her mother cooking.

PATTY: I thought I heard you moving around up there. Did you want some breakfast?

ANGELA: I am starving actually.

PATTY: Well, good. I have some cinnamon rolls in the oven and I think we have some eggs.

ANGELA: Mmmm, the rolls smell so good.

Angela leans against the counter. Patty takes out the orange juice and pours a glass for her daughter.

ANGELA: Thanks, where's dad?

PATTY: He's outside. It's really beautiful, you should see a little bit of the day before it's over.

Angela smiles at her mom, and walks towards the front door.

ANGELA (jokingly): Yes, mother.

Patty smiles and touches her hand to her heart.


Angela exits the house drinking her juice. Her father is in the front yard hammering.

ANGELA: Hi Dad, whatcha doin?

GRAHAM: Oh, this is Danielle's booth for the...

ANGELA: ...the spring fling.

GRAHAM (pointing): Yes! So, you slept in late.

ANGELA: Yeah, I was really tired.

BRIAN: Is it this one?

Brian walks from the garage with a tool in his hand, he hands the tool to GRAHAM.

GRAHAM: Yes, this is perfect. I just need to trim this down.

Graham walks back to the garage, leaving Angela and Brian alone in the front yard.

BRIAN: So...


BRIAN: Did you sleep okay?

ANGELA: I, uh went to...

BRIAN: I figured.

Angela looks at Brian curiously.

ANGELA: What do you mean?

BRIAN: Uh, I just saw you on your bike or whatever.

ANGELA: So, it's officially like...

GRAHAM: Ah-ha now this is perfect.

Graham walks back from the garage with a trimmed board in his hands. Brian looks to Angela to finish her sentence.

BRIAN: You were saying?

ANGELA: Oh, never mind. I'll talk to you later.

Angela walks back inside the house to eat her breakfast. Brian has a look of utter suspense on his face.



Angela is laying on her bed talking on the phone. We cut back and forth from her to Sharon who is sitting on the floor of her bedroom.

SHARON: So, you just said that was it?

ANGELA: Yeah, I just feel so...


ANGELA: Blechhh.

SHARON (Laughs): I know that feeling, after Kyle and I broke up. I felt like I was supposed to be sad and I was but not like devastated or anything.

ANGELA: Exactly. I'm like sad, but this whole other part of me is relieved that I don't have to worry about him.

SHARON: And there are like a million other guys out there.

ANGELA: Not a million Jordan Catalano's.

SHARON (laughs): No, there aren't. At least you had a time, you know?

ANGELA: I suppose I will always have that, but I wish it would have ended better.

SHARON: Well, it probably wouldn't have ended if it had been better.

ANGELA (joking): Uh, stop being right.

SHARON (sarcastically): What can I say? I am wise beyond my years.

SHARON:  What are you doing tonight?

ANGELA: Nothing, it's Sunday.

SHARON: Yeah, but there are two days left of school. It's not like anyone is going to be doing anything important.

ANGELA: That's true.

SHARON: We should go out.

ANGELA: Where?

SHARON: I don't know, we're young and in theprime of our days—we should go out and make boys crazy and have a wild time.

ANGELA: So, pizza?

SHARON: That sounds perfect.

The girls both laugh.

Angela and Sharon sit at a booth in the small pizza parlor, a large pizza sits between them with about half gone.

ANGELA: Oh my God, I am so full.

Angela leans back on the booth.

SHARON: How did we eat all that?

ANGELA: I have no idea. I don't think I could stand up right now.

Angela and Sharon laugh. Two boys enter the pizza place. Sharon is facing the door, she immediately sits up straight and tries to signal to Angela.

ANGELA: What are you doing?

Sharon moves her eyebrows to tell Angela that there are men in their midst.

ANGELA: Yeah, I don't get it.

Sharon rolls her eyes, leans in and whispers.

SHARON: Boys...

ANGELA: Ooooohhh.

SHARON(giggles): Duh.

ANGELA: Well, excuse me that I don't have that radar.

Angela finally looks over at the guys, one of them is Jordan's friend from the band. She doesn't recognize the other guy.

ANGELA: Let's go.


ANGELA (whisper): Cause that is Jordan's friend and he already like, loathes me.

SHARON: Oh, okay.

Sharon and Angela stand up to leave. Joey looks on after her.

Angela and Sharon are walking back to the Chase house.

ANGELA: Uh, I just hate that awkward feeling. Will that ever go away?

SHARON: Not really, I mean I have to see Kyle's dumb friends all the time. (Pause) Sorry I didn't recognize that kid, he's not exactly in my circle.

ANGELA: Huh, no kidding. How did that happen anyway?

SHARON (joking): Oh, when you totally ditched me and starting hanging out with Rayanne.

ANGELA (laughing): Shut up! That's not how it was...completely.

SHARON: At least we talk now.

ANGELA (smiles) : Yeah.

Angela puts her arm around Sharon and leans her head on her shoulder as they walk.

Patty and Camille sit on the Chase porch, waiting for the girls to get home.

PATTY: I just feel like there is something going on that I don't see.

CAMILLE: Like another person, or like stress?

PATTY: I don't know. That's the thing, he's  changing and I feel like I am being left behind.

CAMILLE: Graham is a good guy, if anything is wrong I'm sure he'll tell you.

PATTY: I hope so.

Sharon and Angela are walking toward the house.

PATTY: I'm glad they could work things out.

SHARON: I was so worried that they wouldn't have each other.I remember how much I needed you at that age. Just to talk to and listen to me.

PATTY (to Angela and Sharon): Hi Girls!


SHARON: Hello!

The girls walk up the steps of the porch and sit on the edge, Patty and Camille are sitting on the swing.

PATTY: How was pizza?

SHARON: It was really good, we ate way too much.

CAMILLE: Oh, those were the days. Eat and eat and it never showed. Now I have a pea and it shows in my thighs.

Sharon rolls her eyes, Patty laughs.

CAMILLE: Well kiddo, are you ready to go?

SHARON: Yes, I suppose I should get home sometime soon.

CAMILLE: Alright, let's head out.

Camille and Sharon leave, Angela and Patty are sitting on the steps of the porch waving them goodbye.

PATTY: Looks like you two had fun tonight.

ANGELA: Yeah, we did.

PATTY: About the other night, did you want to talk or...

ANGELA: If it's okay, I don't really want to talk about it. But thanks.

PATTY: Got it, but if you ever want to, I'm here. And I might just be able to help.

Angela could see the look on her mother's face, she was dying for information. Angela leans her head on her mom's shoulder.

PATTY: Come on. Let's go inside.

Angela and Patty walk inside the house.

Angela and Rayanne sit in the girls bathroom on the floor eating licorice.

RAYANNE: Licorice really is the best breakfast food.

ANGELA: I don't think I can leave this room all.

RAYANNE: Gotcha, then we better start thinking of someone to talk about.

Rayanne hits Angela with a piece a licorice, she laughs and leans forward to hug her friend.

ANGELA: Thanks, I just don't think I can chance seeing him today.

Ricki, Angela, Rayanne are standing the girls bathroom talking. Rayanne is putting make-up on, Ricki is braiding Angela's hair when Sharon walks in.

RICKI: Hey Share-

SHARON: Hi Guys, can you believe it is the last day of school?

RAYANNE: Oh, are you sad that all your little followers won't be around all summer?

Rayanne smiles at Sharon out of the side of her mouth.

SHARON: Yes, Rayanne I am devastated. What are you going to do with no classes to cut all summer?

RAYANNE: Oh, I have classes-

They all laugh at Rayanne's comment. Sharon pulls herself up onto the heater in the bathroom. She grabs Angela's wrist and starts playing with her bracelet.

SHARON: Did you tell them about the drive-by?

RICKI: Yes, in excruciating detail. Can you believe him?

SHARON: I know, that is like so low.

ANGELA: I'm just glad it's done. Over and done. The end.

RICKI: Like that's true, I can just picture it now. You won't obsess over Jordan Catalano and will do all this charity work or something.

ANGELA (laughing): Very funny, make fun of the girl with the broken heart.


RAYANNE: This summer is going to be hot Angela and with Krakow right across the street you might not be able to control yourself.

ANGELA: Rayanne!

Angela jumps down off the ledge and starts to chase Rayanne around the bathroom. She grabs her purse and darts out, Angela follows her out with Ricki and Sharon not far behind. They are all laughing hysterically.

ANGELA (VO): Finally it felt like I was and we were back to normal.


Angela, Rayanne, Sharon and Ricki all run down the front steps of Liberty High just as the final bell rings. School is officially over.

Ricki and Rayanne leave the Chase house, waving through the door.

Angela and Sharon sit on the counters in the kitchen.

ANGELA: So, what are you doing this summer?

SHARON: My mother wants me to get a job at this camp that's like six weeks for overweight kids. I told her that I am not doing it but she said it will good for college.

ANGELA: When is that?

SHARON: It starts in like a week

ANGELA: Really? Everyone is going to be gone. Ricki is counseling at the GLBT Center, Rayanne has summer school, and you're going to camp. How am I the only one who is stuck here?

SHARON: You're not the only one.

Sharon points out the window to Brian Krakow who is cutting the grass.

ANGELA: God, me and Krakow all summer.

SHARON: No kidding, I better go though before my mom calls here like 100 times.

ANGELA: K, I'll talk to you later.

Sharon exits the kitchen, with Angela behind her.

Angela waves goodbye to Sharon, Sharon waves hello to Brian as she makes her way down the street. Brian tries to yell over the lawnmower.



Brian turns the lawnmower off and repeats himself.

BRIAN: Did you have a good last day!

ANGELA: Oh, yeah. Yeah I did. And you?

Brian shrugs his shoulders and smiles. Angela smiles back at him.

ANGELA (VO): Brian has this way about him, that makes me feel bad for him and proud of him at like the same time.

Angela turns around and walks back inside and slams the front door of the Chase house.

Brian stands in the front lawn looking over at Angela walking back inside her house. He attempts to start the lawn mower again.

Angela walks into her bedroom, clothes are scattered about. She turns her CD player on and turns the volume up. She slops down on her bed and stares at the ceiling.

ANGELA (VO): I am exhausted. Like everywhere. Is it possible to sprain your brain?

Patty and Graham are cleaning up dinner. Danielle is talking on the phone with one of her friends. Angela is sitting on the counter talking to her parents.

ANGELA: I was thinking that maybe I will get a job this summer

Patty and Graham stop dead in their tracks and stare at Angela.

ANGELA (cont): Come on, stop it.

PATTY: Graham- is this our daughter? Who is this person?

Patty grabs Angela's face to inspect it, they all laugh.

GRAHAM: Are you sure though? Because you are going to work your whole life and once you start you don't really stop.

The depressed tone in Graham's voice sparks Patty's interest.

PATTY : Seriously though, whatever you decide is fine. But I would like if you were able to stay at home to watch over your sister.

DANIELLE (yelling from on the phone): I'm not a baby, I don't need a sitter!

GRAHAM: No of course not-it would just be easier for us in case something happened.

DANIELLE (back on the phone): Ugh, I have to switch phones, I cannot possibly be in the same room as these people anymore.

Patty raises her eyebrows as Danielle sets the phone down and walks out of the room.

PATTY (to Graham): We had to have two girls?

Graham shrugs his shoulders.

DANIELLE (yelling from upstairs): HANG UP THE PHONE!

Angela walks over and hangs up the phone.

ANGELA: So, you don't care if I get a job or not?

PATTY: It's up to you-

Angela has a look of shock on her face. This kind of independence is usually not afforded to her without much more yelling. She smiles and turns around and jumps into the living room. She runs up the stairs into her bedroom.

Angela shuts the door of her bedroom, picks up a dress and dances around the room with it. She lays down on her bed, stares at the ceiling.

ANGELA (hopefully) Summer.


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    I really love this story, it is true to the spirit of MSCL not having fairy tale endings. The tension between Angela and Jordan and Angela and Brian is fantastic, and this is the first story I've read where Brian actually seems like a real prospect for Angela, where it doesn't gross me out. It's the first time I didn't know who I was rooting for! Good job!
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    I think it needs a little something... You've got two voiceovers, and therefore two points of view, which loses some focus- whose point of view is it? Furthermore, the scenes with Brian and Angela leave Angela abandoning her age-old disregard for him WAY too quickly and easily (though I did like that she notices that he's tall- that was a nice touch) and Brian is too lovey-dovey stupid over her, finding bravery to say things he NEVER would have said. Also, there needs to be a subplot involving the adults.

    It's a good effort, though. Rayanne is still her crazy self, Rickie is still ever the romantic, and Jordan is... clueless romantically. Thank you! I wouldn't have the courage to write the ongoing saga!
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    The characterization in this piece is spot-on--plus, you've got the pacing and the Angela one-liners down. (To be honest, I liked your script a bit more than the official ones, shhhh.) Please say you'll write more!
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